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Politeness - the weapon of kings and realtors or As we looked for the apartment for rent of

“You represent what horror! Perfectly I remember that yesterday went to bed at home, even remembered that watched on TV. How I could appear in the morning in other city? All others: houses, cars, persons. And the main thing, I remember nothing! I ask passersby where I that it to the country? Do not understand! I did not go slightly crazy“. “Too such dream dreamed me once. You what, you look for the apartment?“ Here such conversation of two employees. The detailed story about searches of the rental apartment explained nightmares.

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of the Cat!

He and she. Programmer and editor. Young and ambitious (registration of marriage and children - business of the future). To hell political correctness - it Russian, it too, but (oh, horror!) the father roots whether from Kazakhstan, whether from Siberia. Already the first acquaintance to announcements on the popular website forced heart to contract: “Only Russians!“ “Only Slavs!“, “Strictly Slavs!“. Some psychological satisfaction promised “non Slavs“ only: “All Slavs, except Ukrainians!“ The lessors deprived of racial prejudices or just familiar with the Constitution of Russia and the Universal declaration of human rights meet: “All decent!“ Also born altruists are frequent: “All. To 10 people!“ Apart from the last, flat-owners are hot patriots of the Moscow registration, some recognize also the Moscow region, and the most desperate are ready to deal even with the Russian Federation.

Flat-owners are highly moral

: “Official marriage!“, but Chinese program: “One family - one child“ do not support. Their policy: “Without children!“ It is good if such requirement is followed by another: “An elderly married couple“ (it is considered that such lodgers it is more reliable). It is worse if the apartment is offered “To a young married couple (till 35 years) without small children!“ (it is considered that such family is more solvent). Nuances of preferences extend also to animals, from “Without animals!“ to “Without big dogs!“ and even “Animals are discussed“.

you Tell

more slowly, I write down

With terrible preventions refined politeness of realtors contrasts. You will only be hinted that it is necessary to answer, having properly thought: “All of us will equally meet“. Then harmless questions are set: name, place of work, marital status, children, attitude towards animals... Sometimes the awkward pause hangs, sometimes the realtor affords a question: “And you attentively read the announcement?“ But is more often than you will politely thank and will tell: “We will call back to you“. Some add: “I will talk to the hostess. Next week. It now at the dacha (on holiday, sits with the sick granddaughter, has to consult to the husband, which at the dacha, etc. now) “. Why you before it 15 minutes asked on stamps in the passport, functions and on whether the cat - unclear is castrated. But here, at last, our applicants were lucky. The agent asked all put questions, joyfully reported that a year ago the apartment cost 19 thousand rubles a month, now - 25 and that will be in September, in season peak, to mind is not conceivable. Also appointed date of a meeting. Our meticulous girl was delighted and asked to send the contract e-mail or the fax: more she, of course, in edition had nothing to be engaged these two days. The realtor very much was surprised. No. It deserves separate central boards.

of the Wolf

- And why to you the contract? You understand that it is formality?

- I Understand, but...

- you know that there will be two contracts: one with the real sum, and another - what you the relative also pay only utility payments?

- I Know... But all - it would be desirable to study. Habit...

- Yes what to study there? All of them are any, nobody pays attention to them!

- And I here found the standard contract in the Internet...

- I have no contract in electronic form, and in agency with you nobody will be engaged. And I will appear there not soon. The wolf of a leg is fed. Ha - ha - ha...

- Well, you at least tell, in the contract... In the present contract it will be specified that the hostess cannot raise randomly a payment within a year? Or what it will pay a penalty if the apartment urgently is required to her?

- the Penalty?! Hm... Listen, let`s sign at first the contract, and then the additional agreement about a penalty and about the fact that it is impossible to raise a payment.

- Where I will find you then? I will give you the e-mail address and number of the fax.

