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How to protect skin of the kid under a diaper?

Skin - one of the most vulnerable bodies of the newborn: it is gentle, thin, easily vulnerable; it is a pronitsayema for various substances and infections, its blood vessels are located close to a surface, and when overheating there is an intensive evaporation of moisture. For this reason skin of the kid needs protection and special leaving.

One of the most widespread problems of skin of the kid - an intertrigo. This inflammation of skin on those parts of the body which were exposed to long influence of moisture or the increased friction. Most often skin folds (inguinal, mezhjyagodichny, axillary, cervical, behind ears, in the lower part of a stomach) happen such places. The main reason for emergence of an intertrigo - excess of moisture on sensitive skin of the kid. Excess moisture deletes its natural greasing from skin, and the protective barrier of skin is broken that facilitates access of microbes to it. Constant irritation of skin a stake and urine (urine salts, collapsing, form the ammonia possessing an irritant action), a bad obsushivaniye of a body after bathing, high temperature of environment and an excessive ukutyvaniye of newborns become conditions of emergence of an intertrigo. Treat friction about clothes skin other reasons of an intertrigo (especially from synthetic fabrics), diapers, diapers. Therefore it is necessary very much shows consideration for area under a diaper.

When changing a diaper should clear the child`s skin carefully. For this purpose it is possible to use wet towel wipes of Masque baby aqua. Thanks to the clearing components entering a compounding multipurpose and extract of Aloe Vera napkins have antiseptic effect and interfere with formation of an intertrigo, irritations and infectious damages of skin. Allantoin has the calming effect. The impregnating emulsion does not contain alcohol, the pH level is neutral for skin that is especially important at care of gentle skin of the child. Napkins are hypoallergenic. The balanced compounding allows to use them as often as it is necessary. Napkins are issued in two types of packaging - 20 pieces for trips and 102 pieces in packing with a reusable fastener.

it is important to p to watch that skin under a diaper was not only pure, but also dry. It is necessary to dry up carefully skin, and also more often to leave buttocks of the kid naked, arranging air trays. For acceptance of air bathtubs, during campaigns to the doctor, when carrying out massage or gymnastics it is convenient to use disposable Masque baby care diapers . The diaper consists of three layers - gentle top, absorbing average and waterproof lower. The absorbing layer turns liquid into gel therefore the diaper remains dry.

it is traditional

for absorption of excess of moisture used dry powders. As an alternative to dry powders in the range Masque baby aqua offers innovative means - children`s liquid talc . When drawing on skin of the kid liquid talc forms a thin layer of the smallest particles of Topioca and Dry Flo starch which, on the one hand, absorb excess of moisture and prevent emergence of an intertrigo, and - do not roll down from another as usual dry powders. The liquid form of means provides contactless drawing and prevents casual inhalation by the child. Being a part of liquid Masque talc allantoin has the softening effect, possesses the anti-inflammatory, calming and antibacterial action, and the unique component hitozan forms the breathing film, carrying out additional protection against adverse external factors. Hitozan possesses the immunostimulating and wound healing action.

For prevention of an intertrigo recommends to use regularly cream - mousse under a diaper . If liquid talc protects skin generally from excess of moisture, then cream - mousse under a diaper possesses more complex action: protects from water, aggressive agents (as a part of urine, a calla), nourishes skin. The mechanism of its action consists in creation of the breathing protective plenochka on skin of the kid. In the course of development of cream for a diaper it became clear, many mothers complain that cream under a diaper very heavy, oily and skin under them does not breathe therefore there are irritations and reddenings. Therefore cream - mousse under the Masque diaper becomes on absolutely new type of an emulsion which at the moment is extremely seldom used in cosmetology from - for difficulties of production of such products - a lamellyary emulsion (from the word of a lamell - a plate). This emulsion reminds a lipidic barrier of skin on a structure. If the usual emulsion is droplets of oil which are surrounded with water, or the water surrounded with oil droplets, then in a lamellyarny emulsion there are no drops, and there is a continuous lipidic layer between which there is a water layer. It turns out that the next to skin is the water layer which contains the useful substances necessary for skin. Further the oil layer which gives protection follows - the main function of cream under a diaper to protect skin from direct contact with urine and fecal allocations. The following top layer - water - thanks to it an emulsion is easily put. Also the composition of cream - Masque baby aqua mousse includes zinc oxide which creates the continuous protective layer passing air, but impenetrable for the irritating substances, removes irritation and an inflammation, possesses the drying action. flax Oil is rich with proteins, polysaccharides, food fibers, polynonsaturated fatty acids, A, B, E and F vitamins, restores elasticity of skin, protects from harmful external effects, softens skin, and extracts of a camomile and a calendula have antibacterial effect.

If irritations all - arose, for their elimination it is possible to use the children`s calming tonic or the children`s calming Masque gel .

the Calming gel is suitable

for elimination of strong, but local allergic reactions better (for example, on bends of elbows, under knees, on places of friction with a diaper). Tonic in the form of spray allows to process big sites of a surface of skin and can be used as an alternative to bathing of the child in broths of herbs.

Colour of tonic and gel zolotisto - cinnamon of - for the extract of a ruibus which is a part which possesses strong antiallergenic, antimicrobic and antioxidant action. Besides, the composition of the calming tonic and gel includes extracts of a camomile, a train, calendula , and also the unique component hitozan , possessing wound healing properties.

We got acquainted with a complex of means Masque baby which will help to fight effectively against an intertrigo and will protect gentle skin of the kid. It is possible to learn about these and other products of the Masque baby series on the website ru / in more detail