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Summer misfortunes of

That summer vacation did the kid good and brought the mass of pleasant impressions, we will arm with knowledge of those troubles which can spoil them. For example, the risk increases in the summer to ache with intestinal infections which constitute big danger to children. How to warn them, and was in case of need able to give help, we also will talk.

What they?

Intestinal infections - big group of diseases, which activators - bacteria and viruses. As a result of their hit in an organism in one or several departments zheludochno - an intestinal path inflammatory process begins. A heat - the most favorable weather for growth and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Others such infections as dysentery, salmonellosis, esherikhioz meet in the summer more often, campylobacteriosis, is more rare - iyersinioz.

As can catch


All intestinal infections can call

“diseases of dirty hands“ because they are transmitted from the patient with intestinal infection of the person to the healthy kid, as a rule, through dirty hands or objects (for example, toys, ware).

At the same time in the summer kids catch

through the water, products which are “rendered habitable“ by pathogenic microbes more often. For example, dysentery can begin if to drink unboiled water, not boiled milk (we will tell, pair) or to eat products from it (curdled milk, cottage cheese, sour cream), and also dirty fruit, berries, vegetables. The intestinal infection caused by escherichias (colibacilli E, coli) most often begins from - for low-quality acidified milk formulas - kefir, yogurts. And causing an illness staphylococcus in warm time especially actively breed in creams and cakes that leads to developing of such illness as a food toksikoinfektion. Causative agents of salmonellosis (and them about 400 types are known) get to the person through any infected products: chicken meat and eggs, boiled sausage, sausages which are badly washed out or vegetables and greens which are washed up by dirty water. Happens and so that pets, birds or rodents become carriers of salmonellas. Responsible for development of campylobacteriosis “lives“ in pair goat milk (the microbe perishes, only if to boil it), salmonellas of group D (Enteritidis) - in intestines of hens and their eggs. Are carried to Iyersiniya by the rodents who “walked“ on the vegetables and fruit which are stored in a cellar.

In all these cases of a bacterium get to children in case parents are negligent in processing and storage of these products.

can Ache with

and having drunk the unboiled infected water or having bathed in a reservoir of doubtful purity. Thus Fleksner`s dysentery and an enteroviral infection is transmitted. In areas with hot climate (the Volga region, Central Asia) through water also much more dangerous intestinal infections can extend: cholera and typhoid.

Than can be helped the kid by parents before arrival of the doctor?

to Understand of
what happens to the kid, only the doctor therefore try to address it at the first signs zheludochno - intestinal frustration can.

Most often intestinal infections arise on vacation (in the village, at the dacha, at the sea), and parents not always have an opportunity to see quickly a doctor. That is why it is so important to know how to help the kid especially as serious complications can appear (for example, dehydration, a renal failure).


  1. If at the kid began vomiting , it is necessary to wash out to it a stomach (to kids till 5 years this procedure is done by the doctor or the nurse). Ask it to drink a lot of water (1 - 1,5 l), and then cause in it vomiting by “a restaurant method“ (enclose two fingers in a mouth).
    needs to restore liquid loss Now. For this purpose to a vypaivayta its glucose - salt Regidron solution (dissolve 1 bag of powder in 1 liter of boiled water) or compote, tea, 5% solution of glucose. It is better to do it by means of a spoon or a pipette, small doses, through short periods.
  2. At diarrhea to bring microbes and toxins out of an organism, give to the kid any enterosorbent:“ To Smekt“ (1 - 2 bag a day), “Polifepan“ (1/2 teaspoon 3 times a day), “Mikrosorb“ (1 - 2 teaspoon 3 times a day). If in its chair there was a slime, greens, blood that means the beginning of an inflammation mucous intestines, it is possible to give to the child “Furasolidone“ (from 1/4 - 1/2 tablet depending on age).
  3. If the kid is hurt by a stomach , it is possible to give it “But - to a shp“ (from 1/4 tablet 2 times a day), “Espumizan“ (1 teaspoon 3 times a day). At the same time do not forget that at intestinal infection of belly-ache pass in case the kid keeps to the correct diet. Before arrival of the doctor it is not necessary to give to the child anesthetic (analginum and other means). The matter is that they can disguise such serious complication of intestinal infections as appendicitis.
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  5. to the Sick kid needs the correct diet . In the first two days of an illness you feed him with the fermented milk products, rice porridges on water wiped with lenten soups through small periods in the small portions. It is better to exclude milk, juice, fresh bread, vegetable salads, spicy, greasy and salty food. When the kid recovers, take him on a diet two more - three weeks. He can eat porridges from all grain on water, cottage cheese, a steam omelet, krupyany soups (with 7 - go day - on the second meat broth), boiled meat and fish in the form of mashed potatoes, a souffle from quenelles and cutlets. It is possible to cook kissel and fruit and berries jelly, to prepare broth from a dogrose and bilberry.

