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We with the daughter for breastfeeding!

my history of breastfeeding did not end yet - the daughter is 3 months old, and we fully enjoy this wonderful process! However I, probably, as well as most of young mothers with the first baby, could not avoid some problems and disorders. At once I will tell that lack of information on GV was the biggest problem - I represented that when my baby is born, I will apply it to a breast, and she, of course, will begin to suck at once! However everything was more difficult, than I thought.

Still I regret for

that in maternity hospital I was not on joint stay with the daughter - heart was broken off when it was carried away and brought according to the strict schedule. The first two days I tried to give to the baby a breast that she sucked colostrum, but she or slept tight, or gave smacking kiss a little and again fell asleep. So I also did not know whether something got it into a tummy or not. Besides, children were also lured mix, and we were abused - you are supposedly mummies, awake the children and feed, and that they at you sleep, and at us shout!

For the third day I had milk. The breast was poured, and the doctor told what should be decanted. Here I also understood that I have a “problem“ breast, i.e. I could not be decanted by hands at all from - for awful hurt. Urgently asked the husband to bring a milk pump, and began to master it. Most of all I was helped by mother and elder sister who has already two beautiful daughters - they constantly reminded me that I suffered from pain that then it will be easier and if now not to develop a breast, then it is possible to get mastitis, and it will be a hundred times more sick.

Frightened, I sat in chamber in maternity hospital and tried to decant a milk pump, but it was all the same very sick. At the same time my neigbours in chamber had no such problem. When the daughter was brought on feeding, she almost did not eat, and I did not know what to do. None of nurses and doctors showed how it is correct to put to the child`s breast. And when at the daughter the alfalfa butterfly was shown, and she began to be treated, I brought her the decanted milk, and she was fed from a small bottle. But on it everything did not end - from maternity hospital we were transferred to children`s hospital to finish the cure of the alfalfa butterfly.

Armed with moral support from mother and the sister, I continued to suffer with firmness from pain and to try to be decanted as milk there arrived more and more, and the daughter was kept under a dropper and fed only with mix at insistance of the doctor. I with tears got up at night and decanted each breast because each three hours I should have been decanted on an hour. I very much worried that after mix and a small bottle the daughter will not take a breast. Besides in hospital the daughter did not put on weight at all. From hospital I practically “ran away“ in ten days when the alfalfa butterfly almost passed, but we were wanted to be held there even longer.

the Daughter at an extract weighed less than when was born! At last houses I could nestle on a bed, feed the daughter with a breast. Thank God, she did not refuse a breast and began to suck! Of course, again it was sick, the breast did not expect such pressure, but I was happy and ready to suffer from any pain for the sake of the daughter.

First two - three weeks I fed the daughter for 40 - 50 minutes. She ate, fell asleep with a breast in a mouth, continuing to suck, woke up, supported, and again fell asleep. In two weeks it gained kilogram! And in two weeks I ceased to decant a breast after feeding as production of milk was adjusted by itself!

Of course, for me. Both lack of milk (temporary), and existence of consolidation in a breast (which, fortunately, took place after intensive sucking of the daughter). To tell what more and more - was less adjusted, I could only 2 - 2,5 months later after the daughter`s birth. I am very happy that I could win against all difficulties and I feed the angel with the best breast milk!