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External studies: Quickly - school

How at the same time to pass school final examinations, to be prepared for introductory and to avoid at the same time nervous overloads? It is more and more seniors and their parents answer a question unambiguously: external studies.

the New century dictates

: you want to live adequately - get higher education. It is no secret that it is impossible to enter to the prestigious university without special preparation. Knowledge of graduates of usual high schools often does not meet either the requirements of the higher school, or requirements of modern life. The external studies - a good way to release time for preparation for entering a higher education institution. Not casually over the last ten years the quantity of ex-sloes grew almost by twenty times.

the Certificate they receive

without special marks - same as their peers of usual schools. However, the smaller quantity of objects, but the main can be specified there (Russian, literature, physics, etc.) will be surely.

Legislative paradoxes

Officially the external studies is called such free form of education when the child the most part of time is engaged independently, and in school comes only to take examinations - no more than 12 in a year. According to the Provision on the external studies the pupil can participate in the school Olympic Games and competitions, to use library, to attend laboratory and practical classes. Besides, he has the right to count on two-hour consultation in each subject before examination. On it participation of school in education of the child comes to an end. However the external studies are purely not really popular.

Actually besides consultations teachers usually strongly recommend

additional classes, but for money. Here already article 45 of the Act of the Russian Federation “About education“ according to which the school can render paid services comes into force. Parents and pupils consider similar training as the paid external studies though officially such concept does not exist. In this case two - three times a week children come to school and listen to lectures of teachers.

the Third option - the external studies + paid intensiv (the same lectures). It is that most often and seniors choose. They in a year pass the school program 10 - 11 - go a class or for half a year - 11 - go a class. Quite often objects are studied by blocks: at first - chemistry, then - geography etc. Material usually is given in summary form, the rest should be finished learning independently.

according to Anna Andriyanova, the deputy director on uchebno - educational work of school No. 96 (with the external studies), 10 - 11 - y classes in one academic year pass 64% of all ex-sloes. It is valid, very convenient to have after leaving school the whole year for preparation for entering a higher education institution.

Tatyana Agashina, the deputy director for the external studies of school No. 346 adheres to

of Other point of view: “I would advise to send children to the external studies according to the program 11 - y a class for half a year. In the schedule 10 - go a class still there are new objects. For example, pupils master stereometry about they to which this concept had no. If the child in 10 - m a class gains necessary basic knowledge, then to pass 11 - y for half a year to it will not make special work“.

At last, peculiar hybrids of the external studies and training courses began to appear quite recently. According to such program pupils of basic school at economics department of MSU and Uchebno`s listeners - scientific center of pre-university education at MSU are engaged, for example.

Igor Krivchenkov, the director Uchebno - scientific center of pre-university education:“ In the morning our pupils listen to lectures on not main subjects of comprehensive school, and after a lunch in the same classes occupations of training courses begin. The external studies in this case - no more than easy way to receive the certificate about secondary education. Teachers understand that the main thing for their wards - to pass entrance examinations in higher education institution. Training in the external studies free, parents pay only training courses, and can choose so many objects how many it is necessary for arrival of the child in higher education institution. Occupations on courses are conducted by teachers of different faculties of MSU“.

On a short lead

do not forget documents: the original of “Personal record“ from old school, the original of the certificate (for seniors), the passport, several photos 3õ4

For many school - the external studies - the real rescue. Researches show that the working day of the conscientious pupil of the senior classes who performs all homeworks lasts 16 hours. And many still are engaged on training courses and with tutors...

Teachers considers

that at teenage age adaptation to all new happens very quickly, and the special difficulties connected with transition to the external studies usually do not arise. Besides at many schools there is a psychologist whom if necessary the pupil can address.

Besides, the external studies help to adapt to high school system of training in advance. Homeworks check seldom here, but it is regularly necessary to attend lectures, to prepare for intermediate and final examinations too. All this means that the person has to be really ready to permanent independent job.

However to many pupils, despite the conscious choice of higher education institution, lacks

motivation, they are not able to plan time correctly yet. Even if the senior very purposeful, and parents did not get used to interfere with his life, they should regain control over situation - at least for several months.

Olga Vladimirova, mother of the former ex-sloe:“ The objectives are achieved - the son studies in MSU. In the certificate - good marks, are also received they without excess headache though I remember that from time to time it was necessary to it hard. And to us it was difficult constant “to have the finger on the pulse“.

Sometimes to parents are come to the rescue by modern information technologies: in some external studies on each pupil get personal a web - the page available to parents on the Internet.

How to choose school the external studies?

Everything depends on your purposes. The poor student who goes to the external studies because does not cope with the program of comprehensive school, is hardly interested in qualitative knowledge. To it only to receive the official document on secondary education, and where exactly - a question tenth. Seniors who are going to go to the university approach the choice of the external studies especially carefully.

can Study without attending lectures at the public and non-state school. In the first case the price - about 500 dollars for half a year, in the second - from 1000 dollars. But is more expensive - not necessarily means better. Quality of lectures always depends on teachers.

Therefore needs to pay attention to what teachers conduct the objects necessary for entering a higher education institution if there is opportunity - to talk to them personally. Alexey Parfyonov, the graduate of the external studies at school No. 199:“ We had a remarkable teacher of chemistry. I attended his lectures with pleasure, knew that it not only is interesting, but also it is useful - and I am not sorry about it. Now I study already on the fourth year of the Russian chemist - technological university of Mendeleyev“.

of the Teacher of ex-sloes is known about plans of the wards, and will not begin to impose too strict requirements for physics or biology to the humanist. However necessary basic knowledge in the good external studies will give in all objects. If the graduate who is going to liberal arts college sincerely believes that “Ohm“ is such magazine, and an ebonite stick - an infectious disease, it is possible to tell for certain that he studied in the bad external studies.

Surely take an interest in

whether final assessment in the form of USE is provided. The situation with uniform examination changes annually, and if the management of school refers to insufficient amount of information, at Unified State Examination in such external studies there can be problems.

the Best criterion of the choice today, as well as ten years ago, remains the recommendation of the former pupils. If among your acquaintances such is not present, it is possible to use modern option of “gossip hotline“ - the Internet - forums.

Who studies

in the external studies

Contrary to a popular belief, it not only round excellent students and inveterate poor students. The external studies - ideal form of education for gifted children who should leave often: musicians, athletes, circus actors. There are children who cannot study in the usual mode for health reasons or from - for the conflicts with teachers, schoolmates.

At last, there can come to school only on examinations children whose parents work abroad. They, by the way, sometimes pass final assessment not in a year, and for the whole step of training - for example, for all elementary school.

“The child studies in the seventh grade. This year felt that academic loads considerably increased. Besides he seriously plays sports. There is catastrophically not enough time, is tired, by the evening literally is ready to drop. Friends advise to transfer it to training external. Whether it is possible at usual school?“

Vladimir Razdin, deputy head of Department of Education of Moscow: “Under the act of the Russian Federation “About education“ any child at any school can pass
to such form of education as the external studies. Any restrictions (age, on progress and so forth) no.
Parents write the application addressed to the director, specify objects which will be studied external. Twice a year, in the winter and in the summer, on them certification is necessary. The individual schedule of consultations is developed for the child. It continues to use school library, as before.
But will be required the high level of self-organization, self-discipline and self-checking. The rare teenager is capable to undertake such responsibility. As practice shows, the majority come back to a class after the first examinations“.