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About the friend Vaske of

I want to devote This history to our Friend who is not, unfortunately, any more with us - to Vaske`s cat.

this history Began many years

ago. I then just met my future husband. Once in the day off we with mine then still “young man“ went to visit his grandmother. The grandmother lived on the suburb of the city in the private house. We come into the house, we greet and suddenly... on a threshold there is a little puny creature with the huge yellow eyes looking at the world with huge curiosity. The kitten was absolutely ordinary-looking: gray, with a short hair and very thin, similar to all “basement“ kittens, if not eyes...

Soon we got married, and the grandmother of my husband, naturally, became my relative. Periodically we visited her and, respectively, visited also Vaska. As many elderly people, the grandmother had “strangenesses“, and one of them was in opinion that cats can be fed only with potato and millet cereal. Naturally, Vaska was very lean and constantly hungry. We as could, fed up him, but we came rather seldom, and the cat starved.

one of our visits approached

B our car the neighbor and complained of Vasily. According to the neighbor, they in a family had financial problems, and simply to a salary there were two days, money therefore with products there was a crunch ended. In the morning his wife from the remains of milk and flour fried pancakes and put them on a table near a window. When the neighbor left to have breakfast, he found on a table of Vasily who is eating up his breakfast. The slipper departed to Vaska, and our “cat burglar“ it is proud left the room through an open window leaf, and the neighbor threatened with various penalties on Vaskina the head for a long time.

the riddle of loss of numerous products in neighboring houses So opened, and on our Vasily declared hunting. It was still surprising how it did not come across earlier. It is not known, than his criminal adventures would end for Vasily, but the grandmother died, and to her house other our relative - the cousin of the husband drove.

We long did not see Vaska as need for weekly visits disappeared. But once the husband arrived home strongly upset and told that Vaska perishes. His sister left to live to new “husband“ and threw the house and a cat. We decided to take away it to us. Still I abuse myself that did not take away Vaska right after death of the grandmother, but we then had absolutely tiny daughter, and we were afraid to take a street animal to the small child.

When Vaska was brought, I wanted to cry with pity to an unfortunate animal. From a cat remained skin and bone, the cat froze all the time, wool climbed shreds, there is he almost could not, his all the time tore. Even it went, being unsteady. Only eyes remained same yellow, but very sad. The veterinarian told that else several days - and the cat would die. I nursed him about a month, the first week in general it was necessary to feed him each two hours with small doses as baby. Even it is terrible to remember it now …

there Passed half a year, and Vasily began not to recognize. Thanks to the strengthened food, vitamins and food additives the puny creature turned into “the handsome - the man“. As it is strange, but the adult cat strongly grew up, wool became long and fluffy, and eyes impudent - impudent. It was loved and all indulged, everyone strove to treat secretly a cat with something tasty, and nobody dared to sit down in “his chair“.

But Vasily only loved me. Besides loved selflessly. The rest he allowed to love himself. It was not manual, but could lie at me on a lap for hours. He “suffered“ other family members no more than 10 minutes. When I was at home, it went for me as a tail - where I there and it. He adored sleeping on a desk when I worked or read, or on my knees when I knitted or watched TV. When I prepared, he rubbed about my legs, eliciting something tasty, or sat on a window sill and watched me the yellow glazishcha. All four years while it was with us, it was always near. If to me it was bad or I was upset it me “calmed“ - rubbed a muzzle about my person and purred. If I was ill, he “was ill“ together with me - during these periods he badly ate and tried not to depart from my bed.

at us he never scratched nobody

In all four years of life though the daughter sometimes and costed... He stole nothing from a table. It did not spoil any thing. The only thing what it was possible to reproach it with is “puddles“ in a corridor which it suited after each “skirmish“ with my husband.

Members of my family always knew

on Vasily`s behavior that I come back from work or I come from business trip. In 10 - 15 minutes prior to my arrival of Vask all was stirred up even if slept - woke up, ran to ask to a door that it was let out on the street. Vasily always waited for me at the corner of the house. As he managed to learn when I come back, and I came back at different times, for me still a riddle. But it is invariable, approaching the house, I saw at the corner of Vasily waiting for me. Further we had a ritual: I have to was take it on hands, he rubbed about my cheeks a muzzle, jumped off from hands and a proud gait went ahead of me to an entrance.

So he also died. In one of days there was a strong snowstorm and I was brought home by car. I strongly froze and, having come home, at once got into a bathtub to be heated. When I got out of a bathroom, the daughter told me that Vasily “left to meet me“. For Vaskaya I went outside somewhere in three hours after arrival. But I did not find it. Vaska sometimes went to hellbenders and, happened, till several days spent the night on cellars, coming occasionally only to eat. Here I also decided that Vasya went on a spree. Better I then would find it …

Next day, and we got up later. Have breakfast, and I went outside again to look for Vasily. And I found it. Already dead. In its small little body there were traces from 5 shots. He was killed by some geeks. Shot at it when he waited for me at the corner, and it 30 more meters crept, the wounded, on snow towards an entrance, leaving trails of blood on snow. I still feel before it guilty: if I did not get into this bathtub if I looked for it in the evening longer, maybe, he would be living, maybe, it would be possible to rescue it …

we buried Vaska under a balcony. I wrote the application to the district police officer concerning shots in a cat, but as it treated it, I think, all guess … Then within three months teenagers shot some more animals. And in four months they shot at the person. Fortunately, he survived.

we deceived the Daughter, having told that Vasya had children, and he left to live to them. She then only was five years old. But present my shock when I heard as in conversation with the girlfriend she told: “Mother with the father say that Vasya left, but I think that he died, he could not throw us, he loved us“.

Here and all history of Vaski. From it we had only two photos and memoirs. About a year more after his death I waited, cutting meat or fish that about legs the gray back eliciting a tasty piece will be rubbed … I and now miss it.