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Natural childbirth after operation of Cesarean section

Not very long ago after the operation of Cesarean section undergone once on natural childbirth the strict taboo was imposed, and the rodorazresheniye was possible only by repeated operation. But today such patients have quite real chance to give rise independently, without the aid of the surgeon`s scalpel. By the western scientists it was proved that from 60 to 80% of pregnant women with a hem on a uterus can give rise in the natural way without risk for themselves and the kid.

Despite so iridescent figures, a question of the optimum choice of a method of a rodorazresheniye it is not so simple. Let`s try to understand.

what were indications for the first Cesarean section is of Great importance. Some of them could treat only that concrete pregnancy and not repeat in the subsequent (prelying of a placenta, twins, the pelvic provision of a fruit), so, in this case the doctor, most likely, will consider the possibility of natural childbirth. If features of an anatomic structure of the woman or serious somatic pathology were indications, and they did not change since then, then in such situation it is worth giving birth by repeated Cesarean section. Can be such “resistant“ indications: anatomic narrowing of a basin of the woman of high degrees, its deformations, bone ledges in a basin, a miopiya (short-sightedness) of high degree, an otsloyka of a retina, a disease of heart, kidneys in a stage of a dekomensation and others.

At the choice of a method of a rodorazresheniye the assessment of the hem is especially important

: if its thickness according to ultrasonography is sufficient, from the moment of the previous childbirth there passed 2 - 3 years and more, as a part of a hem muscular, but not connecting fabric prevails, the placenta is attached not at its level, then all this speaks well for independent childbirth. But if the solvency of a hem causes in the doctor of fear, or the hem was not cross, but longitudinal (or korporalny - in a uterus body), then it is impossible to risk at all - it can provoke though rare, but very terrible complication - a rupture of a uterus. In this case to have to speak only about repeated operation.

It is important that in labor there was no so-called “clinically narrow basin“ when the kid appears more, than the woman can give rise. At the same time the basin can be the normal sizes or is narrowed slightly. Clinically narrow basin can be diagnosed only at the time of delivery. At its combination to a hem on a uterus danger of a rupture of a uterus on a hem is big. For this reason when conducting pregnancy the doctor so carefully estimates the estimated mass of a fruit on late terms. Situation and prelying of a fruit also exerts impact on tactics of childbirth. If the kid lies a head down, then it is one more plus in favor of natural childbirth.

If future mother expects not one, and at once two kids, then in this case the risk of a rupture of a uterus on an old hem increases, and it will be much safer to such kids to be born in the operating room by means of repeated operation of Cesarean section.

All this says

that a right choice of tactics of conducting childbirth with a hem on a uterus - a question not easy, and such women require special, close attention both during all pregnancy, and during childbirth. And pregnancy and childbirth have to take place maintaining in the large, well equipped maternity hospital, it as the Perinatal medical center. Only very skilled doctor will be able to estimate the existing contraindications to natural childbirth, to expect and prevent all possible complications. Doctors of the Perinatal medical center have experience of conducting independent childbirth at patients even with two hems on a uterus.

the Doctor and the patient have to make every effort for spontaneous childbirth after operation of Cesarean section. It would be offensive to become mother of two children and not to learn what is natural childbirth.