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Family idyll on - Swiss

it is amazingly quiet and cozy Here, about a mad rhythm of city life you forget already in a few minutes and if to look round around, then begin to envy involuntarily those who live in these parts. Steep rocks, a set of tops - four-chiliarches, tremendous falls, it is bright - blue lakes and cozy villages - all this surprising beauty is in Switzerland. It is difficult to imagine places, it is better suitable for rest by all family.

Grindelvald: the cosiness and landscapes

Even to strict Swiss measures these places are considered as one of the most beautiful in the country and in the Alps and are called Jungfrau (Jungfrau). The biggest of resorts of the region - Grindelvald, is located at the height of 1034 meters. It - and one of the most luxurious and elite in Switzerland, it is not casual along with Tsermatt, Sankt - Moritts and Davos it is included into elite club Best of the Alps that speaks about much. Though in Grindelvalda there are not a lot of hotels extra - a class, he offers a set of options of placement in magnificent chalets and apartments. This also very attractive place for gourmets (more than 50 restaurants including noted by stars of the best guides). Also fans will not be disappointed to walk on shops: the main street of the resort is gallery of boutiques of famous brands.

From Grindelvald and Vengen on “a roof of Europe“ (so call Jungfraujoch 3454 meters high top) is conducted by the highest railroad in the world. Though the train ticket costs rather much and does not enter in skipass, it is worth getting on majestic peak and to enjoy the opening panorama. From top the magnificent view on the biggest glacier of Aletch in Europe and fantastically beautiful mountain tops opens. The ski area around Grindelvalda was stretched on both sides of the valley and generally offers blue and red routes, comfortable and very picturesque. Grindelvald is especially convenient for families with children: huge opportunities for not riding, cozy hotels from Spa - the centers and a set of occupations and entertainments for every taste. This resort is very much appreciated by fans of the sledge: around Grindelvald very extended and scenic toboggan tracks of varying complexity settled down. And upward it is possible to climb quickly a ropeway, having avoided tiresome rise uphill. This year besides all opportunities of active recreation Grindelvald offers new service for thrill-seekers. Persons interested can fly by with a speed of 80 km/h of 800 m down on a special attraction - First Flyer. This peculiar, absolutely safe analog of “bungee“ will be pleasant to those who love speed and swept rather away for unusual tests.

Villar: family happiness over Lake Geneva

Idea to put the child or the spouse on skis can become the real headache if it is wrong to choose the resort. Opportunities for neophytes are absolutely in all resorts, just some of them are suitable for the first sortie to mountains better. To drive and not to pay perfectly for driving of children it is possible in Villar and other resorts over Lake Geneva (in Leyzin and Le Diabler): children till 9 years ride free of charge while other resorts often take money for sk - a pass already 4 - summer kids. Besides all these small villages are close from many sights so driving can be combined with shopping in Montreux and Lausanne or a trip to Chateau de Chillon. Villar is over Lake Geneva, in 1,5 h a way from the airport of Geneva and is known that it was chosen for winter vacation by racers of “Formula 1“ and their family. About a quarter of guests of Villar never rode mountain skiing: there it is full of entertainments and in addition. Upward it is possible to rise even with kids: the ancient engine in 20 minutes lifts those who do not want to contact a gondola.

In Villar it is worth not only skiing all family and to admire a view of Mont Blanc and a panorama of Lake Geneva. Surely it is worth glancing on the Christmas market and to buy amusing souvenirs and very tasty lollipops (for adults - oysters and white wine). And then to carry out in the afternoon, riding the sledge on special routes or the highest in Europe to the tobogena. Or to study the star sky, having gone to evening walk on snowshoes.

the new five-stars hotel Chalet Royalp Hotel &Spa (The Leading Small Hotels of the World), the best in the resort, with big Spa - the center, working with products of exclusive cellular cosmetics CellCosmet and CellMen, spacious stylish rooms and several restaurants will open This winter. The hotel is located directly at the route so it is possible to come back home directly on skis. You should not forget about a wide choice of apartments and a chalet for every taste: very conveniently for the big companies and families, they can be reserved directly on the website. Among the best - a complex of apartments La Croix de Javernaz, in 5 minutes from the center of the resort. In the resort - from alpine ski school and hire before purchase of a ska - a pass it is better to reserve all services on the Internet in advance (discounts are guaranteed). Children`s equipment (carriages, carryings, chairs, trays and so forth) it is possible to lease in the resort.


: everything that is necessary

is In the central part of the Canton of Graubunden the cozy resort of Aroz. It is considered one of the most solar in Switzerland and is located at the height of 1800 meters in the valley protected from cold wind. At all seasons of the year this excellent place of family rest with extensive opportunities for sports activities and a relaxation. Fine hotels from SPA - the centers and all necessary for restoration of forces, tennis courts, squash, walking routes and various sports entertainments - all this in Aroz is enough. Romantic walks on the picturesque lake Obersee, good shopping, a wide choice of hotels - Aroza not incidentally is considered the excellent ski resort which is specially adapted for family rest. Every week in the resort there takes place the set of events and entertainments, first of all for families with children (it is free for all vacationers). Aroza traditionally offers many opportunities for rest with children - besides cozy simple routes, these are pools, the equipped playgrounds, special children`s club and many other things. And though the extent of routes over the resort not too big, is quite enough of them for slow family rest.

Councils skilled

In the first departure should not save

on the instructor or alpine ski school: independent attempts to put the child on a ski / snowboard often come to an end in rough quarrel or resistant unwillingness to continue studies. In advance to get a complete set of equipment for the beginner moderately senselessly: all equipment can be taken in hire. The exception is made by alpine skiing and snowboard boots for which careful selection it is better to spend several hours in the hometown. Besides it will allow to avoid a situation when in hire there are no necessary boots (especially if it is about 45 - y the size). And if familiarizing with alpine skiing culture did not work well, you should not look for the return ticket at once. In any ski resort there is a mass of the entertainments which are not connected with skis: snowshoes and snowmobiles, the sledge and dogsleds, flights on paraplanes, a skating rink, fitness - the center, Spa and many other things. Many come in the winter to mountains, just at all to wander on forest paths and to admire landscapes.