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Life under pressure of

the Hypertension - one of the most widespread misfortunes. Look around: in transport, in cafe, on streets typical representatives of risk group sit and go. We smoke, we move a little, goodness knows what we eat … How to be?

the Elevated pressure often in general does not prove

in any way - the head can even not hurt. For this reason the hypertension is called “silent killer“: the person can quietly live and not know about the high pressure. And it gradually wears out meanwhile vessels and can lead to a heart attack and a stroke.

If your parents are hypertensive persons, it already has to guard: the illness is easily descended. But there are also other risk factors: smoking, hypodynamia, excess weight, nervous work... We develop the plan of resistance.

  1. of we Learn the pressure

    If you in a risk zone at least on two factors, it is necessary to know everything about the pressure. The diary of the hypertensive person will help with it (we will hope, cancelled). 3 - 4 times a day measure pressure and write down results. If for half an hour before control of Ad you did not run, did not jump and did not worry, and it exceeds 140 / 90 mm of mercury. - it is a signal: so the hypertensive illness can begin.

    Fact: 2 / 3 hypertensive persons do not know about the disease.

  2. we Make tests

    They will show the level of cholesterol and amount of sodium in blood. High cholesterol promotes formation of atherosclerotic plaques which hammer the vessels which are already damaged by excessive pressure and narrow a gleam even more. If sodium more norm, so is problems with kidneys. Therefore, salts and water are late in an organism, increasing blood volume and by that increasing pressure.

    Fact: hypotonia (the lowered pressure) can pass into a hypertension suddenly and imperceptibly. To hypotensives 30 years, and also having risk factors are more senior, it is necessary to make once a year tests.

    If points 1 and 2 showed that at you all are normal, can on it and stop. We invite the others to follow further.

  3. the Diet from pressure

    to Watch what you eat and drink, very important. First of all it is about liquid - you should not drink more than 1,5 - 2 liters a day. Stop driving infinite teas and coffee at work: caffeine excites nervous system, and pressure jumps again. Salt and salinity detain liquid in an organism therefore it is better to eat them on a minimum. Glyutamat of sodium is the amplifier of taste which is added without analysis to all semi-finished products and “fast“ food, your enemy too. And vegetables, fruit and sea fish, an omega rich with acids - 3 reduce pressure.

    Fact: to eat one pickle - all the same that to drink about 400 ml of “excess“ liquid.

  4. we Wean to get used

    Notorious addictions - smoking and abuse of alcohol - can finish any: nicotine and ethyl alcohol cause fluctuations of arterial pressure. Researches showed that to the blood circulatory system do identical harm and strong, and light cigarettes (the difference is essential only at asthma). Alcohol, possessing some properties, useful to heart, eventually to heart nevertheless it is harmful as it promotes increase of Ad. Treats addictions and “divanno - console“ an illness - the hypodynamia is very dangerous too.

    Fact: at the people drinking 3 glasses of beer a day, average arterial pressure is higher than norm on 10 mm of mercury.

  5. Almost a trot

    Fitness, yoga and usual morning jogs train warmly - vascular system, help it to adapt to loadings better. Weight reduction will be an additional bonus. Keep in mind: at tendency to a hypertension power trainings with static loading (for example, weightlifting or an armwrestling) and exercises on endurance do not approach.

    Fact: When raising a bar the systolic (“top“) pressure of the athlete reads off scale for 220 mm of mercury.

  6. we Drink tablets

    If despite the previous steps pressure nevertheless exceeds norm, it is time to connect heavy artillery. According to medical standards of medicine appoint on increasing and begin with simple diuretics - diuretic. Natural grass collecting will relieve of initial displays of a hypertension not worse than drugs. And it is not necessary to be afraid of drugs, modern preparations do not harm either kidneys, or a liver.

    Fact: the first stage of treatment of a hypertension around the world is a change of a way of life and refusal of addictions.

Table of risk of a hypertensive illness

of Figure of arterial pressure (mm rt. St)
Indicators of risk
(smoking, obesity, abuse of alcohol, high level of cholesterol, hypodynamia, associated diseases)
High normal
130 - 139/85 - 89
Arterial hypertension of the I degree
140 - 159/90 - 99
Arterial hypertension of the II degree
160 - 179/100 - 109
Arterial hypertension of the III degree
> 180/110
of Any Minimum risk Low risk Moderate risk High risk
of 1 - 2 risk factor Low risk Moderate risk Moderate risk Very high risk
≥ 3 risk factors High risk High risk High risk Very high risk
Associated diseases
(heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis of vessels, diabetes)
Very high risk Very high risk Very high risk Very high risk