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The contract for miracles of

When I examined, happy and healthy, took off on wings from OPB of maternity hospital No. 18 of Moscow (a detail in the article “Be Ready, or Pathology of Maternity Hospital No. 18“), I was on the 37th week of pregnancy. It was time to be engaged in searches of maternity hospital closely. After stay, and very short, in OPB, I understood one - free of charge I do not want to give birth, and I will not be - for - that! Here adventures began.


traffic jams, I chose the maternity hospitals, nearest to my puzik, those there were 6: maternity hospital at No. 15 GKB, maternity hospital at No. 29 GKB, maternity hospital at GKB No. 68, maternity hospital No. 8, Maternity hospital No. 15, maternity hospital No. 18.

About all gradually, not one after another.

the First the maternity hospital at No. 68 GKB disappeared. It turned out that there it is very pure and beautiful that recently there was a repair that there it was pleasant which - to which of my acquaintances and that the annoying that the paid office there absolutely is absent.

the Second of the list of preferences the maternity hospital No. 15 disappeared. I called there, and did not manage to open a mouth as I was “sent away“ right there. Only I peeped about the contract as I was given out right there:“ Means, so! We do not take on the contract of women of page. (further the huge list of diseases with which is not taken there)“. I did not begin to listen to the end, told “thanks“ and hung up. The matter is that my PMK of 1 degree, and me, naturally, sent to the 67th maternity hospital specializing on warmly - vascular diseases. With this institution and its inhabitants we had a mutual antipathy at first sight. Whether it is worth saying that I reached it hour four, damned everything on light, flew angry, hungry then stayed an hour more in turn and when the doctor asked whether I am going to give birth at them, I blurted out unambiguous “Is not present!“ (meaning “by no means and never“.) They understood me and wrote me paper where it was reported that a disease at me not terrible, and I am free to give birth in any maternity hospital. And so! In any and not in any. It is free of charge possible in any, and for money - in the very few:

After failure with 15 - m maternity hospital we with the husband went to maternity hospital at No. 15 GKB, he just too specialized on warmly - vascular. The doctor managed to examine me, to discuss our plan of childbirth then she undertook my papers for registration. And here her eyes badly extended.

- And you will not take here!
- Why?
- At you PMK!
- But you have a specialization... there is no
-! We take cores only if 67 it is closed!
- But I have from them a conclusion!
- I do not know, now I will go to the chief physician, but hardly... He does not love responsibility...

Of course, apologized to us and sent back home. The chief physician did not resolve.

After this embarrassment decided not to spend time for trips. The husband called by telephone. Greeted, at once declared my diagnosis and only then asked whether it is possible to give birth at them under the contract. In 8 - megohms told it “is impossible“. There were two places where answers were approximately identical: “Let`s take. Paper from 67 - go at you is, well and is excellent if that - and to be responsible them for all...“ It were maternity hospital at GKB No. 29 and maternity hospital No. 18. Compared at the prices, 29 - y was approximately twice more expensive, besides, I everything - poorly - poorly got acquainted with 18 - ym, that is surprises will not be. This fact also moved - went in 18 - y.

Received us with open arms: “You at us lay only: now means, to give birth returned! At the Wolfhound it was treated - to him you want?“ I answered that if it is possible, then I pro. While made out pieces of paper, San Seich came. Reaction to me was approximately such: “There is nothing to do to you! So would give rise no problem!“ I did not begin it to report all reasons for which I do not want so. Just told: “I want comfort!“ Generally, on it the subject was also closed. On me started the card, all wrote down, measured and released to walk, and to come told some days before estimated childbirth. And I walked.

