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Story about pregnancy and childbirth. Part 1

arrived To Iceland I on May 11, 2007. As always in the life, I risked and did not regret. Exactly in a year this day, on May 11, but 2008, I will already christen my daughter together with my beloved husband Hyalli...

on June 1, 2007. Everything was so beautiful as I always dreamed. I remember that in the end I was already very tired and wanted to go to hotel somewhat quicker. Hour in 22 we, at last, could ask for leave with Hyalli at guests (at restaurant still there were all our friends) and to go to hotel. The hotel was in only 2 - x minutes of walking from restaurant therefore it was decided to walk there. The small rain dripped. Hyalli handed me an umbrella - huge such, it is more than me. On my legs flaunted mother`s slaps, the shoes to me it was necessary to take off since legs very much were tired. Chtobyya did not freeze, Hyalli threw me with the jacket. From a jacket my white long wedding dress was seen. Here in such look I also went down the street to hotel together with my favourite Hyalli. All people looked back at us, it was the downtown. Passersby wished us good luck, smiled, winked... At heart it was joyful and solar, and in heart and in thoughts there was some nervousness pleasant, a presentiment that very soon in life there will be changes about which we do not know yet...

Having come to hotel, we joked with Hyalli that here will be amusing if in wedding night we become pregnant (the word “we“ is not casual, since with the husband we as a unit). Then we did not know yet that words will be prophetical...

In several days after a wedding I felt headaches and some indisposition. I remember that we with mother everything joked that my headaches are, perhaps, pregnancy.


In 2 weeks after a wedding, at night, at me lifted high temperature. I could not even sleep, left a bedroom on a sofa and drank febrifugal. It was the last medicine taken by me in a year. All night long I did not sleep and was upset, and was perplexed how I managed to ache. But in the morning cold by itself left in the most wonderful way. And then I became already sure that all this signs of my pregnancy...

I do not know

as, but at some intuitive level I felt that in me new life arises. Though earlier in life I had temperature, but this time I understood that it is not cold, and pregnancy.

B one of evenings, on June 22, we with Hyalli were together houses. I remember that watched the movie “Stupid and Still Growing Dull“, and can do it was “Lord of the Rings“, definitely do not remember, but one or the other. And again me a little somehow felt sick, the head hurt. And I told Hyalli that I so feel generally in the evenings and still I often wanted in a toilet “on - small“. We as always bandied possible pregnancy. But till my “Women`s Days“ there was nearly a week more... And here Hyalli suggested to buy the test for pregnancy. I hardly could present what is it and “with what it is eaten“ since never in life bought earlier and did not do tests. And I thought that time already later time, the drugstore - is closed for certain. But Hyalli told that it is open 24 hours a day, and we went behind the test. I for some reason felt shy and remained to wait in the car. And Hyalli went one to buy and at the same time to consult to druggists about my signs.

bought Hyalli`s

two tests just in case at once, and we went in impatience home. Houses began to read the summary to use of tests. There it was told that they should be done in the morning, and it is desirable after “Women`s Days“ did not come to the put time. We could not execute any of these conditions since till the morning just could not stay for nervousness, and “Women`s Days“ had to begin only in five days. And therefore, despite instructions, we started the test. It was necessary to wait a couple of minutes before on the test would appear or not the second strip speaking about pregnancy existence. We put the test for a computer table and waited. We so worried. I remember, Hyalli said to me that if I even am not a pregnant woman that I was only not upset. And I was for some reason sure that I am pregnant.

In half-minutes there was a red distinct strip. And then the second began to be shown. But it such was hardly - hardly noticeable. I all rubbed eyes and asked Hyalli whether the second strip seems to me. Hyalli told that it seems the second strip indeed is. So, I am pregnant! Hurrah! We so both got agitated... Was already late, and we went to sleep. Hyalli fell asleep, and I could not fall asleep... also did not sleep all night long.

First of all that I made the next morning - it is the repeated test. And it showed 2 stripes too! I was in the seventh heaven. There was Saturday this afternoon and, of course, all hospitals did not work this day. And I so wanted. The doctor could accept me only on Thursday since he had everything already under record. Here and we had to wait for some more days. And that means to wait for the young girl who the first time is pregnant and so wants to hear about it from the doctor... I will be understood only those who were in my situation. These seemed several days me eternity... But after all I waited!

