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One day with the baby of

At the story there will be 2 more characters: the husband, he is a Daddy, he is a Darling and the daughter Polinka since without them “days with the kid“ in my life do not happen.

Ya - on the island of Bali, I sunbathe on the beach. Suddenly shout: “Aaaaaaaa!“ Where to run? Whom to rescue? Ah, it was the dream. And mine shouts Dank`s babies.

Six of morning - a tin! It is good that I blindly already am able to dissolve dairy mix. “A tribute, ate? Perhaps you will have a sleep still?“ It is clear, refused. In a whisper we are played since other members to a family still sleep.

7. 20.“ Danya, lie down, please, very quietly I need to dress Polina in a garden. I understand that she also is already able to put on, but quite often forgets about it.

7. 50. The daddy, get up. Look for Dankaya (it seems, dozed off, to a tpf - a tpf) until I take away Polina in kindergarten and on dairy kitchen still I come. On the way to kindergarten Polina aches as she wants new Barbie. I advised to tell it about it in the evening the father and at the same time still to ask new sandals for mother.

8. 10. I come back home. I am met by the obkakanny and shouting Danka and fairly rumpled and sleepy Daddy with words: “It all in you. My mother said that I in the childhood quiet was“.“ And never crapped“, - I joke also I understand on his look what is unsuccessful.

8. 50. We see off the father for work, we go for walk. Read in the magazine that babies on the street quickly fall asleep and long sleep. It is real? I cut already the 5th circle with a carriage around the platform, but Danka persistently does not sleep and looks at trees (thank you that does not cry). During walk any thoughts occur:“ Why to me 2 higher educations if I with children sit? It turns out, by one education on each child“.

10. 30. Gathered home. Well it it, Semyon Semenych? The elevator broke again. The eighth floor on foot is a tin! At first I carry Danka. The second calling - I carry a cradle. The third - I lift a framework with wheels. Here so approximately once a month occurs. But I have hands which are pumped up as at A. Jolie. Read in the magazine that babies can long consider the suspended toys, lie on the developing rug, play with itself. It is real? Daniil plays on the developing rug of at most 20 minutes. Perhaps something not so with a rug? Decided to check. Lay down. Cool! would Give the chance, so and lay … Instead of all these mobiles and Dank`s rattles presses that it was carried in vertical position on the apartment, and considers surrounding space. The child prodigy - it, of course, is good, but mother has hands not rubber. Read in the magazine that children of the first three months of life sleep till 17 o`clock in days. It is real? Specially counted: at us about 10 hours a day it turns out.

13. 00. Danka fell asleep. I make a lunch. It is necessary to manage to pokromsat everything and to abandon in a pan for those half an hour that he will sleep. Uff, was in time! Otherwise it should prepare together with Danka. Esteemed “the Fad - Gorbunka“. Today Danilych is respected by P. P. Yershova - exactly 5 pages. Let`s return to poteshka.

17. 00. Walk. We take away Polinka from a garden. Danka is capricious, I take him on handles. Polinka wants on handles too. Having received polite refusal, she suggests me to exchange Danka for the grandfather since the grandfather bothered the grandmother, and Danka bothered Polinke. All subsequent time of walk I prove to Polinke all advantages to have the brother.

20. 30. Danilka bathes. He very much likes to bathe. Here only to put on - not really. Even absolutely not really and very much shouts at this time. I learned to dress quickly it after bathing. In army I in a minute not only itself put on, but still would manage to dress couple of tell-tales.

Danilk Should manage to put to bed to 21. 30 since at this time I read the evening fairy tale to Polina. If I am not in time, then we read the evening fairy tale three together. And then we have a small competition: who the first will fall asleep - Danilka or Polink. It is good still that the father is able to warm a dinner.

Night. My baby with pleasure sleeps at himself in a bed. As we love you, Danilych!