Arrived as agreed, the doctor examined me and made the diagnosis: “This week you will give rise! Precisely! I allow to go home, at you everything is all right as soon as begins - call! Only on Saturday do not give birth!“ - “Why?“ - “Yes to leave the child to me there is nobody!“ Agreed! (To give birth on Saturday and did not include in my plans, I wanted to give rise on Sunday - for Easter). At the exit the Wolfhound added: “So, consider if suddenly (suddenly!) you will not give rise this week, on Monday morning will arrive with things here!“

As water looked. I did not give rise neither on Saturday, nor on Sunday. And on Monday morning, unfortunate and tired, went to be given to OPB. Again! I was met by my dear doctor: “Why you still did not give rise?! And I so waited for you during the week-end. Nonsense simply!“ It took away me in a reception and left. I was accepted on all established orders, and then I came to be in chamber on 8 beds. Got acquainted with her inhabitants, ran several times to a toilet, let out along a sad corridor, received from sisters a small bottle with a narrow neck in which it is necessary to collect in the morning urine (Oh, My God! How?!) . And I to joint pain wanted to give rise today, by all means! And it is better right now!

of the Girl, staying in blissful luxury after a lunch, arranged an okolofilosofsky sit-round gathering (though in our situation it is possible to call them “polezhalka“). About, about maternity hospital, about doctors. Concerned also the Wolfhound. Today there was its change, and those at whom before childbirth remained practically nothing, dreamed to give rise exactly today. It appears “to give birth at it - it is a pleasure, all dream of it“, “at it on childbirth many do not shout, and with laughter such other slides“ and a lot of. And still to me advised to jump along a corridor as one our neigbour - a gipsy dance. Perhaps I will also be delivered today. And here I struck all with the phrase that I will do without corridors that I and will be delivered so by the Wolfhound because I have a contract with maternity hospital. Why I told it?. To me questions fell down from all directions, and on all my answers in the opinion of interlocutors the same reaction was read:“ Well and silly woman!.“ And their further comments only confirmed my fears.

- How much? Such denzhishch! Money perhaps could not be put? Would be for what!
- Single chamber? Yes for what..., from boredom you will die there in five days!
- And show the contract. I as the lawyer say to you that he has no validity
- With the husband to give birth? Yes what on childbirth to do to it? Will see enough of all this beauty, faints still!
- And your doctor is stated in the contract? Yes still nothing means, he here will take and will get sick with
- Visits of relatives. And I do not want that to me after the delivery went crowd

Well and much still similar remarks to mine and my contract the address.

Small derogation from the narration (but not from a subject). Then I had no powerful arguments and the facts neither pro, nor contra contract childbirth. Having now known everything “what it feels like“, I answer rhetorical questions (as it is known, not demanding the answer).

“Such denzhishch“ is about 30 - 40 thousand (depending on chamber). The sum is decent, but not transcendental. For what? For what appeared to my unnecessary neigbours and it was very necessary to me - for separate, convenient chamber, for the husband on childbirth, for an opportunity every day to see dear people. To miss even in single chamber absolutely is once - in the morning continuous rounds, after a lunch - guests come (not crowd, and at most on two), in intervals those whom you on a visit did not invite call. And the most important - with you your kid! There are no forces to be engaged in the child - the kid is taken away to the nursery without uniform peep though for the night though per day. For those who have nothing to be engaged in chamber there is a TV.

If the speech, from convenient - in meter from a bed a wash basin came about chamber, so, it is not necessary to run to wash anywhere right after childbirth. There is an electric kettle - means, can drink tea at any time and give to drink to the guests. There is a night lamp creating a cosiness in the evenings. From a situation - a bed by itself, a bedside table, a dining table, couple of chairs, a table pelenalny, a children`s cradle and a tank for dirty diapers.

After the delivery wants to go to a shower as often as possible - without problems, I was on three there - four times per day and never got to turn. It is absent just. Souls (them on small paid office two) always were free. Too and with toilets.


the Husband on childbirth, is more faithful on fights - for me personally it was huge plus. With the native person it was quiet and not so sick. The husband distracted, supported, did massage, ran for the doctor, held by a hand. For one this night we got not only little Pashka, but also the mass of impressions and memoirs “only for us two“, and our casket of family values was replenished with two objects - it is a medical mask and a beret in which the husband “delivered“.

Yes, not the fact that the doctor will not get sick, but chances to get to the doctor who knows your problems and features are approximately identical in “contract“ labor and the sorts “on protection“ (“familiar“ doctors are ill too, strangely enough, and drink on holidays, and leave for picnics), and at least - your chances are not equal to zero. And it already something.