28. 06. 07. At last we with the husband got on a long-awaited appointment. We defined estimated date of childbirth - on March 4 (and pregnancy I at that time had 4 weeks)!

All receptions at my doctor were on Thursdays. Such I had a “chetvergovy“ pregnancy! And all because on Thursday I had a round date on weeks of pregnancy (for example, 12 weeks, 13 weeks... 38 weeks etc.) . I had a doctor the real magician, it is a little such kind and open people on the earth. From first minute as I came into an office, I settled down to it. Visits to clinic of steel for me pleasant to time, and I always looked forward to the next meeting.

is present

In Iceland no gynecologic chairs, you during pregnancy at all are never watched on a chair if there are no threats! Of course, if there were abortions earlier, then you will be watched. I.e. the first time looked at me only on childbirth! For me first it was wild, and I wanted all the time that looked at me on a chair, but then I was even glad that I should not climb there all the time. And I never had threats. And still the medicine in Iceland differs in the fact that here pregnant women are never frightened. And, on the contrary, always encourage even if analyses bad.

in general have not enough

of Mortality of babies on childbirth in Iceland. It means that the system works.

Pregnancy washing

proceeded quite hard if to look for my part (since for doctors it was super - pregnancy according to analyses, pressure, an increase in weight etc.) and I “had all set of troubles“ which can meet for pregnancy.

  1. (it began on our honeymoon trip on the island Tenerif, on 3 - y day of stay there. I had 6 weeks of pregnancy then. Therefore all holiday we lay in a hotel room, without coming even to the pool or to a dinner. As a result because of constant vomiting and dehydration of an organism after we arrived to Iceland, we went to “ambulance“ to do me droppers since from weakness and dehydration I already could not even speak, go not that. All next months till October I felt sick 24 hours in knocks also tore 10 times in a day.

    Escaped I from toxicosis a salty cracker, cowberry and sweet cherry (another is could not). And still did itself broth of a ginger root (you put for 10 minutes a root in water and then you drink this broth). Helped a little, but of course not 100%. And still tried to walk, breathe more fresh air and helped to take heat baths - it too.

    Ended toxicosis on October 3, 2008 when I had 18 weeks of pregnancy. Of course I strongly grew thin then.

  2. On a face I had very strong allergic reaction. It was red - red. Then all this turned into a crust. Then the crust disappeared, and the redness was started over again. Moreover besides redness there was a tumor. And all this scratched and temperaturit, it was very sick. Sometimes eyes swelled up so that was not to recognize me. I looked, frankly speaking, not really. And so I suffered very long, so far, month on the seventh pregnancy, ointment which helped me did not open for itself. And the sauna still very much helped.

  3. U me in the last trimester of pregnancy was heartburn which haunted me. Often I did not even know what to do since. the stomach “was just broken off“ with unpleasant feeling inside.

    Had to be fried many times in day sunflower seeds which helped (by the way, before pregnancy sunflower seeds fried were my favourite delicacy, and now I cannot look at them - so I them ate too much!) .

  4. Also in the last trimester from me took away legs. They so strongly pulled in the evenings, I from - for it could not fall asleep. There were not enough vitamins B an organism.

  5. Was sleeplessness. Did not sleep till 6 - 7 in the morning. And then in the afternoon slept a little. And then did not sleep again. When Hyalli was awake, I slept and when he slept, I did not sleep. It was awful, but I could do nothing with myself.

  6. Terrible headaches tormented with
  7. me all 9 months! Probably, it was the most awful for all pregnancy. Without cold bandage on the head I also do not remember myself. I carried it always - and at home, and in the car, and even on a visit. Since without compress I could not think of anything at all, the head broke up, I from pain went just crazy. Besides the sauna and heat baths helped.

  8. Ya could not transfer a heat at all. Houses all winter temperature was +15 - 16 degrees (when before pregnancy even in the summer it was our +20). When went in the car, I did not allow Hyalli to include heating, and it, poor, went so once to the North 3 hours at subzero temperature. Hyalli went in a jacket, and I in one thin T-shirt. So to me was hot. And if included heat, then at once very strongly felt sick me, and I could not think.

  9. was Very difficult to go in the car, and I always had with myself a bag on a case if me pulls out (that happened almost always).

  10. Ya could not go to a hairdressing salon since any smells irritated me. Especially first 4 months. I even could not go to shop, everything terribly there smelled. I could not prepare. It could not be smothered, could not wash with soap etc.: any smells caused in me attacks of the most severe nausea. And when on 9 - ohm month I after all went to a hairdressing salon since. wanted to look good on childbirth, any paint could not take my hair! Here such hormones were!

