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Summer on giving

we with the daughter spent Last summer in the city. In the middle of the summer she started walking, we were undressed in a sandbox, went on a grass near the house, trying to catch on ourselves puzzled looks of some mothers. We wanted to be closer to the nature. What is known by us, adults, about needs of our children? Many mothers are sure that they know everything, being guided by councils of doctors and advertizing. And here I am not sure of it at all. We, city, inhabitants, can only assume that it is necessary for our crumbs for more or less full and healthy development of all systems of an organism, nervous system, soul, for formation of full attitude. They unlike us are still so close to sources, they only - only came to this world, is still so new to them. To play, sitting on a grass, it is for certain much more pleasant, than on linoleum. It is for certain much more interesting to touch a finger a back of a live frog, than to play with plastic toys. That summer I understood that the following will go on nature by all means, we will surely rent the dacha.

had to rent the Dacha in January since the options which are most acceptable at the price disperse exactly right after New year. We fell in love with this house and a site at once. The first acquaintance happened in the bright sunny January afternoon. Darkly - green juicy fir-trees, snowdrifts of scintillating snow, the beautiful cozy big house with an oven and a fireplace. Now remained to wait for moving, more precisely, than the beginning of May. It was necessary to distract nearly by force itself from these thoughts and tomleniye, thinking out various affairs the entire period from January to May.

Arrival... Happiness, delight! Fine weather for May holidays decorated this event. Air napityvat lungs so that after only one breath you feel huge inflow of forces. As my husband told:“ Time inhaled, and half an hour it is possible not to breathe“. At the dacha we were expected by a heap of surprises about which we also could not suspect when removed it in the winter. Snow then crafty hid all these riches under the gentle warm fur coat. And surprises were such: directly on a site, near a porch, in May the family of lilies of the valley - beautiful white babies blossomed. And under a window the yellow-eyed field of dandelions. Here and the zemlyanichka kept up. The daughter at first refused to eat her, and then tried out - since only saw that I begin to look around on a berry grass near the house, spoke: “Mothers, still nichka! Still nichka!“ Then camomiles blossomed. The white suns, the big, juicy, saturated with the sun flowers. Then gvozdichka, such multi-colored amicable families on one small stalk. On them it was possible to study a palette it is red - pink shades. I never in life saw such variety of color in the nature. In July through a moss valu began to arise. We even rolled up couple of small jars, I did it for the first time in life, it turned out very tasty. Later chanterelles and birch mushrooms began to appear. Birch mushrooms we found all rest of summer and September in the most different places of a site. One handsome grew up directly on that place where I practiced yoga in the mornings - among a grass, on the sun.

How to describe at least one day spent in a country house? Having woken up in the morning, you inhale an easy fresh breeze which pleasantly tickles to you nostrils. All room is filled with it, windows all night long wide open. We hurry with the daughter on the street, directly in what were, barefoot. We open a door, we sit down on a porch and we rejoice to the sun and fine day. Then we go to have breakfast, the table faces a big window. When we have breakfast, almost every time we observe a family of big bright blue jays. They loudly shout, sit down on branches of a sprawling oak, on a fence. Then one of them will fall by the earth directly to a grass and something will click a beak, probably, last year`s acorns there. And suddenly, loudly clapping wings, all at once will flush and will depart somewhere further. Then we go to feed chickens. Our hostess lives in the neighboring house, she breeds chickens and lambs. They became our friends long ago. The rooster only for the first time watchfully askanced at us a lilac eye, protecting the harem. But now he knows us for a long time, we often bring to hens of hlebushka. The rooster always concedes him to the ladies, shaking a comb and delicately receding aside on the thin legs with needles - spurs. And my husband, probably, from male solidarity, thought up such course: he throws at once much - many pieces far aside and when all motley chicken jamb jerks to sort an entertainment, having left a rooster of one, the husband throws bread already to it. The rooster efficiently and with advantage, slowly selects it a sharp beak. So the husband feeds up him until the jamb does not notice a dirty trick and will not jerk back to a rooster. Then all begins anew.

