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The first time in the first group

All of us, parents, are afraid awfully and we wait for this moment when our beautiful child grows up, and there will come that time when it is necessary to come to work, and, as a result, it will be necessary to take away the child the first time in the first group of kindergarten. Before at a playground near the house you will be surely reported by all passions and problems of visit of this place, will tell about angry teachers and kind nurses, sufferings of children and, of course, parents. Someone already endured it, and someone should learn it only. I, in turn, just want to share with you the knowledge in this area.

to my boy - 2 years 7 months, and on September 1, 2008 we went to “big life“. I want to tell what this day we tried to make memorable, bought 2 bouquets of flowers to the teacher and the nurse, a cake, it is proud bore it. At the same time you feel such feelings which I personally had on September 1, 1997 when I went to the 11th class of the native school last time. As I was mistaken then that it was exactly last time, and it turned out that I should endure it at least time 15! And there is a wish to note that almost all children presented to the first native aunts (so we will call them then) florets, in it are the beginning of creation of the kind relations.

When we came into our group, very politely met us, we changed clothes, and the son went to the game room. All this, of course, was imprinted for ages by our camera. I want to open a small secret that one week prior to visit of a garden we went to clean up together with the child there, and we in it were not lonely, such us 5 people were taken. Got acquainted both with tutors, and with parents, and with children therefore absolutely any I did not feel fear on September 1, I already endured it! I advise all to make also, you do not represent as it is correct! No tears even were planned. The son quietly went to play with toys already familiar to it.

is Sent with the husband home. It was very strange to have feeling, on the one hand, of full freedom as in carefree adolescence earlier, and on the other hand, emptiness. Constantly visited thought of how it there, our kid … There is a wish to share, talk, tell. There is a wish that sympathized with you, it is good if there is a girlfriend, it is even better if she in such situation, and then is together easier to transfer these first 3 hours of separation. You understand that now you can clean up in the apartment so that everything will shine, at last to wash windows, to wash curtains, to descend in shop … In any case life, we take above: at last to take care of the own life, to make a hairdress and to register in fitness, to dump these forever the gained 3 kg. Perhaps, it is selfish in relation to the child, and most likely, two years ago I condemned such mummies, but now I think that all parents just deserve the rest period, we spend all the forces, we give all the time, and ourselves should be strong!

the First 3 hours flew by, I came to take away the synulyu. At this time they were on walk. He ran with the boy Sasha and externally looked quite happy. Ran up to me and embraced, we discussed a situation with the teacher a little, I absolutely calmed down and took its small expensive and the most favourite to me the handle. We went home.

The whole first week of transition the child in “big life“ for our family was held under the motto “there are no problems“! In - the first, the first three days we went to 11 o`clock in the morning, and on Thursday and Friday remained to have dinner till 13 o`clock, the rest of the time the sonny was with parents. It was interesting to it to go there, there still met its novel toys!

here since Monday the second week already euphoria ended with

A, and very much attracted us, probably, home to mummy, tears began in the mornings. The first time I with it roared, could not stop. And that is called, tore off from heart. In the evening at 16 o`clock I came and saw absolutely happy and happy boy, and my soul calmed down. Thought that tomorrow for certain everything will be in a different way, but it did not occur, and we had tears again, and so repeated day by day! Still, of course, the autumn sad time brought, for days on end watered a rain - dozhdishche, giving all depressive coloring, contributing to think of bad! Therefore you want, mummies to give advice: it is necessary to distract!

Unfortunately, but by Friday the second week pink glasses absolutely fell down. I understood that as we did not try to become tempered 3 summer months, the nervous system of my boy was not ready to such overloads and, of course, the five-day week till 16 o`clock from second week bore fruit. Snivels flew the rivers, ice legs and hands and the starving child will not leave indifferent any mother! I have such character, I try to acquit always the person and to put myself on his place. Tutors can be understood if to present itself even with 10 children who at least should be changed clothes and fed on 3 times we at home and about one that not all we are in time, we are tired and we wait for the dream moment. Two days off for it were a holiday: in - the first, we all could not gorge on, perhaps, he just does not manage to eat there as we eat very slowly, and in a garden everything is painted, and it is possible, he just wants to go home, waits for mummy and here not to food. Hard to say! Perhaps, and I exaggerate! In - the second, wanted to sleep and the whole 3 hours fell down much, in the afternoon even, earlier we also could not sustain hour. In - the third, were treated. All this indicated overloads! There took place rehabilitation of the day off! Here you understand that through it there pass all parents, even I on myself had 20 years ago sensation of fear, separations, perhaps, loneliness when I itself went to a garden. And from it not to get to anywhere if you want to come to work, to live as earlier, in freedom and harmony with itself. It is necessary to reconcile and it is not necessary to go in cycles on bad, everything will pass and will be only good. We with you somehow grew up!

So, the third week went, for days off we did not oklematsya and on the street is very cold, decided to prolong on day two to ourselves vacation. And it was for us the best way out. When on Wednesday we left, with pleasure ran in group: missed toys, children. And again everything became good.

But I decided that to sleep all - we will be so far at home as in a bedroom there were only +16 degrees, though the heater worked. United with other mummies on Thursday and came to seal up windows until children left on walk, I hope that now there will be warmer, and smothering again to calm down. In the evening meeting took place, the teacher told everyone about the impressions, about his beloved child, I was told that the boy as the boy, only sensitive, I do not know how to treat it, it is good or it is bad. Questions of purchase of pencils, plasticine, paints were violently discussed with brushes, papers, Czeches for musical occupation. And you speak, are engaged in nothing with children! Well, there are no English and French, of course! Then we blessed parental committee on successful activity! Questions with gifts found out everything and went home.

Life - a strip white, a strip black, the mood on every changed weeks, but it too, in my opinion, is quite natural, strange if it was not so. Today it seems to us that everything is awful, and tomorrow - the happiest day this year. Here such we are people, such we are parents, such we are children! Thank you, our dear tutors and nurses, for your patience, also give you god of health! Together we are uniform and invincible!

“The majority of us become parents, without having stopped being children yet“, - Makloflin told the Minion. Let`s study!