- I will call back to you!

did not call back to

. Well, daughter? You were helped by your standard contract?

the Sensitive site

Realtors at all never call back to

. Even if the agent appointed to you viewing, but managed to lease the apartment to another: three kopeks are more expensive to it, than your in the afternoon. If everything was pleasant to all, the lessor with the employer already hit on hands, kiss and cry with happiness, but the intermediary did not feel in a palm of the fee yet, he will quietly appoint at least ten more viewings. So, just in case. Therefore you call and you come. While you go - you go, too you call.

of the Realtor can be understood. He is an intermediary, all strive to throw it. Will make to “smotrelets“ an appointment at an entrance (to give not number of the apartment!) and itself will get stuck in a stopper. The owner looked out in a window - on the street people are trampled down. Yes that we, monsters perhaps? Come, dear visitors! Add to a payment for the first and last month that prepared for the realtor, here documents on the apartment, here a consent all registered, here the copy of the passport, here references that I am not a loony and not the addict. Are happy? Exchanged receipts, and I went., still “smotrelets“ approached an entrance, now and the broker will appear. Also realtors should use cunning: “You by car? Is not present? We occur at the subway!“

Generally, it will be more correct to tell that not applicants watch the apartment, and “they are watched“. Almost like at a fair. No, in teeth do not look and up to grain do not pat. Unless will forget to suggest to sit down, will ask couple of questions and will tell:“ Thanks, we will call back to you“. Our “girl from the Urals“ misunderstood something:

- And to us - that can see the apartment? At least bathroom?

- you what, you do not hear - water flows? People bathe! Be not afraid, a toilet bowl on the place. Our couple was a heel from seven. The first four, leaving, said that it was not succeeded to look at a bathroom. It seems, the one who in this bathroom sat thoroughly became limp, soured and turned sour.

the Tautology to it, you see was not pleasant

But kind hearts were behind severe appearance of owners. On the same day the realtor called and pleased: “I congratulate! The choice fell on you! Only owners raised a payment by 5 thousand, to 30 that is. Agree? Tomorrow will be even more expensive!“ - No, - our uralochka answered. - It does not agree.

- And it is correct! - unexpectedly the agent agreed. - Strange they are some. I refused to work with them further.

On it strangenesses did not end with

. The matter is that so far our young people stood in a queue on “shows“, they got acquainted with other married couple. Phoned. Surprisingly! On those too “the choice fell“! Too for 30 thousand rubles.

, What`s next?

As they say, “at the time of delivery of number in the press“ news unfavourable: “Yesterday went to Medvedkovo. On the road called the realtor twice. That confirmed: “Everything is all right, already I wait for you“. Thank God, if phone does not answer, this annoying: almost for certain in vain you go, just they still did not sign the contract. At the house called the agent again. In reply: “You approach the first entrance and wait. I will approach soon“.“ Soon“ lasted more, than for half an hour. Trifles. We look, two couples more turn nearby. Certainly, our trouble fellows. And here and the realtor calls: “You approach the fourth entrance“. It is clear, took away far away from owners. We got used to it. But the apartment in the announcement and reality was “the sky and the earth“. It is written: “good high-quality repair“. I on an editorial habit still reflected what definition to delete: “good“ or “qualitative“, tautology! And, well... They forgot to write that repair was about 20 years ago: wall-paper shreds hangs also everything that can, from floors to pipes, shakes“. However, and here told:“ We will call back to you“. And here did not call back“.


According to approvals, for example, of “The Russian newspaper“, the price of hiring of housing grows for 10% a month. The Internet - a portal on real estate of irn. ru, on the contrary, claims that rental housing remains “absurd“. It is interesting that that and others operate with the same data of the same source. Both those, and others are right. But we see that irrespective of economic tendencies, the market of hiring of housing is sick. It is sick with rudeness. What to do? The answer is obvious. The market of hiring, in fact, remains black. The standard contract - an optional piece of paper, “councils of the old lawyer“. The contract is not registered, taxes are not paid. There is no booking system of offers. From here discrimination on a racial sign, “shows“, “auctions“. There is no settled, firm procedure. Procedure which will protect from rudeness both the buyer, and the seller, and the realtor. Irrespective of a ratio of supply and demand.