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What to present to the child. Councils of the expert.

Council the first. Children love that there is a lot of all. It is better to prepare many lovely trifles, than one beautiful doll which economical mother also will not allow to bathe.

Council of the second. You do not give everything at once. Even if by tradition it is necessary to put gifts under a fir-tree. Do not do it at once, prolong pleasure of the child. It is quite good to give a gift and himself: to povospityvat a little the beloved child, remembering his progress, sentencing: “And it to you special molds, you remember as you to me helped to bake cookies, here therefore Father Frost also presented them to you.“ Gifts spread out also under a pillow that found in the morning, and in a shoe - here a surprise before walk!

Of course, most of all you are anxious with health and development of the child. Remember that fluffy, color objects develop sight, buzzing, sounding and even creaking - hearing. It is not really useful to play with plastic toys constantly. They are unhealthy, for example, in Germany they are laid off. But it concerns rather the smallest which did not forget to try everything on tooth yet. And all - is not recommended to sleep embracing such toy. Be attentive also to fluffy favourites. They need to be vacuumed and if children are allergic persons, then it is better to avoid absolutely.

only the surprise suits

In New year. Do not drag the child on shops with words at all:“ I will buy you what you dream of“. In - the first, the child will be tired, in - the second, there is always a risk to pick up a virus in the populous place, in the third - do not shift heavy freight of the choice to the child. To it both one, and the third will want, and the fifth. It can leave with what dreamed yesterday of, but at all not satisfied.

you Remember a ridiculous introduction: “Forty - the beloboka cooked a squash, fed children, gave it, gave it …“ At the same time fingers of the child are bent and massed. Massage of a palm is directly connected with cerebration development, it will be confirmed by any pediatrician. To the children which grew up from “a soroka - white-sided“, you give toys which can be played, put - to display. All these actions work as massage, develop hands.

If you give to

the developing games for small, be not too lazy to play with them. Often the kid does not understand from the first game conditions, from it becomes angry though he does not give a sign that did not understand.“ Repetition - mother of the doctrine“ - common truth. Carry away game, make it clear and favourite.

When you give to

beautiful expensive books, you remember that the child can tear the book. Do not abuse it at all, understand the aggression reasons. Often this act of vandalism no other than fair fight against the evil. Or you forgot how executed by anger you wrote a black felt-tip pen Karabas`s physiognomy - Barabas or a cunning muzzle of a rat - Shushary.

Expensive book try to read and consider

together with the child. And what is cheaper do not prevent to tear: it not the bad relation to the book, but bad attitude towards villains. Cases when pages with Malvina`s image escaped are known and hid under a pillow, and the plunged, torn Duremar rolled under a bed. It will be correct if you tell:“ So it is also necessary to it“.

Here to you last council. If you not absolutely left the childhood and you have mezzanines or a treasured attic at the dacha, get the old toys, at each of them the unusual history. And if is not present, think up for the sake of the children.

of Anastasius Kaziyev, student of faculty of journalism of SPb of GU, sister of the nine-year-old brother. On materials of the website “Academy of a Gift“.