But, of course, were also pluses in my pregnancy. For example, I had no extensions and the stomach was very beautiful (even compliments in the pool did to me). I had no hypostases. I had good hair and nails. I did not grow stout almost, only on 10 kg recovered (and it including waters which at me was much why the stomach was just huge by the end). In the first 5 months the stomach was not at all, and people on the street did not even know that I am the pregnant woman. All my analyses on blood and protein in urine, pressure, and in general all indicators, including the daughter, were just excellent.

A still all pregnancy, despite toxicosis, headaches and a huge stomach, I rushed, ran and jumped, washed the floors in a naklonka, climbed on chairs, itself painted rooms and did repair, became tempered in the pool and went on snow, took driving test, went to school of language, did myself residence permit, attended courses for pregnant women, went to parties, danced, flew by plane on Tenerif (flight in one party of 6,5 hours!) and to Belgium - generally, led active lifestyle.

From the very beginning I had a feeling that we expect the sonny... I not just like that thought, I was sure for 100%... I even did not assume any other options and managed to be bought by several suits of blue flowers for the boy. I dreamed dreams as I give birth to the boy and all relatives said that on signs at us the boy (the stomach behind was not visible, I did not change countenance, I did not want sweets etc.) .

For all pregnancy on ultrasonography I was only 2 times - in 12 and 20 weeks. In 12 weeks we were not told who we will have, and I so wanted to know (to the husband there was all the same who will be born if only healthy).

On ultrasonography in 20 weeks we told at once that we agree to know a sex of the child... The ultrasonographer drove the sensor long and told:“ It seems that you have a girl“... I very much was upset, it seemed to me that the ultrasonographer was mistaken, I have a boy there, but not the girl... And my husband all tried to encourage me (well I why I since the childhood had a dream to have three sons as in the fairy tale do not know)... But I all the same could not believe that we will have a daughter, and persuaded the husband to descend also on 3 - x measured ultrasonography that there I was told that other ultrasonographer was mistaken, and we have a boy...

In 26 weeks we went on 3 - x measured ultrasonography. It was unforgettable, we saw a face of our angel, saw how she yawns and stretches. To us made a photo and the movie. And there already for 100% promised us the girl. two me it was required by

of Day to p to realize that I am future mother of the girl, but not the boy. And then already it seemed to me that I always wanted the girl. And after I gave rise, I understood that all the same what gender of the kid and that all this there were my nonsenses - to want the kid of some defined sex. I even wanted that also the second was a girl and even the third. The girl - same mother`s pride!

on February 28 to us to Iceland there arrived my mother and the brother.

on February 29, we with mother took an opportunity when we Hyalli and the car of the house, and were going to go to the pool. As we were well bought, naparitsya, nafotkatsya there. I ran with the camera as clockwork everywhere, “clicked“ the brother and mother. They still everything with Hyalli laughed over me that I with such stomach on cards crept that a shot good to receive. After the pool we began to be going to celebrate my birthday in restaurant. In general, on February 29 for me - special date of which I was careful. I madly did not want to give rise this day that the daughter had a birthday once in four years. Therefore, of course, I listened to myself though I could not limit excessive activity of movements nevertheless. Well all was not sat to me in place also here. And even on February 29 did not stop me.

went to restaurant to celebrate my birthday in the Evening (I had it on February 27, and 24 years were executed to me). We went to 23 o`clock in the evening home. And again we with Hyalli noted that our baby such the good fellow, did not want to be born on February 29.

on March 3, 2008. This day we again with mother and the brother were going to the pool. I carried them by car, mother still worried that suddenly childbirth at me will begin on the road, and I will not be able to operate. But I calmed her the fact that childbirth - that, maybe, and will begin, but pain - that comes not at once, and to the house I will manage to reach. We went to the distant pool, my darling. There it was so good, on the street the sun shone, and there was no wind. We were bought and naparitsya. When we sat in a sauna, suddenly it seemed to me that from me water poured down. I told mother about it. Mother, of course, became agitated at once and told that it is better for us to go home, suddenly childbirth began. And we went. All road I listened to myself, but more than any waters did not depart. I do not know, can to me it seemed then. And can indeed at me leaked a little since I gave rise next day.