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Stick, stick, ogurechik... All psychologists advise

: the best way of removal of tension and fatigue - to distract from daily cares. Council is excellent. However, when you, young mother, one houses and all cares of the child and economy strong lie on your shoulders, it is difficult to distract. But as voluntary penal servitude only to the detriment, we will try to relax a little and to think really “of something another“. Today we will draw.

Use time when your kid fell asleep. For drawing you will have enough also half an hour. Only it is not necessary to think at all that such occupation not for you, such big and adult. And thoughts of what you also are not able to draw - that, forget and do not remember for anything. Nobody is perfect.

If do not have

paints at your place, it is possible to use a pencil or felt-tip pens, however you will achieve the greatest result, using paints, and if it is possible, a water color. Properties of paints allow to create on paper transparent, easy as if the images and objects soaring in air. Pick up brushes independently, we only do not advise at once to begin with very thin or too thick. Any album paper will be suitable for drawing.


Choose for yourself the convenient place, say, in a chair at a window, or perhaps on a floor or on a window sill where to you, certainly, comfortably. Chose? Then dip a brush in water, then in paint and... Yes, that artful question: and what to draw?

For a start just try to drive

a brush on paper, let the hand give in not to your will, and simply “goes, up hill and down dale“. After a while you will see the intricate subject drawn with you or an image, “to pain“ something reminding. Now it is necessary only to improve this drawing at your discretion. What turned out is not pleasant? Do not tear and do not throw out the used leaf. Just move away him from eyes down with. Are sure that after a while it will be very interesting to you to consider it.

Most of all promote relaxation the image of the nature. Try to draw a flower. It is absolutely optional that it exists in reality. Take any colors pleasing you and create forms for which image your hands strive.

Here one more reception to which it is possible to resort when you do not know what to draw. Put the palm on a sheet of paper and lead round it. Before you the most real coloring. “Fill in“ a hand contour with any flowers causing in you positive emotions. You can represent on it any drawing, it is optional that it was, say, the glove or a tattoo. Dream up, perhaps, the diamonds drawn with you sometime really will appear in your hands.