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On walk from the first days of

Any young mother does not doubt that fresh air is useful to the baby. But very few parents decide to walk with the kid from the first days of his life. Let`s talk about how to organize the first walks of the kid to avoid troubles.

When to begin to walk?


Fresh air is necessary for the child from the first days of life. Therefore walks with the kid recommend to begin at suitable weather right after an extract from maternity hospital. As a rule, in a warm season it is possible to recommend walks from the next day after an extract. In the winter the beginning of walks depends on weather conditions. Usually 3 - 4 days the kid adapt and does not “go outside“. But after this time and at the corresponding air temperature of walk it is possible to begin.

What weather is considered

suitable for walks?

In a cold season restriction for stay on the street. So, it is not recommended to walk with the child of the first 2 months of life at air temperature below - 10 °C, and also in case of strong wind, a rain, snowfall in combination with wind.

Restriction for walks of the child 2 months temperature lower - 15 °C can become aged more senior than

. At the same time, even the above-zero temperature of air in a cold season in combination with strong wind is adverse for an exit to the street. Usually in this case recommend a dream dressed as for walk of the kid on the glazed balcony or in the room at an open window leaf.

very hot weather (for example, air temperature is above +25 °C) which is usually noted at midday also forms

In summertime the basis for refusal of walk. In this case the heat can be “waited“, having changed the mode of walks to more comfortable. So, it is known that in the morning and in the late afternoon the sun becomes less active, and these hours can be used with success for walks with the kid.

the good sunny weather (in middle latitudes she is marked out, as a rule, from the middle of spring and to the middle of fall) - optimum for walks with the kid if air temperature is not above +25 °C. But it is necessary to remember that the child should not be under the influence of a direct sunlight. Especially it is actual for summertime when the sun the most active. Thus, the best option of walks in bright sunny days - stay of the child in a shadow. In this case the effect of impact of sunshine on the child`s skin is also reached, but it will not be so aggressive. Besides, the probability of overheating of the child is less. Parents should know that from - for features of skin of kids (a subtlety, hypersensibility and vulnerability) solar burns at children arise very quickly. So, at the child, too long time being under the influence of a bright sunlight, can be noted reddening of skin, emergence of bubbles on it. The kid can be sluggish (or, on the contrary, uneasy), to refuse food, he notes temperature increase. Reaction to a sunlight is shown at some children in the form of photodermatitis - reddening of skin, its peeling, emergence of rash on open parts of the body.

Duration of walks

how long the kid will be on the street, depends on his age and weather conditions. If in a warm season already very first walks with the child can be quite long, reaching to 5 - 7 - mu to day of stay of the house of half an hour and even hour, then in a cold season the first walks (on condition of windless weather and temperature is not lower - 10 °C) take 10 - 15 minutes, with the subsequent increase several days of their duration prior to 40 - 60 minutes (the walk duration every day increase for 5 - 10 minutes). Such approach allows the child to adapt to street conditions softly.

When process of walks becomes for parents and the kid habitual (usually it occurs to 1 - mu to month of life), in a warm season for children of the first months of life duration of walk can reach 2 - 2,5 hours (it corresponds to a break between feedings). So, by 3 - 4 months the kid has to walk not less than 2 times a day for 1,5 - 2 hours. Approximately the same duration of walks is optimum and for children is more senior.

Sometimes in a warm season kids of the first months of life manage to eat (i.e. to suck a breast) even during walk, in this case its duration (if it does not tire mother or all family) can be even more. It is better if the kid walks twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. Thus, he will spend in the fresh air a lot of time.

In cold time walk duration at children till 1 year, as a rule, should not exceed 1 hour. It is possible to walk with the kid less long time, but to do it 2 - 3 times a day.

Should adhere to a certain day regimen. It means that it is necessary to walk with the child approximately at the same time.

Where to walk?

In the choice of the place for walk with the child of any age to city dwellers should be guided by the principle of selection of the least noisy, purest place in the ecological plan. It can turn out so that the families living in the center of the big industrial cities have no choice. Then the walk option at the playground located, as a rule, in the yard among greens will approach, it is rather far from roads, or in nearby park or the square.

In what to dress the child?

the Principle of selection of clothes is based by

on compliance to its weather conditions. If on the street hot, then the kid can be dressed in baud (or a jacket). Absolutely small children usually close still an easy diaper. Respectively, more cool weather demands that on the kid there was romper suit, additional jackets, a suit and a hat. Modern overalls which replace several things at once are more convenient and are convenient for fast clothing of the child. Overalls can be winter, demi-season and absolutely easy (from thin jersey, so-called slip - overalls).

Winter overalls in a combination with slip - overalls or a jacket and a romper suit use

at air temperature below +5 °C.

Some mothers prefer to use envelopes for walks with children of the first weeks of life. Envelopes too happen different - from the facilitated option (for example, sewed from fleece fabric) to quite warm, fur.

How to understand, the kid or to it hot froze?

If the nose of the kid during walk remains to

warm and upon return home brushes and the child`s feet also warm to the touch, it is possible to speak about comfortable temperature conditions of walk for it.

If brushes and feet of the kid cool, the baby it is necessary to warm as fast as possible - for example, having wrapped it in a blanket, to wear on hands, densely pressing to itself, or to arrange to the kid a heat bath.

Opposite, the damp jackets, a hat, diapers which got wet volosik of the kid after walk can be a signal that to it was too hot. Such children during walk can be uneasy, wake up often.

the Necessary trifles

“Raincoat“ or additional hoods for a carriage turn out

necessary in rainy weather. Their use allows to walk at a small rain, snowfall. And here without any need, at good weather, it is not necessary to apply them. If the carriage is covered, in it the “greenhouse“ effect is created, circulation of fresh air about a child`s face becomes minimum. Respectively, the advantage of such walk will be under doubt.

in the Summer in the presence of mosquitoes the anti-mosquito grid can be useful to


When cannot walk...

In such cases alternative to walk - a dream at an open window leaf, on the glazed verandah or a balcony (under a constant control of parents, it is better - with use of radio - or video nurses!) or in in advance well aired room (if on the street it is very cold and at an open window leaf the kid can freeze). The balcony has to be surely glazed if it is used for walks with the kid as something dumped can fall to an open balcony or a loggia from the top floors including a stub, the bird, and strong wind, perhaps can fly, will bring leaves and dust which you will not notice at once.