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Contraception for feeding

Before the condom became consumer goods, the ordinary European woman had on average 10 pregnancies. In modern socially - economic conditions not each woman will decide to give birth even to the second child if to the first also three years were not executed. Unplanned pregnancy seldom happens desired therefore from the moment of the child`s birth the woman needs to take care of contraception.

At the choice of a contraceptive needs to be considered whether you nurse the kid. Is not present? Then all known methods of contraception at your service, only consult to your gynecologist. If you feed the baby with breast milk, then the situation changes a little.

Family contraception

If you have one constant partner and illegitimate sexual communications are absolutely excluded, this method can suit you. It is based that approach of pregnancy during each menstrual cycle is possible only within 5 days: in day of an ovulation - an ovum exit from an ovary in a uterine tube - and two previous days, and also in two the subsequent. Therefore lack of the sexual relations these days can be method of the prevention of pregnancy. Day of an ovulation is determined by fluctuations of temperature which during 2 - 3 cycles is taken rektalno. The gynecologist can acquaint you with details of this method. However it has also shortcomings. The accurate and stable cycle is important for its application, and after the delivery normal, regular periods can not be established for half a year and more. Besides, the body temperature on which it is necessary to be guided changes when mother wakes up at night for chest feeding. Therefore early morning rises in temperature after an ovulation are not reliable indicators.

Other way of family contraception - the interrupted sexual intercourse (experts consider as an indispensable condition approach of an orgasm at the woman).

These two ways have no side effects, however require constant attention, and young mother with the chest kid on hands as well as to not slept father, it can be a burden. Reliability of these methods no more than 60%.

Barrier contraceptives

Application of a diaphragm, cap or condom does not influence a lactation and health of the child in any way. If you used a diaphragm and a cap before childbirth, then now it is necessary to specify their size as bigger can be required. It is desirable to wait for the end of the postnatal period (6 weeks after the delivery) before trying on a diaphragm. The doctor for the first time has to carry out selection and introduction of a diaphragm.

Condoms are also safe

for a lactation. However their use can be temporarily complicated as in periodgrudny feedings at women vaginal dryness at sexual intercourse is often observed. Spermitsidny means which not only immobilize and kill spermatozoa can solve this problem, but in passing affect also the majority of causative agents of an infection, sexually transmitted. Reliability of this method without use of a condom - 80 - 95%, and with a condom - 99,9%.

Intrauterine means

Intrauterine means also do not influence a lactation and are known for the high efficiency. At uncomplicated childbirth and absence of contraindications intrauterine means can be entered right after childbirth. Optimum time of introduction - 6 weeks later after the delivery that reduces risk of loss of Naval Forces. Besides, the feeding women have less pain at introduction less by-effects.

As well as other, this method has the shortcomings. For example, the spiral cannot be established at inflammatory diseases of bodies of the sexual sphere, at plentiful and painful monthly. Safety of carrying is guaranteed by only cupriferous spirals, and their form does not affect efficiency of contraception (about 95%) in any way. After installation of a spiral it is necessary to visit the gynecologist each half a year as the spiral can “go to travel“ on a uterus and lead to complications.

Oral contraceptives

the Majority of oral contraceptives contain two female sex hormones - estrogen and progestin. However long ago it is known that estrogen reduces amount of breast milk, reduce duration of a lactation and can influence the normal growth of the child. Therefore for mother who wants to feed the kid most long (so far to the child year will not be executed), the usual (combined) hormonal contraceptives will not approach. In this case come to the rescue pass - saw - the tablets containing only hormone progestin. Unlike the combined means pass - saw have smaller contraceptive “potential“ and demand attentiveness - they need to be accepted strictly at the same time days. Reception of such tablets can be begun in six weeks after the delivery.

the Absolute and absolute guarantee of lack of pregnancy three methods - a vazektomiya (sterilization of the man), pipe occlusion (sterilization of the woman) and sexual abstinence give

. The first two methods are possible only when in a family there are already not less than 3 children as this operation is irreversible. Vazektomiya does not influence an erection, and it can be applied if the man is sure that he will nevermore want to have children. Pipe occlusion is admissible only for women 35 years which are also sure that they do not want to have children any more are more senior. It is not necessary to make the fatal decision under the influence of a stress or sad vital circumstances.

to Many women the so-called method of a laktatsionny amenorea is known to

. It is based that at continuous breastfeeding (no more than 4 hours) in the first half a year after the delivery and at obligatory absence monthly fertilization does not happen to breaks. Many physicians consider false such statement as it became known that in the first half a year after the birth of the child of periods can not be, however the ovulation is not excluded at all. As the statistics showed, pregnancy most often happens in the first months after the delivery.

Nevertheless many experts believe that this method which is not giving a guarantee can quite be used in combination with pass - saw.

Application of any way of contraception, especially hormonal, should not justify a separation of the kid from a breast - of course, health of yours of the baby on the first place has to be.