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Why to us milk pump?

Before childbirth were many opinions of my friends and doctors on “Whether the Milk Pump and Why, Harm from It or Advantage Is Necessary“. The majority were against, and I did not begin to buy it in advance. There is a legend that they only prevent feeding and do not help from zastoyev, that is help, but later flows even more milk, and new stagnation is provided!

was Given rise by me though promised planned Caesarian (said that the kid is more than 4,5 kg). There were 2 weeks before operation when the kid decided to force events, and at me at 3 o`clock in the morning waters departed. Gave rise only in 15. 45, but on June 12, on the Independence Day of Russia - gave birth to the patriot!! Right there put the blue, but the most beautiful boy to a breast, however, then carried away, but only for an hour until I have a rest and I will be washed. It took a breast at once and safely - colostrum was storm, however, there only, but, it seems, gorged on.

For the second night we woke all floor the shouts, a voice at it in mother, and I long “put“ it, teaching and reading reports at conferences. It appeared, we have not enough colostrum now... It was necessary to give mix. But by the morning the milk arrived! Moreover as my breast of J (the 6th size) before childbirth turned the devil knows in what, neigbours in chamber said that this size, probably, 16... It was heavy, well, my Kirillka was in overalls, but not in a diaper, and I between breasts vertically could press it to myself - differently in any way. We with it rejoiced to our happiness, and he cheerfully gnawed “bidonchik“ almost all day long between a dream.

the Horror came next day - stagnation! What to do? The doctor advised to be decanted by hands, but how if it is impossible to touch a breast? Other doctor, the man came, drove into the corner and to me decanted milk - I tried to kick and swear - did not help, told that differently there will be problems. Before an extract told that the husband to me would decant, but he, fortunately, is not capable to cause me such pain. In the morning of the first day of the house I lifted temperature, to doctors was afraid to call at first - they threatened to put in hospital, to cut something and to separate Kirill from a breast...

Time cannot be missed. And I nevertheless decided to call the doctor - advised to buy a milk pump and to try to disperse them stagnation. The husband told what is not important how many it will cost, - if only helped! Having left Kirill on the father and the grandmother, I rushed in drugstores to choose a milk pump. It is good that in magazines for pregnant women there is a lot of information on breastfeeding and milk pumps, and I approximately knew what to be guided by. Got an electronic milk pump and ran home to master it. Kirill in general refused to take firm “bidonchik“. Frankly speaking, I not really - that believed in success, but as showed the following 20 mine, was not right! What young girl dreams of that her breast became very soft and began to hang? I! And my dream came true what it was simplification! Temperature kept a little more, but by the morning everything was normalized.

Now even on couple of days going for the dacha, I by all means capture him with myself. Kirillka himself carefully devastates “bidonchik“, but occasionally begin stagnation, and then I am rescued by my adored milk pump. This procedure is absolutely painless and except simplification brings nothing. Also it is necessary when I am not sure that I will be able to return to the following feeding - I leave a stock to the father, and then I am met by happy and happy men. If there was no milk pump, then or my child and the husband were izderganna and are angry on me for my absence, or it was necessary to give mix. Fortunately, my child receives the best food and knows that mummy to care for it, even when she is absent nearby. Young mummy should leave - it will help to restore rather the emotional forces after the delivery. We with my sonny are very grateful to producers of milk pumps, they relieved us of an array of problems! Even now, when to us 4,5 months, and we can walk for 6 - 7 hours, we are very much helped by a milk pump, it is so convenient to take with itself a small bottle and at desire to be fed up outdoors!