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There is a lot of school for future physicists and mathematicians of

of Schools with profound studying of physics and mathematics in Moscow. But not each child will be able to study there.

In the six-year-old kid, it is time for them to go to the first class, it is difficult to make out inclinations of future mathematician or physicist, of course. Yes it is also not required.

Profound studying of objects begins

at schools not earlier than the seventh - the eighth class when at most of children interests were already created.

And not always abilities to these or those sciences are reflected by

in marks. On physics or mathematics almost any diligent child can receive the five. But if he not just copes with the program, and is ready to solve for hours non-standard problems, seeking to achieve by all means result, it is worth thinking of specialized school.

several options Are:

the Main condition - that the child wanted to study at such school.“ There are cases when parents very much “pull“ the son or the daughter, employ tutors, spend for them big money. But the child has no internal spirit for study, interest. And nothing good diligence of parents is brought - such children should be deducted“, - the director of science of Second School lyceum Alexander Kovaldzhi tells.

Big parallels

of Schools which would be only physics - mathematical have some

. Usually several profiles are offered to seniors at choice: physics and mathematics, informatics, economy and right, foreign languages, natural sciences, etc. Though sometimes language or informatics can be learned profoundly and in the physicist - a mathematical class - for this purpose it is necessary to have additional interview in the corresponding objects.

Prestigious the lyceums created at the known technical colleges are considered as

. They accept graduates of the ninth classes of usual schools, is more rare - the seventh - the eighth. At capable children chances to arrive to eat - as a rule, there not one and not two parallels.

  • B Specialized uchebno - scientific center of Lomonosov Moscow State University (School of A. N. Kolmogorov) where exceptional children not only from Moscow, but also from all country study, for example, - six 10 - x and eight 11 - x classes.
  • In Fiziko - mathematical lyceum 1580 at MGTU of N. E. Bauman - ten 10 - x and eleven 11 - x classes.
  • In Fiziko - mathematical lyceum 1523 at MEPhI - three 8 - x, four 9 - x, five 10 - x and five 11 - x classes.
  • In lyceum 1511 at MEPhI - four 9 - x, eight 10 - x and twelve 11 - x classes.

Krom of lyceums at higher education institutions, several Moscow schools with long traditions which graduates without problems go to the profile universities are. It, first of all school - laboratory 444 (here accept also first graders, but the set is limited) and Second School lyceum (provides training with 7 - go a class), a gymnasium 1567, Vorobyovy Gory lyceum 1525, etc.


Boys - the girl

of Boys in the physicist - mathematical schools and lyceums studies much more, than girls. At school 444 them nearly 70%, in Second School lyceum - 75%, in lyceum 1580 and School of A. N. Kolmogorov - more than 80%. However, recently this ratio began to change - girls become more and more.


- mathematical classes are created also in non-state educational institutions. However, in the list of the best of the physicist - mathematical schools of Moscow they do not appear.

How to arrive

In the physicist - mathematical classes children are accepted by

on a competitive basis. It is usually necessary to pass examinations or to have interview on two - three objects: mathematics, physics, Russian.

the Introductory competition in prestigious schools is not less

, than in higher education institutions - from three to fifteen people into place.


To interview at school 444 first of all allow winners of the mathematical Olympic Games and marathons. An indispensable condition - to have recommendations from mathematics teachers at whom the child studied earlier. Arriving pass in school 57 from three to six interviews with subject teachers and the psychologist. It, according to teachers, allows to estimate the child most objectively: failure on the first interview does not mean a total failure. At School of A. N. Kolmogorov examinations are carried out in two steps: in a written and oral form. At exposure of a final assessment the main criterion - not knowledge of theoretical material, but ability to solve problems. Without examinations accept winners of final rounds of the All-Russian Olympic Games of school students (it the Ministry of Education carries out) on mathematics and physics (diplomas of the I-II degree) for the current year. To come to the physicist - mathematical lyceum 1580 at MGTU of Bauman or lyceum 1523 at MEPhI, it is necessary to pass written examinations.

Svetlana Daryina, director of studies of lyceum 1580:

- the child, of course, has to have mathematical abilities (the humanist at us it is simple to study will not be able). But we are ready “to tighten“ his knowledge if there are any gaps. The main thing - that he wanted it.

By preparation for receipt teachers advise
to practise the solution of tasks from tasks of last years. Besides, in many lyceums and schools training courses work. After their termination 90% of graduates come to the physicist - mathematical classes.

From school - to higher education institution

Graduates of the best of the physicist - mathematical schools and lyceums almost in full strength go to prestigious technical colleges. For example, all 349 pupils who graduated from lyceum 1580 last year entered to the university. From them about 90% became students of MGTU of N. E. Bauman, 8% came on fizfak, mekhmat or faculty of Calculus mathematics and cybernetics of Lomonosov Moscow State University, 2% - to other technical colleges.

admit talented children not only from Moscow, but also from near Moscow area To some educational institutions. About a set and the number of places appears in advance, usually in the winter. Examinations and interviews take place in March - May.

of Feature of training

it is difficult to Study p in the physicist - mathematical schools - from - for high intellectual and psychological loading. Before giving there the child, it is necessary to estimate whether he will be able to stand her. Daily, except Sunday, - not less than six lessons, and in the second half of day - various open classrooms and circles.“ In my opinion, three conditions are necessary for successful study in the physicist - a mathematical class. In - the first, the child has to have a good health, in - the second - big desire to study and comprehend new and, in - the third - diligence and diligence“, - Inna Kryuchkova, the principal 444 considers.

Profile objects are taught

by original techniques which are aimed first of all at development in children of the creative, individual beginning. Seniors usually break into small groups, the teacher works with each of which.

Tenor of life in the physicist - mathematical lyceums at higher education institutions reminds

institute at all: occupations are based on lektsionno - seminar system, children regularly pass tests, and upon termination of 8 - go and 10 - go a class - end-of-year examinations. The basic principle of training - to develop heuristic approach that each solved task became independent small opening at children. The teacher not so much learns how many he helps young talent to study most - council or the necessary book. At School of A. N. Kolmogorov, for example, seminars on algebra, the mathematical analysis, geometry are always conducted by two teachers, often showing different approaches to the solution of the same task.

Anatoly Chasovskikh, the director Spetsializirovannogo uchebno - scientific center of Lomonosov Moscow State University (School of A. N. Kolmogorov):

- All our teachers - professors and associate professors of university. And pupils can feel almost students: all practical training passes in laboratories of the main higher education institution of the country.

Training in the physicist - mathematical lyceum 1580 is conducted by

by the techniques developed by teachers of MGTU of N. E. Bauman. And upon termination of 10 - go a class all pupils pass obligatory fact-finding practice in higher education institution.

Not only the exact sciences


In the physicist - mathematical schools and lyceums pays attention not only to technical objects. Practically everywhere children learn two foreign languages: English - from the first - the second class, French, Spanish or German - from the fifth. Besides, special courses are entered into the program. For example, at school 57 - on linguistics and philology, in a gymnasium of 1567 - on Latin and ancient art, philosophy history, rhetoric, etc. In lyceum 1523 Istoriko - archaeological society, and in lyceum 1580 - the English club which members are pupils works, it is the best of all knowing English. And at School of A. N. Kolmogorov consider that good physicists and mathematics by all means have to know the Russian literature and history - these objects here in special honor.