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Gently - it is gentle... Receptions of a baby massage

Wellbeing of the kid in many respects depends on how parents care for his hygiene. How it is correct to carry out these procedures?

Caring about health of the child, mother looks after him, carrying out daily hygienic procedures: washes, brushes, bathes, cleans ears. It is quite possible to refer to these actions also daily “mother`s“ massage which usually brings pleasure to both mother, and the kid.

needs to be noted At once that massage - business serious, and it has to be carried out by the expert. However mother can do the simplest receptions of a baby massage and gymnastics. Though nevertheless it will be better if it is trained in them at the expert. Massage improves blood supply of all bodies and fabrics, stimulates exchange processes in an organism, has the tempering effect. Massage and gymnastics render beneficial effect on formation oporno - the motive device and development of nervous system of the child. They strengthen muscles, kostno - cartilaginous system, improve the movements in joints, develop coordination, stimulate psychomotor development. Massage and gymnastics promote improvement of function of all systems of an organism of the child (respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, secretory, etc.) . For a long time strokings with pestovaniye and poteshka were an irreplaceable component of communication between mothers and kids.

can give Classes daily, begin them not earlier than in 30 minutes a feeding post, it is possible in 30 minutes prior to feeding. The room has to be well aired, warm (23 - 24 °C). During massage and exercises it is necessary to talk tenderly to the kid, to encourage his abilities with a smile and approving words - so develops emotional and informative spheres of the child. The massage movements and exercises have to be carried out slowly and rhythmically - not mechanically, it is necessary to try that the child concentrated on their performance. The less kid - the more softly and more slowly there have to be movements!

Occupation is immediately finished at signs of exhaustion of the child (deterioration of performance of exercises, trembling of handles, concern or slackness).

Massage is carried out on a little table which is covered with a blanket, an oilcloth and a diaper. On a little table spread various toys. Till 1 year it is desirable for child to carry out massage without use of creams, however use of children`s oil which in a small amount can be applied only on the palms is allowed. At the beginning of occupations loading has to be small, repeat the movements no more than 3 - 4 times.

Before beginning massage, it is necessary to consult with the doctor as in development of each child these or those features or deviations are possible. Also it is necessary to understand that mother`s massage is an all-strengthening means, and corrective and medical massage can be carried out only by the experts having experience with children of the first year of life.

1 month

Duration of occupations - 5 - 10 minutes

the Main reception of massage at this age - stroking.

Stroking of handles. Mother clasps with one hand a brush of the kid, putting the thumb in his palm, and another stroke-oars the child`s handle on internal, the pereena - an external and back surface in the direction from a brush to a shoulder. It is good to do it, clasping the child`s handle with all brush (a thumb in opposition to the others). to the Child about one year massage it is desirable for p to carry out

without use of creams, however use of children`s oil is allowed.

Stroking of fingers of hands. Stimulation of the receptors which are on fingers is very important for development of the informative sphere of a brain. Each finger of the kid is stroked from a tip to the basis and stimulate with a roundabout a finger small pillow.

capture Stimulation. Put thumbs of hands in the child`s palm and softly press on a palm - the kid takes your fingers. If softly to pull hands on itself, then stronger grab will be stimulated.

Stroking of legs. One hand hold the child`s leg for the patch, another stroke the child`s leg on the pereena - an external and back surface in the direction from foot to a hip. Such strokings can also be done, clasping the child`s leg with all brush (a thumb in opposition to the others). Sharp movements in a patella are not allowed.

Stroking of feet

  1. is Held the second and third fingers of both hands to the snout of the kid behind, thumbs stroke a back surface of foot from fingers to a shin.
  2. of the Anklebone is bent around in front back roundabouts.
  3. Circular and progress (a thumb from the plantar party) stroke the outer edge of foot from patches to fingers.

Massage of a breast

Massage of a tummy

Massage against gripes

of Colic at the child arise from - for gut wall stretchings gases. For improvement of an otkhozhdeniye of gases carry out stroking of a tummy - clockwise, on oblique muscles. At first do superficial stroking, then - deeper. After that the legs of the child bent in knees and slightly divorced press to lateral departments of a tummy and softly press on a tummy. Usually such actions come to an end with an otkhozhdeniye of gases. After procedure it is possible to lay the child on a stomach (it is possible on mother`s) or to put a warm hot-water bottle to his tummy.

Breathing exercises. Slightly take away the child`s handles in the parties (the kid is held for handles, having enclosed thumbs in palms), sliding on a table surface, then again reduce them and softly press to lateral surfaces of a thorax.


of the kid on a tummy. Surely you watch that the child could lie down, having turned a head in one, in other party. It promotes symmetric formation of turn of a head in the parties.

