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Toxoplasmosis during pregnancy: it is not so terrible as it is painted …

Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease of the person and animals. A final owner (that is an organism in which the parasite can breed) is the cat, intermediate owners of a parasite - numerous birds and animals, and also the person.

At the person the disease in most cases proceeds asymptomatically or is shown by such nonspecific symptoms as fatigue, small temperature increase, a headache, increase in lymph nodes (most often cervical and occipital). However the similar phenomena can be symptoms of usual cold therefore in most cases infection with toxoplasmosis is unnoticed, and the person does not even suspect that he had this disease.

In hard cases the disease is followed by fever, articulate and muscular pains and spotty rash. Defeat is the most dangerous by toxoplasmosis of nervous system (development of an encephalomeningitis). The sharp form of toxoplasmosis is most often observed at people with an immunodeficiency (for example, at HIV - an infection).

If the cat for the first time caught

toxoplasmosis, at it lymph nodes can increase, at a sharp form there can be allocations from a nose, reddening of eyes, a short-term diarrhea. However in most cases at a cat toxoplasmosis also proceeds asymptomatically.

Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

at pregnant women have heard a lot

About dangers of toxoplasmosis many. From here and councils to throw out a cat from the house, and panic from any scratch. However not everything is so terrible.

the Risk for a fruit presents to

only primary infection of mother with toxoplasmosis at pregnancy. That is, if you had it once long ago, then it will not exert any impact on a fruit. At the same time even at primary infection risk of infection of a fruit not of 100%. In the first trimester the risk of infection at a disease of mother makes 15 - 20%, in the second - 30%, in the third - 60%. However, in spite of the fact that the risk of infection with the term of pregnancy increases, weight of clinical manifestations decreases.


At infection in the first trimester in most cases at the child observe malformations incompatible with life, and at infection at the end of pregnancy the expressed clinical symptoms can be absent in general. In case infection happened till 24 weeks, pregnancy interruption is recommended. If the woman refuses it, carrying out treatment is possible.


After a disease at the person develops immunity therefore the repeated meeting with a parasite to it is not terrible.

After primary infection with toxoplasmosis can plan pregnancy in half a year.

As infection with toxoplasmosis

occurs Infection of the person happens or at the use in food of meat of the infected animals, or at hit in a human body of excrements of the infected cat (most often to street dust or to the earth).

According to some information to 25% of meat products are infected with toxoplasmosis, most often it is found in mutton, pork and venison. At careful heat treatment the parasite perishes, and infection does not occur.

most often catches

From a cat of people fekalno - an oral way, that is, eating the products polluted by cat`s excrements, inhaling parts of these excrements when cleaning a cat`s toilet, children often catch through toys to which the cat, or in the yard in a sandbox contacted. Besides, infection can occur at hit of the activator on the injured skin or mucous membranes (through the uninjured skin the parasite does not get into an organism). If the cat scratches you, there can also be infection as the cat not always washes paws after a toilet.

generally as it is sad, cat`s excrement from toksoplazma surrounds us everywhere and to be saved from a disease extremely difficult. But in it there are also pluses: most of women even before pregnancy in the latent form had toxoplasmosis, have immunity, and now, even waiting for the kid, no cats to them are terrible.

Should noting

that fresh excrements are not infectious. To gain ability to infection, the activator maturing in external environment is necessary. Therefore fresh cat`s excrements of danger do not represent. If you clean a cat`s toilet at once and wash absolutely with soap (and not just you shake kakashechka in a toilet bowl), then this way you do not catch.

the cat catches

toxoplasmosis when eating of the infected mice and birds, the crude pork or mutton which is kindly offered by the owner. Veterinarians believe that toxoplasmosis infected the majority of cats who ever walked on the street. The main source and the distributor of toxoplasmosis are the cats walking in itself, eating rats and crapping in children`s sandboxes and on kitchen gardens. Here from such idle and our decent domestic kitties can catch (for example, having eaten a grass near which the “bad“ cat suited a toilet).

