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I Will begin the birth of our Small fish

with the fact that as many on this website, read all stories about the childbirth published on the Family... Read and thought: “And how I will have it?“ Thoughts were different. Promised herself that too I will write the story. And here, nearly 4 months later, I write.

We got married in 2002. To us was for 22 years. At first lived at the grandmother with the grandfather, at once did not plan children. But in a year I became pregnant. The confusion of feelings was present strong. Both pleasure, and some fear for some reason... But in 11 weeks bloody allocations began, got to a hospital, and there at night - an abortion. The stood pregnancy.

Here from this point I understood that I awfully want to be a mother... There was everything. And tears every month. And mountain of tests for pregnancy. And treatment of toxoplasmosis within 1,5 years (the reason for the stood pregnancy). And then attempts to become pregnant 2,5 more years. And a trip to sanatorium to Saky, on dirt. And circulation to the grandma. And treatment in the center of planning of a family. And here, at last, 2 stripes! In 4 years of hopes. In October, 2007.

At first could not believe

that I will give birth to the child. For years of expectation the birth of children began me to seem by just unrealizable miracle. At first I thought of what here to live till 7 weeks that uterine pregnancy was confirmed (awfully was afraid of extra-uterine), then thought when is 12 that on ultrasonography excluded everything that can be bad. Thank God, everything was good! Then waited for 20 weeks - too the important period for definition of health of the kid... Here is how - that after that I relaxed a little and at last believed, as I will have a child!

We called by

his Detishk. In 20 weeks we were told that there will be a boy, and that he not so small, and very much even large. Also there will be, probably, about 4 kg. Oho, I thought how I will give birth to him? But the hope (based on stories about mistakes of ultrasonographers) was at heart concealed, as they are mistaken in my case, and the baby will be such to himself an average three-kilogram peanut! Well + / - 300 grams. Especially, I absolutely even not large, and a basin at me narrowish.

worked with

Ya. In 24 weeks I had a threat, the raised tone. For 2 weeks put in a hospital. Delivered to me obstetric pessariya, the neck was 2,5 cm (were afraid that Detishka will drop out)! Told that I can give rise before term - ha - ha! Then I went to sanatorium for pregnant women, and from there already to a deserved maternity leave!

Should tell

that before pregnancy I was whining, nervous, sad it is possible to tell... But as soon as became pregnant - became other person! I had only positive emotions! I did not look, and the husband at me did not watch any news and horror stories. I watched the soap opera “Friends“ and the European Football Championship (here that means, the little man sat inside). Pregnancy at me proceeded as well as at many. Anything supernatural. Till 16 weeks toxicosis, and after severe heartburn.

Well, it was, so to speak, the preface to the main thing. I had a term of childbirth on June 21, 2008. But some said to me that when to me remove pessariya, childbirth can begin at once. Once again ha - ha! Pessary it was necessary to remove after the 37th week. From this point also begins...

on June 2 I, after an enema and shaving, went with all things (and them was much) as I thought, to give birth. And actually to me just removed pessariya. Told that a neck soft. If till June 12 I do not give rise - to come to be given to pathology and to be stimulated (the child large). It to me was told by the manager. pathology.

But I for some reason wanted to give birth at the manager. delivery room. Once at it my cousin gave birth, and I for some reason wanted to give birth to it. It is necessary to tell that other my sister works as the nurse there. And I asked it that she acquainted me with it. In the same day, on June 2, I went to the manager. delivery room. Got acquainted. I told it that I in pathology do not want to lay down. She told that else early, walk supposedly come in a week...

Well, here so we to it also went every Monday. With all things. From us already all laughed: “That all of you frighten us, we go to give birth, and then come back home“. Everything it was ridiculous, to me - no. There was a wish already somewhat quicker... But I trusted in the doctor. She watched me (by the way, I want to tell all that survey of a neck of a uterus and disclosure absolutely painless manipulation, simply it is not necessary to strain). Spoke:“ Yes, a large fruit and, abundance of water, but we will give birth! Without stimulation“. So we came to it 2, 9, 16, 23 - go June. 23 - go she told:“ Come 25 - go. I think, you will give rise 25 - go“. Was mistaken per day. By the way, she told this number in our first meeting. Well that I will give rise not earlier 25 - go... How they do it?

Yes, by the way, the mucous stopper departed 4 more - go June. Here to you and a harbinger of childbirth in 3 weeks...

