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Childbirth - the piece of interesting

Happened all this 8 years ago. Of course, a lot of things changed in our maternity hospitals since then, but the sense remained, I think, the same.

So, we will start. I carried out all my pregnancy, so to speak, not in gloomy thoughts about childbirth, and more likely in a joyful presentiment of this sacrament. The last months, with puziky, to put it mildly, rather big, I managed to run on wooden crossbeams of the ladder which was at us in the yard thereby forcing to faint once again my mother-in-law. In a day I managed to redo all household chores, to read books and magazines, to solve a heap of crossword puzzles and all skanvord. About the last separate conversation: only during pregnancy I was visited by maniacal desire to solve all this rubbish, and sitting up with hours, and God forbid what someone would take away it from me! It is visible, the food for mind very much was required for a synula.

B one of Saturdays we with the husband visited an ultrasonography office where the good-natured man on my question when to give birth, quietly answered:“ The darling, a weeks more two you resemble“. Well, I thought, two so two. We came with the husband home and as on Saturday not to eat well simply to roll on a bed, did household chores. All day I cleaned, erased and nearly tried to move furniture, baked pies which would last for the year ahead. It is visible, felt what put two weeks in any way not to end. Tired and satisfied from consciousness of the fulfilled duty, in the evening with quiet soul near by at the beloved husband with pleasure took a nap. And here... it began or they, that is fights. What I want to tell is future mummies happy owners of personal computers and Internet connection now, know all details of childbirth, what fights and what interval between them. I at that time was most real “teapot“ in these affairs. Well, pulls a waist and what? I feel, pulls stronger and stronger, and very much there is a wish to polazat on all fours. Without thinking twice, I realized this invention. My husband, looking at my actions, naturally asks: “Darling, that?!“ I answer it: “I give birth, darling, I give birth“. On what it is scaredly: “Perhaps it seems to you?“ But we with it understood that nothing seems to us and that our son decided to be born and as I also assumed, under the law of meanness in the day off. And all of you know that at us in maternity hospitals on Saturday or Sunday... Wick - and, as - in any way.

Courageously having got it together, I decided to carry out all prenatal procedures at home because it is more, than childbirth, I was always frightened by thought that some aunty will “depilirovat“ me in hospital conditions. No, it is better within the walls of a home and a hand of the native husband! We with the husband were also engaged in this business. You think, successfully? Not here - that was. In it it is a high time switch off electricity, and we appear literally in the family way with the razor in hands. Eh, if all men completed a course of “the young fighter“, as that night my husband! The price would not be it! In one hand a candle, in another the razor, the groaning giving birth wife before eyes. Heracles, in a word.

Having finished with

all collecting, to hours by 12th night we got to maternity hospital. I seized the husband death grip, but the doctor resolutely tore off him from me and sent blessed home with words:“ Go, have a rest, she all the same before the 8th morning will not give rise“. Also the longest night in my life began. I gave birth that night one, to talk there is nobody, the doctor and the midwife sleep, empty corridors. Vainly I wandered about these corridors and looked for though some pipe that on it to hang. Misters are good, well really it grieves you to beat on a wall something similar to a horizontal bar? And how many happiness would be to the giving birth mummies! Well, I will not describe all the torments, you know what is it. Eventually without having sustained, in half of the sixth morning I resolutely woke the doctor and the midwife and told that I go to give birth, and they as want. By the way, the midwife got to me very good, skilled and kind woman. And doctor... The doctor all childbirth sat next on a stool and read the newspaper. Though can do it and well, so everything went according to the plan. Synulya at me it was lazy and did not hurry to look out in this world. The husband came to a sex of the eighth, and the doctor by a vigorous voice declared:“ The spouse came, to start?“, what I answered: “It is not necessary, I will die!“ I knew time precisely as on a locker opposite the alarm clock in a disgusting way ticked. I still hate such budilnichka.

of Promuchivshis half an hour more, I gave birth to the son weighing 3200 grams and 52 cm in height. There are such affairs. Ahead there were sleepless nights, milk loss, feeding from a small bottle, but it is already other story.