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Rest in Yalta (on June 3 - 23, 2001)

What was at the beginning? The Yalta apartment of friends, the good company which was free - my friend with the fourteen-year-old son, my six-year-old daughter and I. “You go to have a rest the savage?“ - the little girl of Andrey Mironov asked in the old movie. “No, free person!“ - it is proud he answered. But in order that rest of the “free people“ burdened with children became quiet and joyful, good preliminary preparation, first of all - information is necessary. Glory, glory to the Internet! Glory “7e. ru“ and to all who wrote about rest in the Crimea there! (these are not verses yet, verses will be farther). With ourselves to Yalta we occupied the solid archive which is unpacked on the Internet. We knew where the trolleybus from Simferopol to Yalta at what stop the aunty with hot pies (the most interesting that it will come into it stops and the truth entered!) how many that costs where it is the best of all to bathe and on what excursions it is worth recovering with children. I would tell about all this in more detail, but the volume of article is limited by 5 000 signs, and therefore I pass to cable style.

do not have


there is no

In present Yalta and coastal towns and settlements problems neither with housing, nor with transport, nor with food, nor with drugs, nor with essentials, nor with excursions, nor with entertainments (from attractions to night clubs). On all listed categories the offer advances demand and vacationers have a possibility of the choice: to eat in cafe or to prepare houses, to go by excursion from ekskursbyuro or to watch sights independently.

What can be better than bad weather?

We arrived to Yalta on June 3 and got in some unknown for these places “a rainy season and a cool“. In several days rains stopped, became warm, but by sea there passed some mean “nizovka“ (a current such) and water temperature went down degrees so to 10. But we apprehended similar surprises as a godsend and an opportunity to examine numerous beauty, architectural and historical pearls of the Crimea. It was unforgettable! We traveled everywhere independently, izlazit the Southern coast up and down and stocked up with impressions for the whole year. All in plenty swam in the sea when it became warmer (the last week from three). And here the daughter washing warming did not begin to wait and “was successfully daily dipped“ into holodnyushchy water, and never for all rest neither having sneezed and nor having coughed (hi to invariable Moscow coughs and cold!)

Small troubles

Cockroaches in the Yalta apartment. City beach: the payment for its visit is raised well, and here cleaned - not really.“ Captivity“ in a compartment of the train on the way back: cars old, all jingles, and the door is closed, but does not open. Cockroaches were poisoned, the door in a compartment was repaired, dirt on the beach had to be suffered.

the brightest impressions

People whom we met. The unruly seven-year-old visionary Stepka from the unknown city of Muravlenko. Girlfriends of my daughter on ice bathings from Norilsk and Donetsk. Wonderful guides and benevolent sellers, obliging (in the best sense of the word) employees of cafe. And just inhabitants of the Crimea - big and small, with pleasure helping us to feel like welcome and favourite guests.

Ai - Petri: clouds there, far below, rocks, the footpath conducting on an edge of steep, herds of horses on a stony plateau.

Wuchang - SU: falls and extreme ascension to it on a ladder with the fallen-off steps.

Koreiz: the palace of princes Yusupov - the former state dacha and the former hotel - the VIP, nowadays transferred Administration of the President of Ukraine where we got thanks to own persistence and, probably, all - to a miracle.

Small mistakes which led to big adventures.

Once we were mistaken with weather and got to Alupka on the way to the Vorontsov Palace under such heavy rain that all were dripping wet in a literal sense. At times I was mistaken with distances and as a result we walked instead of two kilometers so 7 - 8 from the Massandrovsky palace to the Nikitsky botanical garden. And still we by mistake flew by over a nest - not a cuckoo, however, and “Swallows“, without having noticed descent to it pass - to the lock from the Imperial track.

the Verses written on a napkin in the train “Simferopol - Moscow“

These verses we wrote to

everything together, on the way back. Not to be accused of plagiarism, I list authors: Polina and Tatyana Popov, Marina and Alexander Medvedev.

of the Life risking

We leave Yalta
In high melancholy,
Life was fine,
As dew on a flower there.

There, on Ai Petri of foggy
Clambered we in height,
Floated by the blue sea, watching
of Beauty in depth.

We climbed on Wuchang - SU,
the Long track of Imperial
Went we in the pine wood.

Alupka! Cruel
We underwent your heavy rain not for nothing.
Alupka! To death from now on of
We will not forget you!

From Massandra on foot tramped
To the biggest Nikita,
I in Koreiz walked,
Picking fruits and flowers.

of Livadiya met us
the Magnificent palace at water,
was the sea Around, and mountains,
I it is so much live beauty!
Still cucumbers we salted

, Sbirali`s
in mountains a cherry plum.
I should be noted especially:
was not necessary to see a doctor.

We rushed quicker than Poseidon
To the Nest that costs on the rock,
Then from Miskhor`s
K mermaid darling rushed we to a yayla.

a ropeway safely of
We soared up to the hill Darsan,
I cries of the scared maiden
All way quietly echoed us.

Aspired we to grottoes of Gurzuf
I of crabs caught in stones,
I of Chekhov spirit, but not a body,
Met us in two different houses. Live Yaga frightened us by

But us you will frighten off Yagoy?
how we swam in the sea, We to you will sing
the day after tomorrow.

We dream to arrive sometime to Yalta again, to see places familiar, to visit there where we did not happen to get this summer. But it is years so through two - three - four. And next summer we dream to go where - nibud to Spain or Greece. Or in cruise across Lena and Ledovity ocean. Or... However, we make the choice. As my daughter - says that to us travel: let`s throw backpacks for a back, and forward! And not to be mistaken with a route, we will read before it responses on the Internet and ““:

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