25 - go we arrived to maternity hospital. We had a family office. Separate chamber, with a shower and a toilet, with a separate exit to the street. I had a key, and I opened doors for those who to me came at any time. In chamber there was a couch for the husband. It was with me there all the time. The doctor looked at me, told that at 5 in the morning I will be woken by the doctor on duty, will look and if that he, will call her. We with the husband walked all evening on the street. Then I read. In 22. 00 was come by the doctor on duty - smiled. Asked why I do not sleep and told that the unlucky day and big work are necessary to me tomorrow! Night slept badly, was afraid to oversleep. On 4 put an alarm clock. I wanted to be washed before survey.

As well as it was promised to

, it came to five. I shivered for nervousness. She led me on survey. In rodzat. Looked. Told that I will give rise today! June 26. I speak to it: “I do not feel fights. How I will give rise?“ She speaks: “You in labor, fights are, but you do not feel them“. Yes, I very much liked a maternity chair (after all awful responses on the Internet, I represented just the monster). Soft, convenient... On it I also gave birth. But I had a paid office. It is visible therefore also a chair convenient!

She tells

to me after survey: “Lay down, have a sleep to 8 until your doctor comes“. But I for nervousness could not fall asleep more. It is a pity that I forgot how many opening centimeters then I had...

B 8 the doctor came, asked: “Well?“ I speak: “Anything! There are no fights“. She told:“ All right, I will go to Caesarian, these are one or one and a half hours, and you take a walk so far. Then we will be looked“. I put on, went for a walk. The husband left for work. Acquired fights (which were not), beat about the bush around maternity hospital. Ate ice cream and did not believe that today I will give rise! In 10. Came 30 to chamber, was arranged to read the book on a kushetochka... Here the nurse came and speaks:“ You are called by the doctor in a reception“. I went...


I here. She watches me, speaks - 5 cm of opening (fights any). With the midwife pierced a bubble (any feelings). Merged waters. Waters much. I lie on a chair. There are no fights. Stuck oxytocin. Time, then still. Something like pain at monthly began. In a corridor the doctor with the patient are trampled down. Wait for a chair. I lie. Waters drip. I get up, waters rushed... The midwife calls some doctor (washing left). That dips a hand into me (not painfully), says that everything is good, the head fell, it is possible to rise. I clever books read that at sharp outflow of waters can jam an umbilical cord or the child`s handle that is very dangerous. I speak about it to the doctor - he laughs, says that I will give rise well, everything I know time. By the way, when they to me merged waters, the doctor with the midwife (as if I do not understand about whom they speak) mentioned Cesarean section. Type, it is necessary to prepare everything just in case. Here I was frightened. Before I was not afraid to give birth. And here began to seem that it in me will get stuck...

Means, in 10. 30 pierced a bubble. In 11. 00 something began type skhvatochek. I went to myself to chamber. Called the husband that he came. And the sister that arrived to hours to 12 (she that day did not work). The husband arrived. We at first still laughed, joked, were photographed, filmed. Marked fights and intervals. The midwife came. Stuck still oxytocin. It became more sick, but it is absolutely tolerant. Then went in rodzat. In the rodzal I was one, naturally. The midwife prepared tools for childbirth. Began to be ill strongly (strongly was ill about about an hour). I began to ache:“ When I give rise when it ends“. Told that I want in a shower. Went. Easier, but not much more. As soon as the doctor left - I laid down on a couch. It was easier for me lying. It constantly to me came, rustled that I did not lie. Looked, told that the head rose again. And if I do not lay down, would give rise for an hour, after a slitiya of waters. All these receptions of the help in childbirth (massage of points, a support on the husband) did not help me. But once again I will tell - to wild pain which cannot be suffered, at me was not! It was just sick, as usual at monthly. Then I told them what me grieves. And we climbed to give birth on a chair. Put a dropper. Over me the heap to the people crowded. All shouted: “To crap!“ At first I could not understand that I already give birth. Thought that we train to make an effort. Then reached me. And for 3 attempts I gave rise.

to Make an effort it is not sick at all. On fight made an effort 3 times. The doctor with the midwife say what should be done. To me made outside a small section because the large child. In 14. 00, in 3,5 hours after a bubble puncture, I gave rise. Boy, 4100, 53 cm. Gave rise quickly. The doctor and the midwife praised me, told, the ideal woman in labor. Then me stuck anesthetic, sewed up a section. And in 16. 00 took away in chamber. In an hour we already had our parents and sisters... The closest people came to look at our Miracle! I felt well. Childbirth, it is already possible to tell it precisely now, passed without complications. I would never think that I will be able to give rise so easily!

Well, I will not describe feeling of happiness from the birth of the baby... It is the moment personal, only our family...

to All women I wish

good luck! And health to mothers and their children!!!