Massage of a back. Stroking is carried out with one and on the other hand from a backbone (the backbone is not affected). The direction - from below, taking yagodichka, with transition to a shoulder joint up. It is possible to do massage alternately, at first on the one hand from a backbone, then with another, and it is possible to stroke at the same time on both parties two hands.

Crawling. A starting position - lying on a stomach. Carefully, accurately put the child`s legs in the situation “frogs“. If to hold up a hand to feet, then the kid will make a start from it (stimulation of a reflex of crawling). It promotes strengthening muscular, kostno - articulate system.

If occupations give to the child pleasure, it is possible to increase their duration several.

Some children have the expressed crawling reflex. Such kid can strongly and unexpectedly make a start from your hand therefore surely provide that ahead of him there was a free space (not a wall and, especially, not the table edge!) .

Rocking in an embryo pose (rhythmical, slow). A starting position - lying on a back. The child is given situation semi-sitting: hold with the left hand it under the head, right connect hands of the child and the bent knees. In such situation shake the baby forward - back. The kid was in this pose in a womb, it has the calming and weakening effect.

Rocking on a fitball. The ball is up to the end not inflated - it has to cave in slightly. The kid keeps within on a ball (on a diaper) on a tummy, handles are removed forward. Slowly and rhythmically shake the kid forward - back, and then around - in one, in other party. It is also possible to shake the baby to the right - to the left. These exercises stimulate development of balance, coordination, harmoniously develop motor skills, have the calming effect and stimulate work of intestines.

the Offered exercises can be carried out selectively. If the kid began to be capricious, reduce massage duration. If occupations give to the child pleasure, it is possible to increase several their duration, having added to a complex of the described exercises calculated for 10 minutes, occupations on a fitball.

Massage and gymnastics are carried out by
  1. at good health of the child.
  2. by
  3. do not allow not physiologic receptions (rise by hands, etc.) the sharp and fast movements, and also violent overcoming of a physiological muscular tone at children of the first months of life.
  4. have to be
  5. of the Movement at massage and gymnastics soft, slow and rhythmical.
  6. Should talk tenderly to the child during massage, to stimulate performance of exercises by the speech, to praise the kid for abilities.
  7. during massage and gymnastics needs to induce the child to concentrate on the movements, but not to do them mechanically.

2 - 3 months.


Duration of occupations - 10 - 15 minutes

are added To a set of exercises new.

Deduction and turn of the head

Deduction of a toy. Put in the child`s handle a convenient toy (for example, not heavy rattles with a round ringlet for capture), stimulating its capture and deduction.

palm Dehiscence. One hand hold the child`s handle in situation with a palm down, carry softly out another from below, opening a palm of the kid. In the same situation tap with a brush of the kid about a surface of a table or a mother`s palm, stimulating a palm dehiscence. Surely pay attention to a big finger of the child - it should not be pressed to a palm. The pressed big finger is taken away softly, but it is rather active. At the same time exercise is begun from the basis of a finger (tenor): the pressing movement slide on the tenor, passing to a finger and taking away it. Formation of assignment of a thumb is very important for the correct development of the central convolutions of the brain.

of Exercise for handles and legs. At children of the first months of life raised a tone in muscles - sgibatel of hands and legs therefore in any attempt to extend them you will feel resistance. Since 2 - go month of life this tone begins to weaken gradually therefore it is already possible to begin bending exercises - extension. Cross the child`s handles on a breast (the adult holds handles of the kid, having enclosed the thumbs in his palms) and, very softly unbending them, make the movement handles down and in the parties to the level of shoulders, and then back. On 2 - m month of life of the kid you will feel the moderate resistance therefore this exercise needs to be done very slowly, softly, but it is rhythmical and obligatory tenderly talking to the kid: so it concentrates on the movement. For reduction of a tone it is necessary to shake handles at cultivation in the parties. On 3 - the m month of life is exercise already it has to turn out more free, and handles can already be parted not through a bottom, and at once in the parties.

the Tone in legs begins to weaken a bit later, than in handles. Exercises for legs can be begun on 3 - m month. Legs are tightened to a tummy and softly extended. To facilitate exercise performance, it is possible to shake slightly legs at a pulling.

Remember that violently it is impossible to overcome a muscular tone at children of the first months of life!

Correctly carried out massage and gymnastics not only strengthen health - they give joy and pleasure to the kid and his mother.