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“Magic ringlets“. We learn to play with a pyramid of

from the first days of life to the kid buy toys. How to choose suitable and how to play with the baby that it not only gave it joy, but also brought benefit?

the Children`s pyramid - the excellent developing toy which becomes the companion of the kid in the earliest childhood. Assembly of a pyramid, sorting of its rings according to the size or color promotes development of intelligence, improves small motility and coordination of movements of the child.

we Will get acquainted closer...

the Pyramid in the classical option consists of a core and rings strung on it. Diameter of an opening in rings is slightly more than diameter of core that allows to string ringlets freely. The lower end of a core at the basis of a pyramid is supplied with the cap which is not allowing rings to be scattered at assembly. The last link of a pyramid has no through opening and is put on from above a core as a cap.

the Top also does not allow a pyramid to break up to parts and gives designs a complete look.

the Core of a pyramid can have conical shape, and openings in rings - different diameter according to a core form. It is simpler to kid to collect such pyramid as the design of a toy assumes observance of strict sequence of threading of rings: at first it is necessary to put on a ring with a big opening, then with an opening it is less and, at last, with the smallest. It considerably facilitates a task at assembly. But, at the same time, such design has also a shortcoming: at the beginning the child is not able to differentiate the size and strings rings in any order. If the kid begins to collect a pyramid, using at first a ring with an opening of smaller diameter, to it not to put on other rings any more. The child is more senior will learn to collect such pyramid by a trial and error method quickly. For now let mother herself offers the child of a ring in the necessary sequence.

are made by

of the Pyramid of various materials: tree, plastic or fabric.

the Wooden pyramid is considered the most eco-friendly as it is made of natural material.

are made by

of Part of plastic pyramids of soft or more solid plastic, can be hollow inside or integral.

Soft pyramids make

of fabrics of the different textures having a smooth, soft or rough surface. On rings small objects can be sewed: buttons, beads, hand bells, small soft toys. Such heterogeneity of surfaces at palpation and a touch to them develops touch, sensitivity of skin receptors, trains handles and fingers of the baby. All parts of a toy well hold a form thanks to densely filled filler. Rings made of cloth can have a special filler: small plastic granules or grain - for development of small motility.

also pyramids from rubber and inflatable pyramids Meet.

the developing complexes or panels which along with sorters, puzzles, lacings included also a pyramid Exist.

In assembled form the toy can have the form of a cone, a sphere, a type of a turret, a mill, the little man or an animal. The sizes vary too: small pyramids easily find room on a palm, big it is possible to collect only on a floor.

the strung parts can be executed by

Instead of rings in the form of asterisks, triangles, small squares, toys with an opening in the center.

Entertaining training

owing to the age to the kid before half a year to collect and sort a pyramid yet not in power. The baby will learn to sort ringlets by color or the size closer by one and a half years. For now it is possible to use separate parts of a pyramid for the developing games with the child. Initially there are enough 3 - 4 such toys made of different materials.

at the age of about 1 month the kid learns to fix a look on a subject. The visual system of the baby very quickly develops, and his brain obtains more and more information, necessary for creation of ideas of the outside world. Toys with accurate outlines will be necessary for development of sight. Bright multi-colored rings of a pyramid will draw attention of the child. Show it at first within 5 - 6 seconds the biggest ringlet (on large objects to the kid simpler to record a look), then a ringlet less. Stop occupation at once as soon as you notice that the baby was tired or ceased to pay attention to the shown subject. It is here too important to induce the kid the word, the smile, by a tender voice approving intonation.

is closer than

by 2 months when the child is already able to fix a look, we develop the following ability - to look after a moving subject. Show to the baby a bright ringlet, draw its attention to a toy: “Look what I have. What interesting castor!“ Move a ringlet at distance of 40 - 50 cm from eyes to the right - to the left, up - down, on diagonal. Amplitude of your movements has to be about 7 cm. In several days add new to the previous exercises: bring closer a ringlet to a face of the kid (but is not closer than on 20 cm), and then, on the contrary, take away from the face approximately on 1 m. Repeat exercise several times with ringlets, different in color and the size. Words induce the child to look after a subject: “Look where the ringlet slides!“

the baby will learn to Sort ringlets by color or the size closer by one and a half years.

At first the kid will be simple to be watched toys, closer by 3 months will begin to reach for them, trying to grab. A bit later he will try to bring them closer, to remove far away, training muscles of eyes that it is equally good to see the objects which are on different removal.

Touching with

toys, the child learns to hold objects, investigates possibilities of the hands and develops their sensitivity - that is why so important that the first toys of the kid were different in the size and the invoice.

Attach to sides of a bed or a carriage a string with the ringlets strung on it from a pyramid of different flowers, the sizes and textures. The baby the chaotic movements will incidentally encounter ringlets, then will try to seize them, to hold, pull to itself, to feel.

Mastering the feeling movements of a hand plays a large role in development of informative processes, tactile sensitivity, difficult coordination of actions. By 4 months the child seizes this ability - surely is enough a toy, feels it fingers.

to Help it to improve these skills it is possible, offering the ringlets of the small size convenient for capture. You can tie a string to a ring and, having enclosed a ring in the handle of the kid, it is easy to pull for it. The child, straining muscles of hands and fingers, will hold a ringlet, will try to attract it to itself.

