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About dog love and the little girl of

Ya very much I love animals! They are such touching, big and small, fluffy and short-haired, striped and spotty... I love cats, rabbits, turtles, parrots, but most of all I love dogs. In the childhood, I remember, compared myself to the Kid from the fairy tale about Carlson... I had everything, except an own dog. And each birthday came to an end with tears: “And a dog did not present to me...“

Parents first tried to pay off with

a hamster, a kitten, we will scare. But I wanted a dog! All shelves were filled by figures of various representatives of the dog world, posters, cards hung on walls. Eventually I began to understand breeds not worse than the professional cynologist. And here parental heart did not sustain, and we brought home a puppy a cocker - a spaniel. It was the real happiness!

Later, having become adult, I decided that my child by all means will have a dog. This cleverest and infinitely devoted being, old and faithful companion of the person. Communication with a canine friend loads with positive energy, reduces stress. Even simple stroking of a dog reduces arterial pressure and calms nervous system, and joint daily walks in the fresh air support a high tone of an organism.

When to the daughter was 2 years old, we bought the French bulldog. We had “the second child“. The daughter very much made friends with Munya, they nearly ate from one bowl. With Munya we developed a habit to wash hands after walks at the daughter.


Ya I am glad that we have Munya since with her emergence nervousness disappeared, all of us began to belong more tolerantly and more warmly to each other. Our hyperactive daughter gradually began to calm down, ironing a dog; learned to control force of the movements.

the Child as if felt that the animal without criticism and with full confidence accepts it it what it is. I hope, my daughter received a kindness lesson, so necessary for the person. For parents who do not know whether the child should get an animal I want to tell - costs!

In the cities in which we live it is very difficult to p to gain an impression about flora and fauna. And it is known long ago that without ecological education and education, without training in adequate perception of flora and fauna full education of the child is impossible. And pets (not very well, whether it be a hamster or a rabbit) in many respects form humane, truly human relation of the developing personality to all live.

Pets are even capable to raise children. For example, at cats and dogs the maternal instinct is very developed, they can care for the child, as about own. Cases when the dog controls nearly each action of the child are not rare. Animals play with children, express the pleasure or disapproval their acts and by that involuntarily bring up them.


In the childhood forms the child`s relation to the nature and world around, and pets are very good assistants in the course of its training in it. If the kid since the childhood is accustomed to care for the living being, he will not grow up cruel and heartless to the relatives.

hygiene issues in the presence houses of an animal are very easily resolved by

A. You ask the child to wash more often hands after communication with an animal, in time give glistogonny preparations and is more often usual you carry out damp cleaning. So the animal is not terrible to have houses, and it is necessary.