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The first birthday of Egorka

We with the husband decided to celebrate Egorkin birthday on full - it is very first!

all Began

with the fact what I a month before birthday, probably, re-read all that found about it in the Internet, asked some acquaintances. Also created the approximate plan. It was lucky still that the girlfriend of the birthday man Vitlaina has a birthday a month earlier, and her mother (fine fellow) marked out him too. Their birthday was for me some kind of rehearsal - check conceived since many competitions repeated (to be exact, differed only in one).

I bought

For creation of festive mood jewelry. Ordered helium spheres - 10 on decoration of the room and one for this purpose to let out in air, on a table - blestyashka on sticks, candles in the form of samoletik; hanged out usual balloons and garlands on the room; the part of jewelry took since Vitlaina`s holiday. Surely there were cardboard caps for all guests (fine lighten mood, and adults, having put on them, sink into dotage). Drew two posters. One for congratulations from relatives, and the second - in the form of a giraffe - the height meter - for wishes of mother and father. Made the first poster in the form of hours that was symbolical: each hour - month of life of Egorka. And nearby the photo as it looked at this time. Wanted to draw hours at first, but then decided to make of a color cardboard. And it turned out much more nicely - gave volume. Then I divided space around the dial into sectors on number of guests and, having crumbled pencils of different flowers, pounded wadded tampons. On each sector guests wrote wishes to Egor. In end I pasted butterflies and ladybugs bought in flower shop that emphasized effect of volume. Well and stickers in the form of hearts on “borders“ of sectors. The husband took active part in creation of this poster. We made it practically for two evenings (so far synulik slept).


In the second poster reflect changes of growth and weight of the kid from the birth about one year. I did it itself and derived the mass of pleasure that I remembered lessons of drawing of school times.

Then I prepared photos of one-year-old age, our with the husband. In order that having compared them to Egor`s photo, guests noted to whom it is more similar.

as a result, turned out 50/50.

A still in advance I prepared plaster prints of Egorkiny palms. But as on their white background it was badly visible, I painted with a water color prints and placed in a frame. And just put on a foreground.

the Room was decorated at night when Egorka fell asleep. Inflated spheres (which periodically burst), hanged out posters (there were not enough needles, I advise to think over this fact), charged accumulators at the camera and the camera (this very important point!) .

For the morning Egorka, having woken up, just was stunned. He pointed a finger at the hanging helium spheres, spoke something the unintelligible language and was very glad to changes in an interior. And we, having grabbed in hands the equipment as crazy let`s everything remove for history.

congratulations Exactly at nine in the morning began to pour! I did not manage to put down a reciever house as called on mobile. Such dense calls with wishes lasted approximately to a half of the eleventh. I so on my DR was not congratulated. All thanks!

preparation of a table began Then

. While I prepared, Egor was enough balls for strings and released, with delight observing as they soar up up. One ball tried to depart to a window, I its miracle caught for a string tip. Also involved back. It is a pity only that they began to be blown off, and only three lived under a ceiling to arrival of guests. But the main thing that Egor was happy - same his holiday. Then we went to policlinic (just it was “baby“ day). Were weighed and tried. Presented to the pediatrician and the nurse calendar cards (below I will describe them). From the house I took one helium ball, and Egor let out it in the sky (thus, we began tradition: every year to release one ball more).

Calendar cards I decided to make

traditional too (to do every year and to paste to Egorkina a book for memory).

Came back home, welcomed guests. Children were not. There were Godfathers and close relatives.

Competitions I began

with the questions “Who Knows the Birthday Man Better?“ I had 15 questions:“ With what weight was born “, “ date of christening when there was the first tooth “, “ what growth now“ etc. I took idea on the website 7. ru from the description of holidays which made mummies. For what to them many thanks! It was the competition - “warming up“.

Slightly later I held the most ridiculous competition. I decided to prepare it in advance. Took idea besides on sayte7ya. ru, improved only a little. Secretly from the husband I made the poster: bought two Whatman papers of A2 of a format, on one wrote a congratulation allegedly from all of us and left empty places for adjectives. On the second leaf I passed rectangular openings on the place of admissions and hung up on a wall, having imposed one on another. The essence of a competition is in that guests called adjectives which characterize Egorka, and I wrote down them in gaps.

A after I removed the top Whatman paper, the full congratulation on participation of all attendees revealed. Turned out I read in hearing. The approximate text it is visible on a photo.

Egorka had fun together with us, sitting in the stool. Too it was very interesting to it.

Then I held the competition “Guess that Ate“. Bought previously 5 jars of baby food and put in the sixth to Egorkin a pyureshka. Wrapped jars a foil for pastries, and on lids pasted number adhesive tape for identification. Guests received felt-tip pens with a piece of paper. Trying (a spoon I dripped to everyone on a hand), they had to write down what mashed potatoes are made of. It was necessary to see their faces when cauliflower puree got. Won (received most of all coincidence) received in a prize - a chup - chups.

Then we carried out by

guessing. Egorka took at first car keys, then the book, and then, having been upset that I took away from him the new book, - took a champagne cork. Type, from a grief I will get drunk.

Well the time of a sweet table also came. So, and birthday pie! Cake was done by the godmother. The idea was in making a cake which without consequences (Egor has a food allergy) the birthday man will be able to eat as he wants and so much, as much as necessary. It was made of children`s cookies which were dunked into sour-milk ferment (I do to her Egor itself, but it is possible also in a children`s kefirchik, however, it more liquid). It is sweetened with sugar, and at the edges cake is decorated with a kiwi and bananas. Esthetic idea - God mother Dasha. From above I put a candle on a support in the form of a samoletik. Since the candle with an edinichka (which the granny bought in advance) was too huge for this cake.

Egorka blew out the candle not at once. Very much it liked a type of a cake and he at first examined it. He could blow out the candle. It turned out that is casual, cooling it food, I taught him to blow. And he precisely knows that it is called “blow“. And, as soon as I told “blow“, he made it without problems and the candle went out:. I almost caught it on a photo, here

as a result in 9 yesterday the exhausted birthday man went to bed in other room. And guests, having still sat hour or so, dispersed. I gave to all guests pocket calendar cards as keepsake of Egorka. I ordered them in advance. Here such

After leaving of guests I still watched all photos and video. The birthday man very quietly snuffled at himself in a bed. And we went too to sleep. I had cool feeling that the holiday was successful. And that I - well done!

we took the General picture already next day as during the holiday nobody was assigned to the camera. And it is very important! And with the birthday man guests had no photos. Therefore we with the husband established fotik on a sofa, put on caps again, I changed clothes, and made the general photo.

On it precisely all!

of Good luck to all who will prepare for such important holiday! Works are worth it!