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Early development - whether it is fiction?

of Article can be written very seriously. But education of children is happiness and pleasure, and it is ridiculous to write about happy minutes with seriously squeezed jaws. Especially as I financially do not depend on these magic letters “RR“ and therefore I am able to afford luxury to be objective. My books on early development at the level of the country are not too demanded, and in our latitudes it is still impossible to earn by them a living. I write about it that my point of view was more clear to one captious reader.

But I in general think that any article needs to be written frankly and honestly. And would give a lot of things, reading frank articles of the leading teachers of the planet! But usually, except the varnished articles about improbable progress of this or that system from anybody to wait for nothing. The truth I heard that doctor Spock recognized all the ideas which decades there lived America, wrong (and for parents he was the main and final authority). But all - most often all articles of the American teachers remind me advertizing of a TV shop where exercise machines on which of cellulitis and excess weight it is possible to get rid for the rest of life in three days are on sale. Whether also “early development“ too only so is well untwisted brand?

Ya I try to consider a problem not from the observer`s position, and from within as the parent armed with this or that theory which at this moment is considered progressive or is “very famous“. And I, probably, am ideally suited for the answer to this question because I have many children and a lot of grandsons, such quantity that it needs to be hidden already, or to dream that I will be photographed against mountains in a papakha with five rows of my descendants as respectable aksakal.

Between my most senior and youngest child the abyss in the whole thirty years lies, but I opened the real Timely Development for myself and my younger children only 12,5 years ago. At the same time I always with pleasure was engaged with all the children, thought out the personal home systems. And now I can compare the aimed RR when you work with the child, understanding that it is necessary to hurry, and on other cup of scales just active life with small children when you devote them a lot of time, but “heels do not burn“. That is, you do not wait that in 3 years, and then in 7,5 years there is a moment of switching off and efficiency of perception will decrease in tens of times. And this position to which I can compare allows me to tell that the main ideas of Glenn Doman as they shook me 12, 5 years ago, so all these years (every day and each hour) did not allow me to doubt correctness of these provisions. I will try to list them, but at first I share the main conclusion: any early development I personally did not face. And the term it not only wrong, but also harmful because it allows most of parents to be engaged in nothing with children, or to most of fathers not to pay any attention to children about one year (allegedly, this “petticoat government“). And there is either a timely development, or late development when neglect interests of the child. And this timely development which we got used to call RR is and there is the only full development in which fathers and mothers have to be engaged. And if fathers are not engaged, then it is not really clear why they then participated in such hard and responsible business as production on this world of the child. That is rather it is clear why they participated, but it is unclear why it to a wedding was unclear to their future darlings, (which want now early development which actually is not early).

A now the main provisions RR which, probably, belong to firm laws of the nature.

I Think that all the rest belongs only to particulars, only to different footpaths on which it is possible to get on the only top. But the main watershed lies between “to be engaged“ or “not to be engaged“. Business almost always not in a concrete technique. Though there are direct ways of achievement of the purpose, and there are obviously bypass roads, but it is possible to reach the right place and on them. And particulars depend on time: probably, in savage tribes which are described by Danijel Defoe something was considered as early development for us absolutely unacceptable. But also for thirty and furthermore in hundred years of a technique of development of children have to change too. I want to tell what systems on which develop children is a business already absolutely secondary. And here at once the name of Doman who is a key figure emerges again, and why RR begin to be engaged, and why almost all parents disappointedly give up these occupations.

to Most of the European parents enthusiastic tone of Doman, his American aiming at improbable success, at education of Nobel laureates and geniuses, usually not really approach. To live, devoting itself only to development of the child, it is possible only in the conditions of transatlantic cloudless abundance, to the European woman it is difficult. But at me does not raise doubts that Doman in the main issues of the rights: and to begin to creep it is necessary already in the rodzal and to learn to read it is possible since the same moment when you learn to talk, and physical development, undoubtedly, influences development intellectual and so on. But all Doman writes about, can be done between times, easier, more quietly, and at the same time it is not less effective.

