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Early development - a fashionable tendency or conscious need?

the Question of early development became reality of today. And it is a universal tendency. The question is in that how early it can be in what form and what there has to be a content of the developing work...

of Missile defense early development

of the Loudspeaker of life in the modern world sets parents thinking on destiny of own child on the first year of life. Experts (teachers, psychologists) can treat it differently - or to ignore the existing tendency, accusing parents of prematurity, excessive uneasiness and ignorance of age regularities of development of the child, or to give to parents an opportunity to understand requirements and opportunities of the child with assistance of professionals for whom the main principle as well as in medicine - “Do not do much harm“.

Specialists of the Family center “Oho - the City“ adheres to this approach and for its realization the enthusiast of the business, but also the professional in the field of early development of children brought together unique group of teachers, each of which not just. Their forces organized the complex, emotionally rich developing occupations with children at whom can be present (and to participate!) parents - eventually they are responsible for destiny of own children, for with what the childhood will be remembered by it.


Together with teachers and psychologists of the center developed author`s programs. A main objective of occupations are a development of children and training of parents in productive ways of interaction with the child. Modern scientifically - reasonable ideas of children`s development assume not acceleration of its course in respect of mastering new skills, and enrichment by new opportunities and development of abilities in kinds of activity, natural to the child, - in communication, a subject manipulation and game.

the Design of the Center is unique, colourful, attractive by

to children and parents. Planning and the organization of the game and developing space in it provides optimum conditions for the decision various the psychologist - pedagogical tasks, alternation of different types of activity of children (quiet games and uchebno - the developing occupations, active games and development of physical activity, musical occupations, plasticity and rhythmics etc.) .

Club of early development “Oho - Years“

All range of services on development and training of children from 6 months to 10 years in our center is presented to

by two directions - Club of early development “Oho - Years“ and studios of the Campus .


B Oho - developed Years an author`s format of occupations with children from 1 year to 3 years - 3 - x hour groups of development . Within three hours three experts work with kids: creativity or music teacher; children`s psychologist or logopedist; children`s yoga instructor or choreographer. At the heart of each occupation - four developing directions: communication, knowledge, creativity and movement. Is present at occupations children`s psychologists and logopedists. Parents worry for the kids and constantly ask questions: “And why it?“, “And why so?“ . The expert explains what benefit is brought to the child by this or that exercise. Comments of experts allow parents to obtain necessary information on questions of children`s development, ways of the solution of problems in the sphere detsko - the parental relations, practical recommendations about occupations with the child in house conditions.

the Most effective means in development of children of early age are means of symbolization - color, music, is art - graphic forms, the expressive movements. They stimulate informative activity of the child and involvements into process of occupations promote. All experts actively use means of symbolization on the occupations.

the Uniting beginning of all occupations inside 3 - x an hour format is the general for all forms of the developing work a semantic context or a subject of day. The subject of day appears on each occupation and promotes formation of awareness on different spheres of human life - the natural world, the human relations, health and culture.

From 6 months to 1 year we offer the Multi-colored Palms program . Occupations for the smallest give boundless opportunities of formation of various abilities at early age. Art creativity of children and parents is supplemented with motive gymnastics and psychological maintenance. Leaders - 3 experts: children`s psychologist, educational psychologist and motive gymnastics instructor. The program consists of different types of activity: art, subject, motive; promotes development in children of color perception, the general motility, coordination of movements, memory and attention; allows parents to learn that their kids are able; to get advice on education of children and care of them, the help and support.

the Developing Campus space

the Campus is classes lasting 50 minutes in three directions: creativity, development and movement. Several types of occupations are equitable to abilities and interests of the child of early age: The planet of kids, the little designer, Little dancers and Oho - Yoga. Campus Space is aimed at all-round development of the child and considers specific features of small children.

“The planet of kids“ - the all-developing studio for children of early age.

Classes are given by the musical teacher and the early development teacher, using various techniques and technology of training, relying on knowledge in the field of psychology and pedagogics. Occupations in studio are adapted for each age group and are based taking into account specific features of the child.

Pupils participate in city exhibitions and competitions, and in the center the exhibition gallery is always open. The collection of works constantly is replenished with new drawings.

Specialists of the center give to

of Consultation of experts complex support on the most different aspects of children`s development. In club it is possible to get advice of children`s and family psychologists, logopedist, children`s neurologist.

of Achievement of our children

the Children visiting groups and studios of development better and quicker adapt subsequently to any occupations for children of more advanced age; experience difficulties in establishment of contacts with adults and peers less often; they note achievements in development of the informative sphere: actively the speech develops, attention volume increases. Seizing various ways of inspection of objects, children by means of teachers are quicker trained to compare, distinguish, find similarities, to establish connection between objects and the phenomena that promotes development visually - effective thinking. Children are distinguished by higher informative activity. And the parents attending classes note that age features and possibilities of the children became better to understand.

the Family center “Oho - the City“ always waits for you and your children on occupations!