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And if to entrust the child the child? There are no

anything immoral in charging younger to the senior. However if the adult child does not want to undertake duties of the nurse or is afraid that he will not cope with them, you should not force him at all. The care of the neighbor has to be business voluntary.

But it is admissible, the senior agreed, and parents are sure that he quite responsible and will cope. It is necessary to prepare for similar test not only the young tutor, but also his ward. It is necessary to discuss, answer repeatedly everything all questions of children, to establish what they can do and that it is impossible and why to make the plan of occupations during the day (to watch the movie, to eat, play) and it is obligatory to be convinced of that, as senior, and younger all understood.

If mother, running out from the apartment, suddenly shouts: “Mashka! See hour or so to Vanka!“ - it is difficult to predict consequences of such levity. The children who stayed at home without supervision are trapped by a set of dangers: hot teapot, sockets, open window... And on the street of dangers it is even more: the cars opened hatches, suspicious people. And at the dacha the axe in a visible place can lie or stand a barrel with water where the kid can dive.

should be spoken to

About all these dangers with children, and not only on the eve of your absence, but also every day, in the course of communication. The child has to get used that the cup with hot tea cannot be put on the table edge, and doors should be opened carefully that to hit nobody and not to pinch.

responsibility Degree

the Adult and the elder brother - the school student watch the small child differently. The full age person realizes that the child owing to the age still much is not able and does not understand. Therefore even if the kid speaks “I“, then it is impossible to take it literally. For example, the five-year-old child cannot allow to cook porridge on a plate even if he very much wants. And the brother - the teenager will allow quietly! The adult expects risk therefore he will take away the child from the dangerous place in time, will take away from him a sharp or hot object. And here at elder sister - the schoolgirl the intuition can not work, it has no life experience. Besides the child of the adult obeys, and the brother or the sister - not always.

When parents leave two children of one at home, children often “break loose“. They take what parents do not allow them, go outside and go (and sometimes and go) there where adults will never release them. All this is kept the most strict secret and perceived by children as an adventure.

That is curious, one child left by parents at home appears more obedient, than two children who often set on each other, having conceived to make something forbidden.


Therefore before to charge to the senior child to care for younger, it is necessary to be prepared for this difficult situation seriously. Here governed which it is necessary to remember.

cannot be done to

of It

Cannot trust the child of the kid who did not reach four more years. Why? The baby it is necessary to feed and wash away often, to constantly watch that they did not fall, did not turn over the person in a pillow etc. All this is difficult for the senior.

As for children of 1 - 2 years, it is necessary to follow them constantly on heels. They can climb up a chair and fall together with it, all of them pull in a mouth, there are enough adult dangerous things. With them even parents cannot relax for a minute not that to the senior child!

I, at last, in three years there comes the first age crisis when the child becomes awfully disobedient and whimsical. It is unlikely the brother or the sister will be able to cope with it.

It is possible for

, but carefully

sometimes can trust

Since four years of younger children to elder brothers and sisters. But also here it is necessary to observe precautionary measures. It is possible to allocate three levels of care of the senior child about mladshem:prosto presence, a duty to feed, walk.

Level first. Just presence

Such type of care is possible

when parents abandon children for a while and the younger child is capable to entertain himself. At the same time the younger child has to be quiet and reasonable, not inclined to extreme acts, otherwise it is better to charge him to the adult.


From the senior child needs only his presence in the apartment that younger it was not terrible. Of course, if he wants to play with younger - it is remarkable, but if is not present, then let goes about the own business. If the kid asks about something, the senior has to help.

Of course, previously it is necessary to lead with both children discussion about rules of conduct of the house without parents. The senior has to know that it is dangerous for younger, and younger - that it is dangerous to itself, and the most important - why it is dangerous. It is necessary to think over what unforeseen situations can develop. Children have to know, where to call and also how to give first aid each other in case of a trauma. Near at hand there have to be an adhesive plaster, bandage, iodine, brilliant green, peroxide of hydrogen, a napkin, Q-tips.