Thanks to similarity of ringlets with steering-wheels and bagels can dramatize poteshka - humourous catchphrases:

a spozaranok
was Bought Early in the morning by a ram of steering-wheels
(we show small ringlets),
A then on rublik
Bought also bagels
(we show ringlets more).
Are good steering-wheels - bagels!
Ah, not for nothing paid rublik!
(we give to the kid all ringlets)
Ouch, chi - chi, chi - chi, chi - chi!
hares Baked kalatches
(we show 2 - 3 large rings and we give them to the kid).
Ah, are ruddy, hot!
Arrived rooks here,
Seized kalatches,
Left, having sat down on sanochka, - We got
only baranochka
(we offer ringlets less).

Of course, the kid does not understand the maintenance of rhymes yet, but he listens to them with pleasure. The baby is bewitched by your voice, very much it are pleasant to it your slow, rhythmic the organized speech. Besides, over time the kid will begin to repeat after you some sounds, and these active trainings prepare his organs of articulation for pronouncing the first words.


at the age of about 5 months improve the movements of the child - the general motility. Induce the baby to reach toys, to try to creep towards them. It is possible to collect a pyramid thus: previously having spread out rings on different removal from the kid, ask it to get one ringlet and put on it a core. Then the baby reaches other ring etc. until the pyramid is collected. Along with development of muscles, skills of crawling we help the child to seize more exact and adjustable actions, and also ability to make actions (to get a ring) at the request of the adult. At the same time he learns to be guided in space, to define distance to a toy.

the Following game develops ability of the child to take ringlets, to feel them the left hand, right, to shift from one hand in another. In a small pan or a box we put small ringlets from different pyramids: plastic, made of cloth and wooden. Let the kid take out ringlets, feels them, pulls in a mouth, scatters around. Ringlets of different structure and degree of hardness will give to the kid new tactile feelings.

Can put on small ringlets a tape and to tie it. Counting such beads, the kid trains fingers, improves small motility - it is important for intellectual development and the subsequent mastering the speech.

at the age of about 6 months the child seizes subject actions: masters possible ways of actions with different objects, learns to manipulate them and to trace result of the actions.

Can begin to acquaint the kid with classical game - collecting of a pyramid. Of course, motility and coordination of movements of the baby are still insufficiently developed quickly to seize actions of threading of ringlets on a core. But already now you can show it how to collect a pyramid, and to help to seize this ability.

For a start show

to the child as it becomes, accompanying the actions with the verbal instruction:“ Look, I take a green ringlet and I put on it this stick, then I take a red ringlet and again I put on it. You want, we will try together?“ Suggest the baby to take a ringlet. Then take the child`s handle in the and help it to put on a ringlet a core.

It is possible, process of collecting of a pyramid will carry away the kid. If is not present - offer it other entertainment: collect a pyramid (without putting on a cap) and, having turned it, observe with the kid as ringlets will be scattered in different directions: “Oh - baa! Our pyramid was scattered!“ For certain, it will cause delight in the baby - he will take ringlets and to scatter them. Or will try to remove rings from a core of the pyramid collected without top.

Can build towers of pyramid rings: on a big ringlet to put smaller etc., without putting on them a core. The kid with pleasure will destroy these constructions. Do not abuse it for such actions, do not reproach: “I built - built, and you broke everything!“ At this age the child studies properties of objects, making with them the destroying actions: throws, bites, gnaws, breaks off, pushes. Very soon process of creation of various designs: assembly of a pyramid, forming of towers from cubes - will carry away the baby more and more.

by Training of the kid in assembly of a pyramid will be is more effective if to comment on the actions, using a poetic form. We begin to collect a pyramid with words:

On the river - canes.
of Rasplyasalis there ruffs:
the Circle - is more senior
(we put on the biggest ringlet),
the Circle - is younger (we put on a ringlet less),
the Circle - absolutely kids (the smallest ring)!

in the course of such game actively develops visually - effective, logical thinking and memory: the kid watches sequence of actions of the adult and makes attempts to repeat them independently. Do not forget to praise the baby when he manages to put on a ring, to encourage him at failure.

What pyramid to choose


the First pyramid for assembly should not contain more than 3 - 4 rings, the attention and assiduity of the kid are short-term, to it still difficult long and laboriously to carry out such sequence of actions.

If your purpose - to play with the child, using parts of a pyramid, then what will be rings more - the most various on color, to the size and texture, - that is more interesting to play to the baby.


Choosing a pyramid, examine attentively a surface of all details: whether there are no agnails, keen edges or other damages whether parts of a toy are evenly painted, whether fine details - additions are strongly attached (balls, beads). The wooden toy has to be well ground that the kid did not get a splinter into a hand. All parts of soft pyramids have to be strongly sewed, evenly filled by a filler.

Consider the toy sizes. For safety do not buy a pyramid of the small sizes with fine details which the child can swallow. Besides, it is not really convenient to collect small pyramids because coordination of children`s handles is still far from perfect and the first failures can fight desire to be engaged with this toy off the kid. It is difficult for baby to hold too big rings in handles and to move.


Choose a pyramid with a wide thick core that the kid did not put them to himself a trauma: did not stick into an eye, did not thrust far into a mouth.

such toy does not demand

of Special leaving. It is enough to wash up of it water with soap before the first application, and then to arrange “clear-out“: to wipe dust, to wash. Soft pyramids can be erased in the washing machine from time to time or to collect dust by the vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle.

it is better for p to Store pyramids in assembled form on a shelf or in a case in a nursery. It is possible to collect a toy after classes together with the kid in a game form.

in process of growth and development of the baby complicate game with a pyramid: you teach it to distinguish colors, to sort rings by the size: from bigger to smaller and back to consider their quantity etc. Turn studying of world around into informative game and provide to the child a freedom of action.