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Smoktunovsky says a ball

In the famous movie “Nine Days in One Year“ to Batalov that the person who invented a wheel was ingenious as Einstein. Actually, the person who thought up a ball was such genius of all times and the people.

In spite of the fact that the people who are skillfully owning a ball became heroes and idols of century, and will be not so much people who are unaffected by a ball absolutely, all - training in a ball begins, in our opinion, very late.

It is good if you like to play houses in a ping - a pong, tennis, pass - soccer and so on you bring up to yourself the partner in games. That is from training process you derive the increasing pleasure, as from a ball game (let so far and not at full capacity). Well, and if you not the fanatic of a ball, then we hope that you to them will become, your task - to get to fall in love the child with a ball, to impart to it ball sense. And it will be much easier for child to fall in love with a ball game if you with him divide this game.

We suggest to bring a ball in the child`s life from first months - in a bed, in an arena; on a blanket - in four - five months; the hanging balls - in five - five and a half. To beat a sphere it is possible to begin when the child learned to hold a support one hand. Months from seven we begin to beat several times a day with a racket (it can be a hairbrush, in any case, the improvised racket has to be “on a hand“, to correspond on weight and by the size to the beginning tennis player). From this point balls of the various sizes have to surround the child constantly, and he studies all ways of the treatment of them.

What can be a racket? Stick, brush, ruler. Kind “The cook - Coca“ flooded the whole world with empty plastic polutoralitrovy “rackets“ … Such bottle - an excellent racket for the child till three years, ringing, easy, powerful, developing improbable accuracy. After a year of training with empty bottles transition to a racket is very easy.

it is necessary to Beat with

spheres and balls on a rope together with the child all second year of life. The matter is that most of children in three and a half years are not capable to throw a ball yet and to strike it with other hand. These - giving - need to be engaged since two years and not to wait for especially fast success. This extremely difficult action demanding difficult brain control. Probably, you agree to beat spheres with a distant sight on the Davis Cup or at least on the Kremlin Cup...

By three years the trained child has to seize giving (we write about results which we reach that they could use as reference points). Important detail: giving can train also without ball, imitating tossing by one hand and blow of the second. It is necessary to do it hundreds of times because it is difficult to two-year-old child to understand what from him adults try to obtain. On it time is necessary.

Fine exercise - throwing to the child of balls that it beat off them. By the way, the most different objects including ridiculous can serve as balls: plastic glasses and jars from - under yogurt, small boxes, balls, cones - here it is better to begin with them, they fly slowly and the child manages to react. From cones still such roar if to thrash on them from all force a bottle or a stick, and the dog begins to bark and run behind the falling cones, and it so amuses and pleases the player, it is meanwhile difficult for them to explain all importance and usefulness of such exercises … It is gradually possible to pass to small balls. Do not forget to gather all balls after game is part of training too.

Train blows (at least their some quantity) from both hands. To focus the child till three years on one hand still early.

Here is how we give classes with the child of two and a half years who plays by this moment already more than half a year. About fifty blows a bottle on balls and cones. Also boxes from - under films, and balls of the different sizes are used, the easiest balls fly directly to the head. Five months ago the most part of occupations took place with balloons. Giving: the right hand throws a ball, left beats with a bottle and vice versa - so three - four minutes. Kicks on the sliding ball, are bright in a basketball basket, blows to a ball a knee - the child beats out a knee a ball from himself from hands - five minutes. Ten times - to catch balls of the different sizes. It is obligatory part, to it attempts of bilateral game in very easy ball can increase.

We use

balls on a rope: the rope is attached to a stick, on it the insulating tape fixed a ball.“ The rod“ with a ball is ready. It is possible to change easily height, to play a hand, the head, a knee, a heel. Efficiency of occupations increases many times over at once: it is not necessary to climb behind balls under a sofa, it is possible to beat instantly again. It is good to do part of exercises with the assistant that one person held “rod“, another put blow.

is closer than

by three years it is possible even more often to try to play a ball about a floor and a wall, to master similarity of “squash“. In the apartment several balls can hang on different levels that they could be struck a way at the same time.


Choosing balls and rackets, do not forget that Pele and Garrincha reached the royal level, playing on the sands rag balls …