At what age parents are able to allow children to remain one? Limit age brackets such: the senior is not less than 10 years old - younger not less than 6 years. Further the age of children is moved apart: to the senior 12 - younger 5, to the senior 14 - younger 4. And it is clear: the child is younger, the his patron has to be more senior. Of course, everything depends on specific features of children. Someone can be also in 9 years very responsible, and someone and in 16 itself needs the nurse.

Level second. A lunch without adults

Sometimes parents are forced to leave to

children for a long time, so, children have to have dinner independently.

As it is good

that presently there is such remarkable technical device - a microwave. If mother made a lunch in advance, the senior child does not even need to include a plate. The main thing that he knew what time to expose on a microwave for these or those products.

Lunches have to be more - less identical, habitual that there were no difficulties with warming up. Parents have to give different experimental dishes only. If adults want to charge to the senior child such difficult action as a lunch with younger, then it is desirable that the young tutor was not less than twelve years old. I know, there are mothers who brag: “My daughter in seven years already itself prepares and feeds the brother!“ Yes, it is probable, there are unique children, but, as a rule, such culinary experiences are accompanied by big risk. Therefore you should not pile adult duties on children once again to brag to acquaintances. Safety above all!

the Kid, of course, can help the senior with preparation for a lunch. However the senior child has to know what duties he can shift to shoulders of the little brother (sister) and what - by no means. For example, the adult child should not trust younger a knife and should not admit it to the boiling teapot.

Level third. Walk without adults

Here I cannot be kept by

not to tell a story from own childhood. I was fifteen years old when to me on a visit there arrived the grandmother from the province with two granddaughters - my cousins of five and nine years. To me for some reason easily entrusted to bring children to Red Square. Now I with horror think of that how adults were thoughtless.

We went to the subway. I did everything that is necessary: held babies by a hand on the escalator, opened before them doors. But suddenly on the little girl`s platform as if broke loose: they fought! Younger pushed senior in a stomach, and senior hit it back and so that the baby nearly flew from a platform. I hardly managed to catch it. It is sure, children so would not ungirdle if adults were near.

Walk is the most difficult of all actions which can be entrusted the senior child. Not only that it is necessary to put on on weather and to dress younger, so it is necessary to conform to the rules of safe behavior still accurately.

Parents have to agree on many issues with children. Where there will take place walk? What is the time it will borrow? The senior has to watch fixedly younger, not let it on dangerous constructions in the yard, hold it by a hand, even when they cross the small highway in front of the house. It under no circumstances should not leave younger one, be distracted by friends or by something.

the School textbook of Fundamentals of Health and Safety in this case is useful to

more than ever! To parents it is necessary not only to read it to children, but also together with them to fulfill rules of conduct on the district. There is a deserted yard. Here it is impossible to remain, it is necessary to be where parents with children walk. Here entrance to an entrance. After you the stranger enters. It is impossible to get with it into the elevator, to leave better from an entrance at once, having exclaimed: “Oh, forgot a ball!“ It is impossible to approach close the carriageway, to walk on a border. If the car tries to brake nearby, it is necessary to step aside quickly. It is impossible to get into conversations with strangers. Generally, governed much, and children have to not only know them theoretically, but also observe.

to Allow the senior child to walk with younger it is possible not earlier, than years from fourteen. Of course, here it is about the cities, in villages children go outside more freely, but also there it is necessary to keep close to the house and to avoid cows and other animals, and also the working farm vehicles.

Care by inheritance

How to teach the senior child to be responsible? Mother and the father have to know: the senior behaves with younger as parents behave with him or as behaved when he was small. You have to show to the son or the daughter as you love them as it is pleasant to you to spend time with them. If the teenager feels that you love younger more, and use him as the nurse or the housemaid, he can rebel. It is very important to it to know that parents highly appreciate his personality, its interests, and not just economic skills.