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Grandsons and old men of

In life of each grandson or granddaughter there comes such period when old men who brought up you occasionally nursed you or time a year brought to you gifts (invited to a week to have a rest to themselves to the village) become helpless.

these a situation are allowed

In each family on a miscellaneous: someone hands over old men in almshouses, someone is looked after by children and which - who should wait for the help only from us - from grandsons.

B it is present nothing supernatural and especially superunfair. It is life, and in life it is always necessary to make decisions, so to take the responsibility.

Even if you do not decide on it is an elderly member of your family all the same becomes a life factor as work, study and private life. Feature of this factor is that it is short-lived, so, there is a risk, as responsibility which to undertake there were not enough forces, desire or understanding, can lay down on your destiny eternal mute reproach.

Yes, I argue cynically, but in this note I will speak from a position of the person who is most appeared in such situation so I have nobody to hesitate. Here only I and my conscience.

So, we took for a reality that we should cope with old men.


of Any real help from our parents (their children), strangers, social establishments it is not necessary to wait.

First and the main thing governed: time does not treat.

Time heals - so many time we heard this saying. It would seem it is checked by hundreds of cases of our unfortunate love, but why does not work here? Problems of elderly people are deprived of property to resolve by itself, they can only collect. And the more stratification, the worse from it to the old man, the more difficult to you to untangle a ball.

the Main rule begins to work with

still before you decided to take the responsibility. The mechanism is started. It is very simple to live, knowing that you have mother and the father, the grandfather and the grandmother. It is a little more difficult to live with knowledge that existence of the last demands regular specific actions from you.

Rule second: to relieve the elderly person of a condition of loneliness.

It is a state, it seems to me, life of elderly people saddens more, than their illnesses and low pension. They take the final terrestrial journey forgotten and to nobody unnecessary, and ahead of them only the eternal loneliness waits. What to them? Yes, you cannot devote yourself elderly. You cannot refuse your young, in full swing life and to sit with the grandmother on a shop, unwinding a ball for knitting. You need to make the little - to make yourself a factor of life of the old man. The elderly person has to know that he loves him, it is remembered at least by one person. How to achieve it is a question especially individual. For someone it can be regular calls and sms`ki, visits on the days off will be necessary for someone, for the third - your visits of shop behind products will become not only a sign of attention, but also the vital help with economy.

Third rule: rule of compensation. The word “compensation“ in this case can be treated in two values.

O the first. You were little and your grandmothers - grandfathers were near. They erased your described diapers, read fairy tales for the night, bathed you in small trays, brought handfuls of berries from the ogorodik. Now your turn to answer with love and care their works and attention. You changed over - but the essence remained former: the needing person is helped by the person with a large number of forces and opportunities.

O the second. For certain your old men had a difficult destiny. The huge seniority acquired on productions and wars of an illness and wound did not provide them worthy protection and support of the state. It is a scourge of our country. Our national shame. But you remember, we do not have time to be distressed - we have to give the rest to old men of what they did not receive and without your help any more will never receive. Be not greedy to indulge elderly people. Whenever possible realize their dreams and desires, and you will be filled by pleasure and happiness - what we are deprived from - for congenital egoism, a sobstvennichestvo and avarice.

Think only - the fact that elderly, grown wise experience and gray hairs of people did not receive for many years the life, you can give it - only the child going to adulthood.

I the last rule, without numbering. It is not necessary to shift a duty to your relatives if you clearly feel that so there were circumstances, be not distressed for the whole world. You remember the rule No. 1 and know, alone with themselves and good luck (if you trust in It) such justifications will seem insignificant and ridiculous. They and unrealized opportunities will fill your life with a grief for many years.