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Variety of gesneriyevy. Streptokarpusa of

the Name streptokarpus (Streptocarpus) comes from Greek streptos - “twisted“ and karpos - “fruit“ or “box“ - fruits at these plants when maturing are twisted. Seeds in such twisted box very small and easy, more similar to motes, than on seeds. A sort a plant from South Africa, Madagascar where about 130 natural types of streptokarpus grow, generally in a tropical and subtropical belt, in damp tropical and mixed listvenno - coniferous forests. Historically treats a cape floristic kingdom which gave rise not to one hundred unique krasivotsvetushchy room and garden plants.

Now streptokarpusa gain the increasing popularity among fans of houseplants, it is promoted unpretentiousness in conditions of keeping, by okhotny blossoming and just beauty and a variety of grades.

wants to be told About a variety of grades especially. Today, unlike literally several last years, there is a lot of them, and every year becomes more and more.


Especially allocate some series of selection streptokarpus. The Bristol`s series (selector Ralf Robinson), is allocated with brightness of paints, okhotny blossoming, responsiveness for agrotechnical receptions. Bright representatives and favourite grades of this series are Bristol`s Hot Rod, Bristol`s Hot Lips, Bristol`s Red Typhoon, Bristol`s Tie Dyet, Bristol`s Very Berry and others, various both in a form, and on a coloring. Grades with fantasy coloring (Bristol`s Party Girl, Bristol`s Party Boy, Bristol “s Surprise Party), mesh and speckled (Bristol`s Red Typhoon, Bristol`s Leopard Skin), bright and contrast, terry (Bristol“ s Stormy Skies, Bristol “s Lan Doodoe, Bristol“ s Tie Dyet, Bristol “s Red Lava), with a border.

the Crystal Series (selector Rex Dibli) compactness of the socket, a large amount of colors on a tsvetonosa, at rather medium-sized flowers distinguishes, brightness and contrast of a coloring. These are grades of Crystal Ice, Crystal Wonder, Crystal Beauty, Crystal Blush.

For example, poecilophyllous streptokarpus for the first time grew up by Michael Kartuz from the USA, the State of California. Among the seedlings he found a pestrolistnik, this grade received the name Winter Dreams. Canterbury Surprise was the second, it was received by Margaret Gerr from New Zealand, having irradiated seeds with the x-ray device. From this point selection process began. The first series of poecilophyllous hybrids received the name Iced, the selector of D. Martens (Iced Amethyst Showoff, Iced Ice Baby, Iced Pink Flamingo, Iced Texas Twilight) also was “let out“ about 5 years ago.

Let poecilophyllous streptokarpusa do not blossom plentifully, but exoticism of the socket and contrast of flowers on it impress. Grades of fragrant streptokarpus became result of long work of selectors. For example, King of Kings (villages. Ford), Heaven Scent (villages. Smith). And receiving the first unusual zelenotsvetkovy streptokarpus of Jaco`s Gem.

Everyone for himself chooses

what streptokarpusa, from all variety of grades are pleasant to it more. There are grades tiny (Mighty Mouse), both on foliage, and with medium-sized flowers, and there are among them and just giants, with a size of flower up to 10 cm, or long a leaf to a half a meter. For example grades of Gillian, Moonlit Velvet, Christmas Morning.


Thus, it is clear that selection of streptokarpus becomes more interesting every year. Leading selectors, such as Ralph Robinson, Dale Martens, J. Fords consider that this perspective and fertile occupation. And what we would like to expect from selection soon? It would be desirable new grades with a various pestrolistnost, silnomakhrovy, tiny and semi-tiny, variations with coloring...

have some

about secrets in cultivation of streptokarpus

Most important composing success is an earth mix, humidity and the mode podkormok. Earth mix has to be the most friable, but at the same time nutritious and with the pH level about 7, i.e. close to neutral. Such recipe will approach: 2 parts of peat soil, 1 part of perlite, 1 part of vermiculite, 1 glass of the humous earth, ½ glass of coal, 2nd tablespoon of ashes (or 1 spoon of dolomite powder). It is necessary to land streptokarpusa in superficial capacities, stacking a drainage on a pot bottom.

Humidity around plants is recommended to support

high, but at the same time they do not love frequent hit of water on leaves. Therefore to increase humidity around plants it is the most convenient to place them in pallets with the moistened expanded clay and sand or with a sphagnum. Watering of plants has to be made in process of drying-out of an earth lump. It is necessary to remember that at streptokarpus large leaves, and the need for water at them is more too, than at other plants of family of gesneriyevy. But also another is important: stagnation of water in a pot threatens with a souring of the soil and an otgnivaniye of roots. Therefore observe timely watering and do not fill in the pets.

have some

about podkormka Now. As we grow up streptokarpusa in pots, the soil is quickly exhausted. And for active process of a butonization and blossoming it is required that leaves gathered enough nutrients. Streptokarpusa it is recommended to feed up the balanced mineral fertilizer, but diluting it twice from the specified norm of introduction, approximately times in 2 - 3 weeks.

Well and in the conclusion would like to note those pluses of a plant which attract us:

  • high-quality stability,
  • brightness and a profuseness of blossoming,
  • ease in reproduction and leaving,
  • responsiveness on agrotechnical receptions (change, top dressing and so forth).

of Progress to you and your favourites!