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For the feeding mothers and not only...

Maternal milk - the best food for the kid. That the good nutrition of the child was the longest, it is necessary to take care of a source of a precious product - mammary glands of the nursing mother.

the biggest troubles connected with feeding arise in the first days and weeks after the delivery. The most frequent - cracks of nipples. Nipples of mammary glands in the postnatal period are very sensitive. At frequent applying to the newborn`s breast they are easily damaged. The painful, reddened nipples interfere with normal feeding. They cause many troubles for the woman in childbirth as when feeding nipple pain amplifies, and at the same time young mother has a fear of feeding that can lead to a gipogalaktiya. Reddening and morbidity - the stage preceding emergence of cracks. Already in this period it is necessary to begin treatment. At its absence reddening amplifies, followed by dryness of skin, a peeling and the deep, sharply painful cracks covered with scales and crusts are formed. Pains during the feeding and decantation amplify. Cracks bear danger of infection of skin, and at irrational treatment and development of an infection microbes get also to breast milk.

Unfortunately, the arsenal of medicines, safe for the feeding mothers and children and at the same time, effective, is quite narrow. Most of women uses “national“ means, mistakenly including them quite safe. New medicine Videstim® ointment allows to cope with a problem of cracks of nipples quickly. Âèäåṇ̃è́® - ointment from Retinolum of palmitaty 0,5% (vitamin A) on vodno - an emulsion basis. Ointment of yellowish color, flavourless, is easily applied on skin, absorbed, without leaving fat marks on skin and linen.

Studying of pharmacological activity of a preparation showed that ointment stimulates proliferative activity of cells of epidermis, processes of physiological and reparativny regeneration, accelerates processes of healing of wounds, promotes restoration of epidermis at violation of its integrity.

the Cream basis of ointment softens

and moistens skin, removes dryness, deletes scales. Application of a preparation does not influence quality of milk and does not reduce a lactation. Ointment is applied with a thin layer on cracks after each feeding. If skin around cracks is inflamed, and from cracks blood or transparent liquid is emitted, then before putting ointment leather needs to be processed antiseptics - hydrogen peroxide, solution of a miramistin, diamond green. ointment it is better for p to apply

To prevention of formation of cracks once a day - for the night after hygienic washing of a breast.

Ointment was applied by

in physiological post-patrimonial office at department of obstetrics and gynecology of Medical institute of the Oryol state university at 25 women. At the same time at 15 women in childbirth the preparation was applied to treatment of already arisen cracks of nipples of mammary glands, in 10 supervision - during the reddening and morbidity of nipples. With the medical purpose ointment was applied on an areola of a nipple of a mammary gland after feeding and decantation. Our supervision showed that at treatment of cracks of nipples of mammary glands in two days from the beginning of use of a preparation there comes healing of the injured skin, increase in amount of milk. In especially hard cases when pain in nipples was intolerable, we consider necessary to combine processing of nipples Videstim® ointment with use of special latex slips.

Use of ointment for elimination of cracks of nipples at the feeding mothers - not its only appointment. Ointment softens skin and compensates in it for the deficiency of vitamins. It can be useful at dryness of skin of any origin, for example, at frequent washing of hands and a hand wash of children`s things. In such cases directly after contact with water it is better to apply any hand cream, and in the morning and for the night to use Videstim® ointment. If the child has a dryness of skin, ointment well it eliminates. Adults can heal cracks on heels and finger-tips of hands.

Videstim® Ointment is used by

in dermatology for treatment of many skin diseases. Research of its clinical efficiency was conducted in Central scientifically - research kozhno - the MZ Russian Federation venereologic institute, Nizhny Novgorod scientifically - research kozhno - venereologic institute, departments of skin diseases of the Moscow medical academy of Sechenov, the Moscow medical stomatologic institute of Semashko and the Astrakhan medical academy. In total 189 patients participated in research. It is proved that the preparation is an effective remedy of treatment of the skin diseases which are followed by dryness, an excess orogoveniye, violation of an integrity of skin, formation of cracks. Ointment possesses the anti-inflammatory, softening, protivozudny action, normalizes processes of an orogoveniye. The most expressed effect was observed at patients with a usual ichthyosis, atopic dermatitis and eczema of brushes out of an aggravation, seboreyny dermatitis and cracks of skin.

Videstim® Ointment - the domestic preparation, is issued Pharmaceutical scientifically - manufacturing enterprise of “Retinoida“. It is released in drugstores without recipe.