We carry out almost all day

on the street, outdoors it is easy to think up a set of interesting occupations for the child, including socially - useful works, such as weeding of a bed, watering of plants. The child who is not two years old yet perfectly copes with these tasks, moreover, demands continuation. Near the house a self-made sandbox in which it is possible to potter for hours. Near it - a small pond where it is possible to fill with waters, and then to abandon pebbles there, to popuskat ships.

Around giving fields stretch. By summer we bought the daughter an armchair on the bicycle, and she accompanied us. She fell in love with these walks at once: “To ride a lelika! On a lelika!“ Sits quietly behind, only and twirls by the head in different directions, absorbs in itself heat, the sun, surrounding beauty which all nature generously shares with it. Rode a bicycle and on the lake. There it was possible to throw pebbles into water, to draw a stick on a sand, to tear canes, to look for frogs in thickets of seaweed, to listen to their croaking and to go, of course, legs on cool water. Almost all summer barefoot... Houses barefoot on a wooden floor, in the yard barefoot on the ground. For this summer our small legs grew by one size, few times burned a nettle, ran on the ground, to a grass, pebbles, soft last year`s fir-tree needles.

Came it is time to gather mushrooms. We regularly slightly drove off from the house in the next wood, we had one remarkable secret town which the entire period from July to September willingly shared with us red chanterelles, honey agarics, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms. I put on the favourite orange t-shirt with a long sleeve as a bait for orange mushrooms. Chanterelles just crowds rushed to us directly under legs, we noticed them everywhere, they and jumped to us in a package. The daughter quickly learned names of the mushrooms which are often most found to us. Often found them a look quicker than adults, itself collected in a package, it was necessary to cut off and put only backs them into place not to ruin a mycelium. Somehow time was found penyok with honey agarics, I gave it a package and hemp put near it, it carefully gathered it. And once, mother dear... We make the way by a green elnichk... I turn the head to the right as felt, and there... Oh, a miracle from miracles! In life of it never saw! A very tall aspen mushroom from huge it is bright - an orange hat! Centimeters 25 in height! On a high harmonous leg an elegant fiery hat. Then we found also fragmentary sprawling chanterelles in modernist style and elegant honey agarics on thin legs.

We all become here, outdoors, others. All we change. At a cat instincts wake up, and he climbs on birches, asks to walk on the street, purrs and makes up. The daughter for this summer got acquainted with such quantity of living creatures which were easy to be found in a grass, as not to remember all at once. And grasshoppers, and lemon color of a butterfly, and magnificent shokoladnitsa. Lambs, dogs, quails. Once saw a hedgehog. I noticed it from a house window, and we rushed off all family on the street rather to make out it closer. A hedgehog it is lazy got over through a clearing with a mowed grass. We surrounded it, sat down on hunkers and considered, then even took in hand, he, of course, curled up a ball, having left only the wet nose on a surface. From - under needles watchfully watched two black points us - its brilliant eyes. In May got couple of beds under greens and carrot. And in the middle of the summer pulled out carrot and, having slightly rinsed with water, hrumkal it. Ate plums directly from a tree. Nearly an every evening left in the field to watch how the sun sits down. I have the whole collection of photos with declines now. Each decline is unique the palette and outlines. And every evening you wait for a new miracle. It was very interesting to observe how the daughter before all catches some changes in the nature, hears voices of birds, notices them in the sky, considers clouds. I too anew learned to hear noise of foliage. At each tree, it appears, “voice“. There were both rains, and a thunder, and lightnings, we saw all this too and now we know.

my Sun, I hope, we with the father managed to present to you this year remarkable summer, for the sake of you all this also was started. And all of us received all this. And there is a lot of that I will never be able neither to forget this summer, nor to express in words all that heat deeply in soul remained in us for memory about it is mute. Thanks...