Ya not the lawyer, quite perhaps, the contract - really fiction and not argument in court. But in maternity hospital this piece of paper is quoted - the promised conveniences were received by all to whom they intended. As far as I know, problems were not.

the Rest, perhaps, as well as at state employees. In postnatal office excellent nurses - and not for money, and on calling. At least, that shift in which I gave birth also (it) when at me milk came. Kind, careful, cheerful with all. Supported, helped to be decanted, did compresses for the night. I was given, for example, some tea in “the“ mug in night of childbirth, at once brought things from OPB (though there were 3 o`clock in the morning), brought transfers from the husband in “ineptly“ time and you will not describe all their good causes, but in a word - good fellows! Still... Fed in maternity hospital tasty, chambers cleaned regularly (at me - steadily once a day). I was satisfied practically with everything. Postnatal and OPB is the sky and the earth! In any case, for me with my “pink glasses“ from - for “household excesses“ and “successful“ childbirth.

But we will return to the story. Our conversation of “the blind person with the deaf“ did not bring any results, which is not surprising. Everyone agreed to differ. I agitated nobody to arrive as I, and to overpersuade me too was useless. Generally, from all our conversation to a result one - I wanted to give rise even stronger today.

my prayers were heard by

I. In the late afternoon I began fights, at first rare (time in half an hour) and very short, but as I looked forward to them, from the very first skhvatochka understood that here “it“ begins. While it did not prevent to live at all, pain was not, and I told nothing to nobody. But time went, my pressures became noticeable from outside. Neigbours in chamber quickened, began to ask how “it“? What feelings? How it is frequent also on how many minutes? And by then it became really frequent. Each 7 minutes, and seconds on 15 - 20.

of Fight go. And life does not stand still too, pulled me towards a bathroom. And there I was waited by an unpleasant surprise - I had a mucous stopper, I read about it in magazines, heard from acquaintances, but when I saw blood, got a fright outright. Yes I knew that when it leaves just before childbirth, there are blood streaks! Streaks, pancake! To tear off hands to the one who wrote the word “streaks“ in my textbook! There was many blood very much! At least, after its total absence within even 9 months so it seemed to me. Well, in any case, not to call it “streaks“ even with great reserve! I ran in in chamber with the shivering lips. Neigbours called the nurse. I stood faintly - green, with mad eyes, I was beaten by a shiver.“ White dressing gown“ my state how many did not soften. First of all the lovely nurse began to lecture me why I did not take with myself in a toilet a diaper and where she at me in general, then it became clear that nobody gave it to me. Then dragged me in procedural, put a diaper, told “give show that at you there“. Looked at a diaper, then at me, as at the full idiot:

- Yes it is a stopper simply! Fights are? - Is, each 5 minutes...
- Well, go and consider farther as often go how many last, then you will come to a post - you will tell.

For fear brains obscured

, and I truly potopat with melancholy in chamber to consider what was counted - perepodschitano. From sufferings I was rescued by neigbours in chamber: “Well, you give! This madam so treats you, and you are silent. Absolutely became impudent! All right, we, but at you are the contract!“ Here all - that becomes - all to the best, not for nothing we discussed. I called the doctor, and incurred some rubbish though it seemed to me that is told by me quite intelligibly. And I understood that I talk nonsense only when San Seich the usual ironic tone asked:

- Tan, you that?!
- I - and - and - and! - I began to sob in a tube.
- you Give birth? Quietly, now I will be!

In 2 minutes it really was in chamber, and in a minute we were in procedural. I which - as got up on a chair, and here:

- Oh! Yes at you before full disclosure practically nothing! You in maternity should be long ago! What did you do not call earlier? And I think what with you to do, wanted to try on you gel, and you mean, itself coped. Here and perfectly! Let`s go!
- Where?
- “Where - where“! To give birth where still!

I here, you want, trust, you want, no, the fear disappeared. As cut off. To it something like that succeeded... You know, how at sports competitions before the start: “Here it, began. Already now, it is absolutely close“.

