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Teething of

the Teething - an important milestone in development of the kid. Some lucky pass this stage easily, and parents one fine day with surprise find out that the smile of their baby stopped being toothless. For others the teething period - a hard time. The kid becomes uneasy, sometimes he lifts temperature, appetite vanishes, the chair can become liquid. At often ill children perhaps so-called “difficult teething“ which is followed by a general malaise, concern, sleeplessness, short-term temperature increase of a body, emergence of the easy dispepsichesky phenomena, a body weight increase delay, strengthening or emergence of skin rashes.

Cannot be foretold in advance as there will be a teething at this or that kid. Sometimes parents do not know what “troubles“ to consider as normal satellites of a teething and what - an occasion to urgently call the doctor. Let`s try to clear up. These manifestations can be considered usual:

How to help the kid during this difficult period?

Parents cannot neither accelerate

, nor slow down process of a teething, but can help the kid to endure it easier. Embrace the kid more often, take him on hands.

the kid everything pulls

During this period in a mouth, and better if he chews not that incidentally came hand, and the tooth ring or a so-called prorezyvatel who is specially intended for these purposes. Before giving such ring to the child, be convinced that it is pure. The majority of prorezyvatel and tooth rings allow sterilization together with accessories to feeding.

to the Kid will be given relief also by gentle massage of gums. Massage can be run a clean finger, it is possible by means of the marlechka which is reeled up on a finger, but it is even better - Spiffies napkins. It is possible to cool a napkin in the refrigerator in advance (not in the freezer!), as the cold reduces pain.

However symptoms from which you should not wave away as from inevitable satellites of a teething are possible


If at your kid one or several listed above symptoms are observed, then it is an occasion to see a doctor.