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Diana - a doggie from the yard of the English queen

I Love dogs. Everyones - small, big, shaggy and not really. The first dog died of a chumka when she was only three years old. Called her Lucian. French lap dog, beauty, fluffy, curly, pretentious and very clever. Worried terribly... I then was still a teenager, long asked mother: “Let`s get new...“ With tears in the eyes looked at each four-footed running by...

there Passed nearly two years. And once... I returned from school, and in a corridor a box with the red ears and a black nose which are sticking out over it. Dog! I rejoiced and kissed my new baby. The dog was ridiculous, places sleek-haired, places fluffy, a back, ears and part of a tail red, all other white, a black nose, huge brown eyes, forepaws curve as at a bulldog, and back harmonous? as at a lap dog. I ran with it on the apartment, embraced and kissed on a nose … “Mothers what nice!“ Mother, however, did not agree with me:“ Awful, in comparison with Lyuska - that... And everything from - for you, stuck with the dog, and anybody has no puppies now there are lap dogs. Here, in shop picked up this ugly creature as I will find to whom to give, I will give... I cannot see this strakholyudina …“

Ya decided to name her Diana, though this name did not match her ignoble appearance. Then it all simply called Dink.

Yes, a puppy she really was not really nice and from mother`s “strakholyudina“ hid and slept at me in the room, under a table. I decided that I will not give for anything it, here so she both remained with us and lived nearly 15 years.

Dinka turned out

very sly and unruly, but at the same time and awfully tender, kind dog, could lie for hours on a lap as a cat, to sleep or lick hands if to it scratched a breast or an ear. Very much liked to drag and chew threads, handkerchiefs. The casket with threads lay on the shelf under the TV as she managed to open it a nose and to drag threads, One man`s guess is as good as another`s, but once I saw it... Looking around and thinking that it one, Dinka ran up to a casket povilivy a tail, accurately a nose hooked shkatulochka top, teeth helped, pushed the head and hold the coil. Did not see me, I silently stood and observed in the doorway of the room. Then Dinka ran off, conveniently settled down in the middle of the room, clamped the coil forepaws and with the happiest physiognomy began to gnaw, wind and shake a muzzle, pulling out the threads clinging to teeth from the coil. “Diana!“ - my terrible call, and Dinka, having pressed ears and wagging a tail, covers with itself the coil, the benefit, it had a fluffy muzzle and a breast, coils it is not visible. “What you do?“ Dinka, feeling that business smells fried, fast is enough the coil and, small drizzling, tries to take cover behind a sofa, I partition off it the road, on the run she spits the coil and runs in other party, all also wagging a tail and turning around whether I pursue it. The scenario repeated repeatedly...

A then there was a parrot Gosha, and Diana began to be jealous. When it flew, chased it and clattered with teeth. Once caught, licked Goshka against feathers, holding in forepaws, and released... And still Dinka very much loved carrot. Only you begin to clean, and already runs, sits down nearby and waits for the portion. It crackled it on all house and growled when somebody approached close.

Diana stuck to

At all the besporodnost as the queen. When with it went outside, she ran ahead, a nose up, a tail a ringlet... Diana grew up and became chubby, wool at her all shone, many stopped that to stroke it and all asked about breed. Once the man stopped and asked: “You know, I saw just the same dog in the photo with the English queen. But here I will not remember breed... Do not remind?“ I bryaknut something, ukhokhatyvayas, and since then when someone else asked about breed, spoke:“ It is a doggie from the yard of the English queen“. Many very validly glanced after that at it.

When Diana became already old, she fell in love to lie on one side or on a back and to heat a paunch in solar reflections on a floor in the room and to sleep or squint from pleasure.

of Nearly 15 years she was with us - the real family member, it is a pity only, did not talk, the general favourite. She died of oncology, the doctor told that we it in vain not oshchenyal... If to know earlier, it was possible to make something. Still I feel guilty.

Now at me the little daughter, so yet not to a dog. But I speak to the Manyasha: “Here you will grow up more, and we will get to you a dog, Diana. Surely!“