Me it seems to

that Doman in spite of the fact that he will be 100 years old soon, kept children`s American illusions. He considers that parents can not understand something, and to them it is possible to reach and force them correctly to treat children. I, am opposite sure that education of children belongs to sacral things which not to explain is my sad vital conclusion! Here so all men consider that they are very big experts in questions of sex, and all women are sure that they know how it is necessary to treat their child! Both usually it appears some illusion, but to convince nobody of it, and export of revolution is impossible. Doman uses a belief method. But I think that it is impossible to explain even to the own adult daughter or the adult son that their child has to read or creep. Unfortunately, not to explain it and to the husband therefore it is better to find out questions of the common family denominators in advance. Because at obvious aiming of one of parents at development of the child and obvious counteraction of its “half“ on the road of your relations the mine of the slowed-down action is buried, and sooner or later she, alas, will explode. Among objections against the aimed development of the child appeals “usually sound not to deprive of the child of the childhood“, “the picture oil“ is result of it today: the whole city classes which know nothing sit and are able nothing. It is difficult to hope that at rural schools the situation is better too because the nature and rural work cannot move poverty, the absence of culture, books and familiar troubles inherent in our village decorated with the Order of the Red Banner. The appeal “comes to an end only with the constant TV and computer “shooter games“ giving to the child freedom“. And the confidence is that “never late“, is false and when parents bethink and try to change something, it turns out that “train“ generally left, and in 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 class to force to be engaged it is necessary by force, it does not give profound knowledge, and to study discourages for life.

we, actually, try to obtain

of What, developing the child? This already very personal territory which, probably, also defines subject sacrality. As for me, I would like that it was interesting to my children to live that they were healthy and happy. I want that they kept an opportunity to be engaged in life in what will be able to interest them including creative things (music, poetry, the movement) that they preferred amateur sport, but not viewing of sports broadcasts that they well were guided in the world in which they had to live. I before myself never put tasks to grow up the genius, the billionaire, the Olympic champion or the president of Kyrgyzstan. And just full-fledged physical health costs in my tasks on one of the first places.

Here I have to remind

to you what the main cavil to system Nikitinykh about which I read tens of times since sixtieth years of the last century, was not that nikitinsky children ran on snow barefoot, and here “why!?“ vigorous journalists wrote, children after these jogs not of steel it is universal the member - Carrhae or geniuses. And here I with all responsibility have to tell that achievements in the academic sciences and run barefoot on snow are not really connected. And healthy good people of Nikitina also received. And I try to obtain the same.

the Main result which I feel, seeing many children of RR, is for me that it is very interesting original people. You feel both their wealth, and human beauty, and full value. And all children of whom took care much in the first years of life, in any case, those 200 children whom I saw, significantly differ from generation in the goodwill and just kindness. About same Doman writes. Why it occurs, I do not know. At each of these children at desire, most likely, it would be possible to develop outstanding abilities. But only if specially to set such task, and usually European parents do not put it. I am personally attracted only by a harmony of the personality that I also see a main goal of timely development of the child. But RR does not solve all problems on light, and it is not a magic wand, and I often am not ready to answer a question, “why he is not a genius though started talking in a year, and in year and month read the first word“ or why the girl began to creep in a month or in maternity hospital, and the champion of Europe in gymnastics did not become why there come 12 years, and at the boy character or why one boy hesitates of girls begins to be corrupted, and all - reads another a little and he wants to play idiotic games on “computer“. Perhaps, because there are problems of a century, a problem of parents, problems of puberty, a problem of sports psychology. But even these problems at the child who is self-assured, clever, mobile are solved much easier.

A as the base of this ease is under construction? I give an example. I very badly understand music, alas, there is nothing to be proud here. But the minimum ingenuity has enough to understand, say, in what a secret of musical advancement of little violinists. Which “are forced“ to work in 4 - 5 years both the left and right hand, and unlike a grand piano, the sound depends not on the tool, and on your personal motility! That is, the accuracy of motility is controlled by hearing, two hands work, and both hemispheres, and as a result - improbable effect which remains with you for life are cross occupied. That`s all about early development, there is nothing it is impossible to add to five of these lines. Only examples can be different - not a violin, but a soccerball, or chess figures. Probably, the violin, than a soccerball, but, in - the first is better at whom what turned out, and, in - the second, the motto “I will not force the child“ most often does not work. Though, of course, it is the best of all to teach everything in game and to force less. But the motto “I do not want to force or do through crying“ really leads to the fact that you follow the tastes of the child and do not do anything at all. Among little violinists in the first years is engaged voluntarily and with the real desire of exactly 1%. All this is monotonous work. And driving on ice of the figure skater is monotonous work too. And viewing of cards with words is monotonous work too, though very short. It is impossible to turn occupations into continuous game. But if not to force to make this short work at all, then we are doomed to life in the world without violinists and without figure skaters. And without readers.