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As I nearly left the husband from - for our cat of

So, the subject of our today`s lecture will sound so: “Pregnancy and changes of mood at women“...

the Husband periodically me admired

: “Here say that pregnant women become whimsical and intolerable! And you at me did not change at all, both were in an adekvata, and remained! Respect and uvazhukh!“ And I terribly was proud of myself.

But here I left in the decree. And there passed few weeks.

I here we lie with the spouse on our couch in the quiet family evening and about something lovely we talk. About the, about “maiden“. It seems, even about meaning of life or about something else our such darling. And here our cat, without suspecting anything, approaches the wall which is carefully pasted over with the husband only recently super wall-paper and imposingly begins to sharpen the shameless claws about this our, so new wall. My spouse changes in the person. Jumps from a couch, there is enough animal, slaps it in a bum and throws in a corridor. A cat, having pressed a tail, ears and all the rest, a comet rushes back to the room from a corridor - there, there, under a bed. Where calms down and it begins to be licked. All this occurred in a couple of minutes. But made great impression on me.

It, otdubasit a cat. And this cat, it is necessary to tell, went with me through the mill. We picked up it with the first husband five - six years ago when came back from a wedding of friends. She was a makhonky kitten. Then, when we dispersed, I as “mother“ took away “daughter“ with myself. I remember, even once joked with being the husband that supposedly the folder the alimony does not pay something to us. The ex-husband, I remember, in all seriousness then answered:“ Yes she also does not remember me already, most likely“.

A we with Musy had a period when we were one. And there was a depression period, and there was a period of proud philosophical loneliness (these are different things, believe an old sick razvedenka). I lived on the rental apartment in which in the winter and it was terribly cold late fall. The apartment was huge, and batteries old. And I slept in three trousers and four jackets, also under two wadded blankets. And my Musya, my girl, she with such readiness always jumped under a blanket and so comfortably there kept within, and I pressed it to myself, and her soft hair touched my skin, and it was so nice us with it to lie together... And I had such feelings to it, I cannot simply transfer. We were one in big others apartment. Yes, of course, in the same city, literally in five minutes of driving, there live my parents and the brother, there are girlfriends, everything is excellent, we are not derelicts. But here not for nothing say that the loneliness sometimes has no relation to external circumstances. It here such state of mind (very useful, by the way!) . And in this loneliness to me it was not so terrible because I had my Musya who jumped every night to me under a blanket. And still when I came from work, it always rubbed near me, always wanted to climb on knees, always somehow aspired to me, I was so grateful to it for it...

Then there was It, the husband present, that is. And already He with pleasure jumped to me under odeyalko, aha. And Musya fell down in legs or on a chair... And our communication a little bit weakened. There were we a little bit in itself - I with the beloved and Musya, separately from us.

I when that evening the husband spanked my old fellow soldier (for good reason, it is natural - how many work, love and care of spouses enclosed in repair of our apartment, you would know). It did this repair itself, and it had such spiritual features that there were no doubts that now not just pasting by wall-paper becomes, and not just the laminate is laid, but the artist creates a work of art. And here that evening when the husband was indignant and spanked my fellow soldier, I suddenly remembered that rental apartment, cold, two wadded blankets and us with Musey pressed to each other somehow very properly, perhaps... And me it became so bitter. Insufferably just bitterly and sadly. And super - it is sad. For some reason these two pictures nearby - we with Musy in those our “antecedents“ and severe punishment for podranny wall-paper... For some reason these two pictures told me about something like that very painful. That the small defenseless being so heated me once, and now the hostess not one. It adjusted the private life. And the little animal any more not “is so actual“. Also the new person, but not a pet came, and yes, he rescued the hostess from melancholy and self-flagellation, but now he splashes that there are forces this my koshatina, and so now will be always... Every time, when it... And so on.

Plus I the husband very seldom see

in such rage. And in rage it frightens me, it is similar I do not know... I do not know to whom it is similar. It is just another when it angry or angry... Not that it directly is not pleasant to me in this state, but I did not get used to it... Also there were not enough forces simply to tell:“ Darling, and let`s not thrash we so strongly a cat“. I somehow contracted everything, I could not squeeze out the word from myself at all, to me it was very strange that I so sharply and sharply have horror at heart. And I started howling. As long ago did not roar. Bitter, hot, such very fast and plentiful tears. I at first tried to restrain, but then understood that I am not present. This lump in a throat too big. And violently. The husband was confused. He laid down on a bed the person in a pillow already some time so lay. And in our family where we in all two years of our communication never raised at each other the voice, never “quarreled“ where every day at us it is full of care and love, and in general all as in the fairy tale - in our family suddenly there was such situation. The husband lies a nose in a pillow, and I reel up snivels on a fist and I sob very in a feminine way, is plaintive and is heart-breaking. And Musya plyamkat under a sofa.

Then when a storm of passions of a podutikhl, we embraced the husband, and I when she was already able to express distinctly, told that it seems to me that it was painful to her. And that, of course, it is simple to otdubasit to the person an animal, but let at us so will not be... The husband told that he really sometimes punished Musyu for offenses and did not know that it so will wound me. Also told that it any more it will not splash so furiously...

A the next morning Musya already climbed to the husband on knees when he sat in front of the computer, purred at the same time on all apartment and variously made up to it. But not to me. I looked at all this with surprise and was forced to recognize that, perhaps, for Musi yesterday`s incident was not such a big shock. And the spouse did not become puzzled and told that, perhaps, Musya also, is not a silly woman, estimated that it is better to be periodically beaten, than periodically hungry. Future father hinted that at all my love to animals I, repent, during this period philosophical loneliness sometimes forgot to buy it a forage, and it at me couple of days was forced to drink up yogurts or still some not meat muck... Now in order to avoid such things the husband is responsible for purchase of a Wiskas, and he never forgets about it.

Such here we had a history. By the way, any more does not tear up wall-paper of Musya, the fact.