On the way to delivery room I called the husband and reported that we give birth already and that it is time for it to join. While I stayed waiting, took me temperature, pressure, made an enema and sent to a toilet. If it is honest, to me somehow even it became easier to wait fights in such “interesting“ situation, and I was late for a long time there. I likely and remained in a toilet if shout of the doctor is not distributed: “Listen, well I wait for you - I wait already for half an hour, you there perhaps were going to give birth?“ It was necessary to creep out in a shower. After a shower I went to give up. Once again it was necessary to get up on a chair - to me punctured a bubble. Feelings any were not - neither pleasant, nor unpleasant. But then... Fights became more long and more painful though I was tried to be convinced for some reason of the return - as if “here we will puncture a bubble, and it will become easier for you“. Anything similar! Just the opposite.

the Wolfhound allocated for

me in prenatal chamber and connected to the device. I very much did not want to lie, but the phrase inspired:“ Here now we will look, how are you, and you will get up... You see a ball - we will jump still later“. As if not so. It was the next bluff - as well as with a bubble puncture.

there Arrived the husband. It was taken to me by San Seich - amusing in a ridiculous cap, a mask, a green dressing gown and boot covers. In general, all doctors in such look go, but was for some reason ridiculous to see the husband in this attire. The mood at me was lightened, however, for a while. Fights became more sick and lasted infinitely as it seemed to me. The wolfhound explained to my husband how to monitor indications of this “infernal machine“ (me did not disconnect from the device before the start in rodzat, probably, something guarded all-. Showed how to mass stones to alleviate my suffering, and left, having left us together, previously having explained where to shout, “if that not so“, and having promised regularly to come to come to see us. And was. The husband looked at the screen, warned about fight approach, did massage and calmed: “All - everything, already comes to an end“. San Seich stuck in one of runnings to me some horror, forces to resist at me was practically not. Though hours showed that I lie all here (will not believe) hour 2! I inertly asked:

- Or perhaps it is not necessary? What is it?
- Is necessary - it is necessary! What in vain suffers, now you will have a rest, maybe, you will have a sleep.

Ya did not fall asleep and has not a rest, and it became easier for me not - I just finally and incredibly grew dull. I began to brake, ceased to perceive the human speech, in other words, retired into oneself and was closed there onalways. I do not know, maybe, without prick it would be even more sick, maybe, it was necessary and in general that it was (not differently, promedol): who will check now, but to me he only prevented to give birth because I did not hear anybody, there were only we three together - I, my pain and the child. In the next calling, after survey, the doctor told that it is time for us at way. I was transported in rodzat. I remember that tried to talk some sense into the husband that he for me did not go that he will be called when the child is born (we initially with it had such contract). It also did not go, he remained to stand in the doorway and as doors are not closed, he out of the corner of the eye saw everything and overheard everything. He did not faint, did not notice any horrors in the rodzal, there saw nothing disgusting. And still told that me it was almost not heard on the general background. In general time erased a lot of things from my memory - I remember some scraps, the prick, probably, still worked, around me - there are a lot of white dressing gowns, to me try to make themselves heard: “Tuzhsya, tuzhsya! Give, once again! Not in a face!“ And suddenly: “You what you do not hear?! Stop, I speak! It is not necessary to make an effort! And still, last time!“ And then the struck exclamation of some unknown doctor: “Now that`s something like it!“ The umbilical cord of my boy was tied by knot. Said to us on ultrasonography that at us double obvity, but also it it seemed to the nature a little - huge knot.

More I did not see

and did not hear anything. I do not remember either faces, or sounds, or children`s crying, only this dreadful knot. And one thought in the head: “What miracle it did not drag on?“ My child was live and healthy, he normally grew and developed all pregnancy, he was born 53 cm in length weighing 3690 gr. To me put it on a stomach, my warm lump, and only here I really realized that he was born that it live and that is with it everything is all right. Miracle! I knew - there was a Miracle!

Everything took its course, the kid processed, put to a breast, the husband was in the hall for a long time, he argued with doctors on 10 grams of weight: “Well, it is difficult for you to 700 to round?!“ He called parents and congratulated them on the big, healthy and beautiful grandson. And I lay and thought of miracles which, Thank God, happen in our life...