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Secrets of health of the kid from ôstarô mother of

If to give to the child there is a lot of care and love, to monitor his food, choosing for it all the best and environmentally friendly, then the child will grow up healthy, active and happy. All mothers know these common truths and try to follow them.

at the same time everyone has small secrets in this hard, but pleasant business - education of the beloved child. Each mother knows the child best of all and knows that it is necessary for him. But one condition remains invariable for all mothers - to provide to the kid the balanced, healthy diet.


As gives education of the child to parents of creative professions, representatives of show - business in connection with a mad rhythm of life, huge load and the unrationed schedule of the working day? Since the earliest childhood at the child of parents of such professions the good, delicate taste is formed, creative abilities, independence develop. And the irreplaceable assistant is food of HiPP. It helps mother to create the correct diet, without saving on quality. The product range of HiPP will allow to satisfy all needs of the kid and to make for it the tasty healthy, balanced diet from natural, bio - the organic products which are grown up without artificial fertilizers.

Irina Dubtsova , the singer, the author of songs, and, above all, the loving and careful mother, shares the secrets and secrets of motherhood with pleasure.

- Irina that the most important in food of the kid?

- the Most important for the child is a good, healthy nutrition. This question is very important for me, I always very carefully select those products with which I feed the son Artem. Vegetables, fruit which are on sale in shop if it is honest, sometimes cause in me fears. For example, unnaturally huge apples, huge potatoes and carrots look very beautifully, but it is too unnatural. It is unknown where they were grown up what fertilizers used whether there are in them pesticides and radionuclides. Therefore, choosing food for the child, I give preference to baby food of the famous producers who care for the reputation and quality of the production. Buying production of HiPP, I can be sure that any product of this brand environmentally friendly, and not to be afraid that I make a compromise in quality of food of my child.

- As you plan a diet for Artem?

- When Artem was small, in his diet fruit, vegetable purees, squashes, HiPP juice prevailed. Now to it 2,5 years, but still sometimes I indulge him different delicacies from HiPP - juice, tvorozhno - fruit desserts, cookies. I know that pediatricians recommend to feed small children with special baby food, and gradually to pass to adult products by three years.

- Who helps you to bring up the child?

- Till 10 months I sat with Artem. Fortunately, Artem was very lucky with grandfathers and grandmothers. They gave me invaluable help in the first year of his life. Then I began to devote more and more time to work. Therefore now I am helped by both grandmothers, and our remarkable nurse. But I give still each free minute to the son - nothing will replace to him maternal love and attention.

- Who makes the decision than and how to feed Artem? Whether you consult on grandmothers, nurses?

- As it is my first child, experiment on his education at me was a little. I am very glad that people to whom it was always possible to consult were near. But decisions on Artem`s food were made by me - grandmothers in these questions are quite conservative, I watch innovations in the field of baby food. For example, me the concept bio - organic chemistry - when very much attracts vegetables, fruit, cereals grow up on environmentally friendly fields, without use of artificial fertilizers, and animals and birds support in conditions of confidants to a native habitat and feed only them with natural products. For example, the HiPP company adheres more than 50 years to this method. Buying such production, I do not worry for Artem`s health. My son grows in the big city and there is so not enough nature. Natural food is the smallest that I can give it.

- Irina how you consider what is necessary in order that the child grew at happy?

- I always try to play, communicate as much as possible time with the son, to listen and hear it. The child grows happy if since the childhood he is correctly brought up - do not limit it, not strictly forbid something, and explain why it - is possible and it is necessary, and it - is impossible. With the child there has to be a dialogue, it is necessary to feel it - his desires, mood, requirement. Well and, of course, it is very important that the child received all necessary together with food and that food was healthy and correct - it very much influences its development, activity, mood. It is very important not to force the child if he does not want to eat. He knows how many for it it is necessary food for saturation. Listen to the kid, give him all love which you have, and he will grow up the happiest child on light.

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