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The physical culture for elderly people of

Physical culture for elderly people has, quite clear, features. At advanced age there come changes in work of heart, system of breath, the muscular and copular device, nervous and all other systems. Therefore the physical culture for elderly people has to be more sparing, completely exclude a possibility of injuries, has to consider the speed of restoration of an organism after loadings at this age.

the Physical culture for elderly people gives preference to such physical exercises which impose low requirements to an organism and are easily dosed on loading. In it emphasis on increase of the general endurance, flexibility, coordination of movements is placed, exercises on development of force and speed have much more smaller value.

However the physical culture for elderly has to be by all means. It is scientifically proved that the physical culture, even begun for the first time in old age, all the same helps to reduce significantly threat warmly - vascular diseases, improves a condition of immune system.


It is offered the following exercises:

to deliver to If you only began to be engaged in

, then it is necessary to repeat exercises which are offered by physical culture for elderly people at first the smallest number of times, gradually leading up the number of repetitions to 20. The number of repetitions and in general intensity and duration of loading are defined depending on age, character of work, a state and opportunities of an organism, level of physical fitness, specific features of the person.

Gradually we suggest to enter into training the dosed walking, moderate intensity run, walks on skis, driving the bicycle, swimming and another. Most effectively, if these exercises are cyclically carried out not less than 10 minutes with the intensity leading to easy exhaustion. It is important for p to note

that the physical culture for elderly people pays much attention to self-checking and medical control in the course of occupations. Self-checking is based on value judgment of health, a dream of appetite, pulse, weight, breath. Surely you watch it. By the way, those who for the first time decided to be engaged should know that muscular pain, the fatigue, slackness are natural in the first days of occupations. You should not stop exercises, it is just necessary to lower loading.