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Happiness in my hands of

K to someone understanding of the motherhood comes long before the birth of the kid, much - to time when the baby is spread on a tummy after the delivery. For me this moment was that instant when two small mouths began to suck strenuously my breast on both sides. I felt pleasure, incomparable with anything on light, and my heart was filled with such love that it seemed - choke with happiness … And to happiness to it there would be no end if not one “but“: in my breast there was no milk. Why so it happened, nobody could explain to me. Doctors connected it with hormonal failure (a pier, polycarpous pregnancy is a stress for mother`s organism), “optimistically“ declared that I will have no milk any more, and advised “to reconcile“ and master science of artificial feeding. But unless it was possible to deprive of the krovinok of the most valuable product, vital for their physical and mental health and even not to try to change something?

All my pregnancy was a peculiar fight against circumstances. Since that moment when it became known (on the first screening) that in a tummy at me not one, but two kids, on me fell down medical diagnoses: at first to me diagnosed ITsN (istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency) and declared that if not to impose seams on a uterus neck, then I do not inform of pregnancy and till 24 weeks. Having consulted with experts from different regions of Ukraine and having made all necessary tests, our family cancelled all planned trips (including at the sea), and I lay down in horizontal position till these most ill-fated 24 weeks (if it was necessary where - nibud to leave, then tried to do it without haste, is quiet and careful).

After critical term passed, doctors told me a new horror story - polycarpous pregnancy, as a rule, is not worn to buttock prelying therefore, most likely, it is necessary to kesarit me somewhere on 36 - 38 week put a line, besides, at one of kids. In reply I declared that everything will be excellent, and I will give birth itself in 40 weeks. Without listening to any threats, we with the husband said every day to the kids that they have to lay down as it is necessary and not to hurry before term, and children obeyed. We did not justify forecasts of doctors again. Ours synulya and the daughter were born in the put time. And though childbirth lasted 15 hours, I gave rise without uniform gap and this with the fact that peanuts were on 3 kg everyone.

When it became clear to

that I have no milk, we decided not to accept situation again. To remember how we fought for a lactation now easier, than it was to worry. Constantly I ate greedily all products promoting a lactation. Every day for several weeks at first in chamber of maternity hospital, then home to me the doctor came and filtered a breast. Pain was infernal, even in labor I did not test anything similar. And if not my family who supported me and helped with kids while procedures lasted I would hardly sustain. Originally there was a colostrum, such dense that it did not flow down, and slipped on a small bottle wall as wood pitch, milk went later (at first 10 ml, and are more then). And if in the first days of life our children received only mix, then in a month the basis of their diet was made by a mother`s milk. But on it our adventures did not end.

In three months kids began to refuse a breast. It was necessary to decant milk by means of a milk pump and to give it to children in small bottles. When kids were 7 months old, I got sick with bronchitis, and from - for high temperature milk partially “fused“, but even then I did not refuse decantation.

Now to us 9 months and a milk still is. Let there is not a lot of it, but if we have a cold or cough, then a mother`s milk - the best means which quickly puts kids on legs.

Yes, our ways to breastfeeding were a little thorny, but I am sure that game cost candles. Those minutes when both kids cling to my breast to eat, were the most pacified in my life. And even when I decant a breast, I am overflowed by happiness from thought that together with milk the part passes me to my children, my love and heat! I hope, to those mummies who are already ready to lower hands, my experience will help to find forces to fight for the dairy rivers for the kids! I wish all health and good luck of motherhood!