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The kid grows: what to feed with?

Each kid grow and develops the speed. Therefore it is recommended to form a food allowance of the child, being based not only on age, but also certain physical signs. Allocate 7 stages of development of the child.

Newborn. At this stage breast milk - ideal food for your kid It provides the baby with the substances necessary for full intellectual and physical development. Besides, breast milk is a guarantee of good immunity. It is natural protection against infectious and allergic diseases.

Already I hold

a head. 1 - 3 months. the Kid already so grew up and got stronger that can hold surely a head and rise on handles, examining everything around. At this stage breast milk has to be the only food of the baby.

to Sege with support. 4 ½ - 6 months. In 4 - 6 months your kid can be ready to introduction of firm food in addition to breast milk. Such readiness can be determined by four signs of physical development:

  1. the kid sits with support;
  2. it surely holds
  3. and turns a head;
  4. the weight of the kid doubled, and now it weighs about 6 kg;
  5. the child remains to
  6. hungry after 8 - 9 feedings by a breast.
should Begin with

a feeding up with unicomponent products: fruit or vegetable purees, and porridges.

to Sege. 6 - 8 months. the Kid already sits independently and begins to investigate everything around. Now it is possible to add to the menu of the baby of a variety , having offered the kid meat mashes, and also the vegetable and fruit purees consisting of several components.

I Creep. 8 - 11 months. At this stage continue to feed the kid with the porridges enriched with iron and zinc. Iron is acquired better if to give porridges with the products rich with vitamin C, for example, such as apple fruit purees, pears or a peach. Also offer the child the crushed food or larger pieces of products.

I Learn to go. 11 - 14 months. Now when the kid has enough teeth for chewing of food - it is a high time for strong to begin to give it food of more dense consistence: the crushed vegetables, fruit and meat which it is easy to chew, and also pieces of soft cheese, macaroni, small pieces of bread.

I Go. 11 ½ - 14 ½ months. to your kid already executed year. It goes independently more and more surely. At this stage your child can already chew and swallow of firmer food, is able to eat with a spoon. Offer it largely chopped fruit and vegetables, the cut meat, fish, the eggs hard-boiled and also soft boiled vegetables and whole milk.

Detailed information on stages of development of the kid you will find

on www. gerber. ru/info. aspx? id=5.