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To be or not to be... to pets?

our Dina

Remembering the childhood, first of all I remember our house zoo - at us there lived silent small fishes in an aquarium, hamsters rustled with paper, in the mornings awoke with modulating trills wavy popugaychik, and the sparrow who dropped out of a nest still huddled. But also it to us, children, it seemed a little, and we always asked a dog from parents. Soberly conceiving parents perfectly understood that they “also a dog“ will not pull and with firmness kept. One child can bring the parent to boiling by the “I want - buy!!“ and against two (it we with the brother) plus the compassionate grandmother - you will not trample. Parents broke and made a compromise - a dog did not allow, but allowed to take in the house of a kitten.

So the granny and I went for the kid … to a bakery. In a bakery because there the neutral cat was poured recently, and at it seven a kotyatok one are more charming than another. The lump chosen by us appeared on closer examination a feminine gender. But it was so lovely that did not begin to change it - means, there will be not a cat, but a kitty.

From this day the small pussy occupied all space of the house and the lion`s share of our attention. A floor was filled in with small puddles, sofas are covered with an even layer of wool, by itself wall-paper in a corridor broke, and from slippers of members of household foully smelled of tasteless. All of us endured it. The kitty appeared very fairly clever, in a month got used to a toilet and to the special place for sharpening of claws, chose the place for a dream and for games. In the house the world and rest set in, and we began to live further the big and amicable zoo.

were promoted the order and the world in a family by our new alumna Much: it turned out that it does not take out shout at all. As soon as someone began to sort out the relations more loudly admissible wherever there was our cat, she rushed at full speed to shouting, got on it and closed paws of companies. How you think, it is possible after that to continue to be angry and stamp legs?! She in own way brought order. Try to leave a thing not on the place - more you will not see it, at least, such what it was to a meeting with live “mousetrap“.

of the Cat feel others pain and if at someone in the house of a problem with health, they lay down on a sore point and long - long lie. So also our pussycat did. A miracle - but pain, as a rule, receded...

our Dina! It should be loved - it funny absorbed fried sunflower seeds from the general bowl, she drank at the dacha water only from a ten-liter bucket, and sent a neighbour`s Dobermann terrier so that he in fear got away with squeals: “Rescue who can!“

was Sent by years, we matured, and our favourites grew old and left us one by one, every time carrying away a part of heart and leaving melancholy whirlpools in children`s soul. The moment when from all our animals there was only she came is Dina. Cats live long, even too long … It any more not a cat, it family member. You know its character, habits, feel moods. And she sees you through with your sores, sincere wounds, pleasures and grieves. She lived in the house of 15 years. Imagine that you lived under the same roof with someone 15 years, and then it was lost …


at the end of life from it took away legs. Legs! Hinder legs, of course! She could not go, ate nothing and even drank water hardly. If cats have a cancer, then it it also was. A tumor in a stomach, a huge dense lump. To look at foreign sufferings without hope for rescue it is insufferably terrible. It slowly and painfully died away. The decision to stop this hell was given not easy, but all - having overcome itself, we called the veterinarian. I held on like grim death not to start howling, convinced myself, what will be so better … But when the call, tears was distributed by itself poured down a stream.

In a few minutes she died … We with mother sobbed on all the big become empty house, but nobody came to close paws of companies or to lay down on our knees.

that day I decided that from me communication with animals suffices. More I will not bring them. Never!


But life differently and placed everything in places …

of Porosya overseas

time to get own family Came. In the house of mine (then future more) the husband me was waited by a surprise. To meet us the pig ran out …! Benefit that sea! It rushed on the house in “free weed“, and came into a cage only to eat and have a sleep. For those who did not deal with these animals, I will tell that the surprise was not from pleasant - the guinea pig cannot be accustomed to a toilet, and therefore the smell in the house stood - though hang up the axe. The rights were senseless to be swung. Who do I am? Guest. Just familiar. And who is she? The full hostess of the house who lived in this house already few years. So so far I decided to keep silent.

I it is correct - the problem was solved by itself. Larisa (so called a pig) once again gnawed through “svezhekuplenny“ wires in the house. My future husband was left without computer, and his patience, at last, burst. We went to a poultry market and bought the biggest of all imaginable a cage in which we also moved the guilty pet. Why the biggest? The husband was afraid to strike at the rights of darling a zverenka. But it had to move. Housing at us not from big. And when we already lived in marriage, the guests coming to us considered a duty to notice that at Larisa living conditions it is much better, than at her owners.