How to protect the kid from intestinal infection?

First of all do not forget

that intestinal infections are an illness which can always be prevented. In the summer the thicket should wash hands, to use only boiled water, to carefully wash out boiled water vegetables and fruit, to boil milk, to store the prepared dishes only in the refrigerator, and no more than 2 days. Do not forget also that the products infected with pathogenic microbes externally look quite usually. Therefore to be confident in their quality, meat, milk and dairy products need to be bought not from casual dealers but only in shop or in the markets inspiring trust where there is a service of veterinary control. In case quality of goods confuses you, do not hesitate to ask the certificate of quality for the seller.

Intestinal infections are an illness which can always be prevented. Wash with summer of a hand more often, use only boiled water, carefully wash out boiled water vegetables and fruit, you boil milk, you store ready dishes only in the refrigerator, and no more than 2 days. To be confident in quality of products, buy them only in shop or in the markets inspiring trust where there is a service of veterinary control.

How to understand that the kid got sick?

the First symptom of any intestinal infection - a sharp onset of the illness, repeated vomiting, belly-aches (first of all in a stomach), a liquid chair with impurity (slime, greens, blood streaks). Vomiting can develop along with rise in temperature or precede it. Kids feel bad, slackness, weakness, a headache appears, they refuse to eat - all these symptoms are caused by action of microbes on bodies and body tissues (intoxication).

the Combination of these symptoms and feature of their manifestation differ with

depending on a type of intestinal infection.

  1. Dysentery usually proceeds as colitis (an inflammation of a thick gut) or gastroenterokolit (an inflammation of a stomach and intestines). Are very characteristic of dysentery high temperature (to 39 - 40 °C), intoxication (slackness, weakness), colitis (a poor chair with slime, blood in the form of a spittle), belly-aches.
  2. At salmonellosis which as we remember, call many activators, first of all intoxication symptoms (pallor, slackness, a fever, fever) and vomiting appear. Later diarrhea in the form of a chair, liquid, watery, similar to green foam, begins. Also skhvatkoobrazny belly-aches are very characteristic.
  3. of Esherikhioza - group of the diseases caused by various colibacilli. The main difference of these infections - the normal temperature, vomiting, a liquid watery chair against which dehydration often develops. This group of diseases especially hard proceeds at babies.
  4. From all intestinal infections the typhoid is most dangerous by which differs in high constant fever, locks, is pale - pink rash on a stomach, nonsense and unhealthy drowsiness.
  5. Cholera - an illness, very heavy for kids, as is followed by an unrestrained diarrhea, dehydration with loss of salts of potassium. Children quickly lose flesh, and there can be life-threatening shock.

Of course to understand what happens to the kid can only the doctor therefore try to address it as soon as possible, at the first signs zheludochno - intestinal frustration. It is very important that the doctor examined the kid during the first hours from an onset of the illness. If he suggests to go to hospital, you should not refuse. The matter is that intestinal infections can cause complications.