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How quickly to be restored after Caesarian

Ya worried 2 Caesarian, and I will tell that the first differs from the second very strongly. For the first time knew nothing, and there were many mistakes, a consequence - strong adhesive process and long restoration. About the first long I will not write, I will tell only that in 2 months after operation the seam began to become wet, there was fistula, it was necessary to go to maternity hospital to survey (there the seam was made an incision and processed). Procedure is unpleasant. The seam after the delivery hurt in total nearly half a year, 2 months could not sleep on a stomach and on one side. On the house could do nothing. The second time to me not to itself was or, on the contrary, it was necessary to be restored quickly and your prayers very quickly recovered. There are my recommendations, i.e. these are recommendations of maternity hospital and my personal observations.

If at you planned Caesarian, it is necessary not to eat and not to drink per day.

  1. After operation to rise in 6 hours, at once to descend in a toilet on small and to be washed away.
  2. Guided purity - to put on at once a bandage, hardly - hardly. Very much helps to lay down and get out of a bed. Without it it is very sick. In a bandage I both was awake, and slept.
  3. to drink
  4. Much, not hunting, but it is necessary. Nearly 2 - 3 liters of liquid to drink and write much and often.
  5. to be with the child together as soon as possible, it is heavy, but it is necessary. You drink a lot of liquid, the milk will come at once, the child will suck at once, the uterus will be quickly reduced. It will be sick, but both the lactation, and contact with the child will quickly be adjusted, and the uterus will begin to recover quickly.
  6. do not eat bread and firm food the first 3 days that it was easier to go to a toilet on - big. And how to descend on - big to avoid an enema because this procedure very painful with a seam? 2 candles with glycerin. To insert 1, to lie down 15 minutes, to suffer (can be difficult, but it is necessary), then to insert 2 and even minutes 15 and it is ready. At me so it turned out. And with a candle not to go, and to lie, so easier. For the 3rd days the chair was adjusted.
  7. Free time if it is not slept to go much, it is a lot of. To lie on different sides, it is very sick, but it is necessary to avoid solderings.
  8. to Put on a seam ice each 2 - 3 hours for 20 - 30 minutes through 1 layer of a diaper. The uterus is reduced quickly, and the seam quickly ceases to hurt. Not to be lazy only. In day I put 5 - 6 times.
  9. For the 5th days remove a bandage from a seam, and the seam should be washed with soap. Sounds terribly, I at first was frightened, but is more visible to doctors, they operate so much (though after 1 Caesarian I was told, month definitely not to wet a seam, to process houses and to stick with a bandage). And I began to wash, and 3 times a day, before each processing by potassium permanganate, and it turned out that nothing terrible. For the 7th days the seam was absolutely dry, almost painless, and I could lie on a stomach. 7 days later a seam do not process any more. In 17 days after operation I ran with the grief on any instances. Ran and only then realized that I run and nothing hurts.
For the second time me did not even do to

any droppers reducing etc. after operation. Only antibiotics (their after Caesarian do to all) and 4 days anesthetizing only, for the 5th days there was no severe pain any more.

For the first time the seam was some thick in itself and always almost red, and in the second - a seam a thin dark thread. I carry a bandage still, yet did not pass also month, but it for reinsurance, the eldest son likes to jump and be kicked.

Yes, and a lie that with Caesarian milk comes later, than with natural childbirth. At me always milk came for the 2nd days.

of Good luck all and easy childbirth! I hope, someone needs my such here report.