Infectious are only the cats who caught toxoplasmosis within the last three weeks. But it is worth remembering that the cat can be infectious also at each new infection for some time. Nevertheless, in protection of cats there is a wish to tell that directly from a sick animal infection occurs seldom. Rare meat and street dust remains the main source nevertheless. At hit of cat`s excrements in external environment the activator keeps activity till two years.

the person can Catch

and from a dog because the dog goes every day to the street, can eat any muck from the earth, and then lick the owner, bring home toksoplazm on paws or on wool. As well as the person, a dog can get sick with toxoplasmosis as he is an intermediate owner of a parasite too. Many veterinarians consider what from dogs of people catches at least, than from cats.

Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis by

When planning pregnancy for the doctor existence of an infection in an organism is important not only to determine

, but also to define whether it is fresh or old. For this purpose in blood immunoglobulins of a class M and G are defined (IgM and IgG).

If IgM are defined by

, and there is no IgG, it is the most adverse situation as says that infection occurred recently.

If both IgM, and IgG are available, so infection occurred within a year (in this case it is recommended to repeat research in 3 weeks. Increase of IgG speaks about sharp process).

the Most frequent situation - is IgG, there is no IgM. It means that once in the past contact with an infection took place, now it does not constitute danger as you have an immunity.

If immunoglobulins are not found in general, means you have no immunity to toxoplasmosis, and it is necessary to observe all precautionary measures not to catch it at pregnancy.


For diagnosis of toxoplasmosis sometimes appoint blood PTsR. Diagnostics by PTsR method is rather exact, but its shortcoming is that it does not speak about prescription of infection.


precisely to define whether the fruit (is infected at detection of primary infection at mother), recommends research of amniotic waters by an amniotsentez (the fetal bubble is punctured with a thin needle through a forward belly wall). However it is necessary to remember that get to amniotic waters of toxoplasma a month later from the moment of infection of mother therefore it is possible to make the diagnosis to a fruit only after this term.

increase in a liver and spleen, expansion of ventricles of a brain, intra cranial kaltsinata can be determined By ultrasonography at the infected fruit by

. The placenta can be reinforced, in it kaltsinata can be also defined.

In certain cases the doctor, having even learned that at you many years live in the house a cat, can not direct you to the analysis. The matter is that owners of cats in 90% of cases have an immunity to toxoplasmosis (than longer there lives a cat, that an immunity high probability). Therefore if the doctor, on the contrary, begins to insist that you left a cat who lives 5 years in your house and is family member, then it will be simpler to leave the doctor.

Treatment of toxoplasmosis

Treatment is carried out by

only at primary infection!

the Preparations influencing toxoplasma can be applied only after 12 weeks of pregnancy (some only after 16 weeks) as they can have harmful effect on a fruit. Usually the activator is not destroyed completely, treatment is directed mainly to decrease in its activity.

mothers, Newborn at infection, and the subsequent her treatment surely are surveyed even in the absence of clinical manifestations.

Prevention of toxoplasmosis

Prevention is most important

at pregnancy, and to those women who never met earlier toxoplasma and have to it no immunity.

  • During the work on a kitchen garden put on gloves that the earth did not get on skin. On skin there can be microcracks, and in the earth - toxoplasma. Carefully wash vegetables and fruit.
  • it is also best of all for p to Undress crude meat in gloves, at least, after that it is necessary to wash hands. Carefully fry thoroughly or boil meat, with blood during pregnancy refuse beefsteaks.

  • If at you there lives a kitty, charge cleaning of its toilet to somebody to another, and that suddenly on a cat`s tray there are traces of old excrements.

  • Should not kiss the favourite pet as at sharp infection of a cat of toxoplasma can be allocated at it with saliva and with allocations from a nose.

  • Can be handed over to
  • on the analysis cat`s excrements to establish whether it is infected with toxoplasmosis. If your kitty was how clean that never faced toxoplasmosis, then it is necessary to protect her from a disease and further (at least, for your pregnancy): not to feed with crude meat, not to allow to communicate with relatives and not to let out on the street.