So, we undersigned under Mendelssohn`s march then I moved to the husband, having received to it in a makeweight a new source of cares - a sea pig. First of all I started clear-out - removed from under cases of the mountain of a mouse dung and threw out the ill-fated “painted“ carpet from a balcony. After several sinks of floors, airings and application of ustranitel of a smell, in the house it became easier to breathe. And here “mouse“ nursed on me a grievance - with my emergence her free life came to an end. In hands was not given, bit and ran away to the doghouse. But as the care of it fell down me how on the person of the unemployed, the pig had to reconcile to my presence - and where you will get to? Within my power there were a refrigerator and all its contents. The breeder I is absolutely inexperienced. And how to feed sea pigs represented only approximately, and checked by practical consideration. I get up in the morning - squeals. I give it something tasty, I am going to have breakfast, I open the refrigerator - again squeals, I think that “gave a little“, I get still something tasty. And so almost all day. In a month it was corroded to the improbable sizes, wool began to shine so stuck together eyes. As a result - she became kinder, ceased to bite and allowed me to take herself on hands.

Ya, at last, graduated from the institute, came it is time to think of increase in a family. After short works happiness came to contemplate to us “two treasured strips“. We are pregnant.

With a mad speed time flies, and here the kid distinctly moves inside. It is surprising how it differently treats others touches, calms down or behaves violently, it is scraped or painfully kicked from mother`s persuasive infinite potiskivaniye, from a father`s firm hand, from careful grandmother`s strokings, from fervent pats of mother`s girlfriends. But so only she bewitches is Larisa. I got it from a cage and put on the rounded stomach - and here representation began. Malyshok calmed down for several seconds, careful strokings from within began then, they turned into easy probing, then from - for lack of reaction from “unknown object“ the whitebait fell into violence - began to bang me and is stronger and stronger than it. He so was eager for communication! And Larisa … She generally did not get used that someone so inconsiderately pushed it in a paunch, she tried to run away it, as a rule, managed that with ease. It provoked the kid even stronger - he knocked and knocked while mother did not put the hand on a stomach, and did not begin to pat on the raged tummy. Only then the child offended svinyukhy calmed down and calmed down.

And still, despite Lariskino indifference, the kid loved it and interceded for it in process of the forces. We had in the house such case. Pregnant women are very sentimental. I not an exception. There was a wish for a holiday. I got all the candlesticks towards evening, placed them on the house, and one, glass heart, set up a cage on Larisina - let too celebrates. I though finished a physical mat, the physicist lousy, - did not think that glass will heat up, and the rod under it will heat up, and glass will burst, and the candle through rods will depart down. I did not think, but it occurred. Instantly newspapers and dry straw flashed. I in horror was dumbfounded. Happiness that the husband was on the alert, he in only a few seconds flew up and pulled out Larisku from a cage, put to me, and then extinguished the fire. Everything ended safely. Nobody suffered. But it was very a shame to me with the levity. And the kid - my conscience, spared me. It very painfully banged me hands and legs the rest of evening and all next day. But the animal and such manifestations of care about is mute my son quite independent young man of one and a half years old ignored …

Now. Only one trouble. He nursed “a pre-natal grievance“ on Larisku and its unwillingness to be on friendly terms. At any opportunity approaches a cage and knocks on a roof: “Leave, the dastardly coward, on honest fight!“ And when manages to make the way closer, tries to strike the poor creature an attractive face or, it is worse than that, to kick with a leg. Yet it managed never to finish the swings - parents on the alert. I show every time to it as it is possible and as it is necessary to treat a pet. As it is possible to stroke and scratch behind ears how to fill a forage. I hope, my pedagogical experience and natural obstinacy will win against a synulkina aggression soon. And two svinyushat, at last, will find a common language. Also the world and rest will reign in our house again …

to be or not to be …

Yes … “Years as anywhere and never …“ Here I and mother fly. And the son will grow up soon and will get an immemorial plate: “Buy a doggie - at - at - at!“ And also the truth … a parrot, a cat, a rabbit can buy. Yes! It is work and a source of problems for parents. To clean, feed, at the nights not to sleep when are ill, to look for the residence for the period of departure moreover and the kid to convince, persuade to take part in cares of the pet. And it is necessary to persuade by all means as soon as there passes the delight of the first days. To explain to him that it is not a toy which if bothered - threw in a box and forgot. It is others life in your hands.

Yes, hard work. But also huge gift! This is the house doctor and safe antidepressant. It is modulating children`s laughter and the sea of heat. Yes! So that`s that! An immeasurable grief and indescribable pleasure in one fluffy / feathery / smooth lump of life.

I Decide! An animal to be! Let grow near children. And children near them let study responsibility and care, kindness and keenness. Learn to forgive and say goodbye, find and to lose … Let learn to love!

What this happiness - living side by side with animals, to become People …