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Notes about school education of

the Subject of school are wider than the school, it is a subject of society in general, its present and the future and therefore we print notes of those to whom is what to tell and what rather interestingly to listen to. Perhaps, someone will also respond?

is told about the general decline of level of literacy and mathematical knowledge among school students much Now, and not only in the USA where it already became a national problem, but also at us, on a habit proud of the high level of school education.

I dare to approve

Ya how it paradoxically sounds that the continuing recession of education level of school students is objective (and inevitable, generally) a consequence of progress of information technologies and a general computerization of schools. And than more school computer programs are developed and the more sophisticated they become, the situation with the level of elementary knowledge is worse. Doubting can find many materials and official statistics confirming these words in the Internet.

At first sight it seems to

that can be better than nothing, than these modern training computer programs which are developed by the best experts in the corresponding field of knowledge those, in turn, were consulted by the most advanced teachers, and the wisest children`s psychologists and doctors entered the recommendations.


developed also such clever programs which provide automatic adaptation under each specific pupil taking into account his concrete development and mentality. At the same time they are deprived of emotions of the teacher tired of children`s dullness or pranks. These passionless programs can infinitely repeat in various options, changing the way according to extent of assimilation by this pupil of each given material. They are easily acquired. They are multilanguage. They are made practically on all subjects. They are colourful and evident. They... After such transfer of their perfection it is represented that only such computerization of schools will be able cardinally and finally to solve the main problems with training of teachers, to provide equal and high quality of training in all country, will kill “headache“ from the officials who are responsible for education will replace textbooks, etc. But, unfortunately, in practice there is not so everything finely.

In practice it turns out p that this general computerization will actually transform schools to peculiar institutions of self-training of children, depriving of the teacher of his main and main function - responsibility for intellectual development of the school student. He needs only to watch that at a lesson children passed the training program, but were not engaged in computer games or did not climb other websites on the Internet. At the same time pupils since early years are brought up as just consumers of information presented to them “on a silver platter“.

Thirst for knowledge, for development of the creative opportunities, whether it be humanitarian or technical fields, is replaced with skill of search of foreign thoughts, ideas and decisions necessary at present which, naturally, are forgotten at once after their use. The inability to consider as a column or mistakes in the multiplication table, also as illiteracy in the native language is not just ignorance of any receptions, it inevitably affects the general development of intelligence and bases of logical thinking of the child which formation is most significant aged from 5 till 14 years. As the Jesuits who were perfectly owning centuries-old experience of education spoke: “Give me the child till 14 years...“

Here also it turned out p that the old kind teacher who is not enriched with that freight of knowledge and methodical knowledge at all which is put in computer textbooks gave to children significantly more, than all these very expensive programs. By the way, the world famous richness of the program empire of Bill Gates directly testifies to the one who can get most of all favourably mass distribution of computer programs and what profits on them. And that to literacy of trainees them...

for Centuries the developed methods of education and education of children, whether it be in “Old Europe“, in Russia or in China, paid the greatest attention to questions of the general development of the child, education, skills of cognition of the world, but not coaching and clogging in it as it is possible the bigger volume of scientific and technical knowledge.

the Old, simple, checked not by one generation of schoolboys elements of studying of the native language or mathematics “genetically“ acquired by our teachers gave

much more for intellectual development of children, than all modern techniques imposed by numerous theses and academies is speculative considering the abstract child far from real today`s Petenek and Manechek, sitting before a TV screen or the game console of the computer.

the Academic innovations in training programs still can be worried somehow, but progress of electronic mass media and information networks begins to nullify all efforts of school on preservation of former education level.

“The first call“ of it: from circulation on a visit, from oral stories, from family reading books and the composition of long letters. As a result of dying off of these centuries of the developed habits people lost ability competently and figuratively to state the thoughts in the correct Russian. What in turn led as scientists testify, to simplification and flattening of the thinking.

can expect

Soon that a lexicon “Ellochki is cannibals“ from 30 words will become the general norm, except for still contamination of language of our children the distorted anglicisms and an inevitable offensive language with which both the television, and modern “if one may say so“ writers sin more and more. It is easy to be convinced of correctness of these words if to ask your school student to describe close in the tracks his impression, we will put, from just watched movie or from the listened story. It will be it is unlikely possible to hear something except numerous “here“, “well“, “potryasno“, “cool“, “means“, “normally“, “well“...

Ya already I lay aside that present stream of dirt, crime and lameness which daily and day and night is merged on our heads by our television programs. But it, unfortunately, is not any “malicious“ feature of our television - it is property of so-called “democracy“ and the nature of market economy when the greatest profit is built on the most low thoughts of the mass viewer.

Unfortunately, notorious principles of “democracy“ do not allow to limit in any way this bacchanalia - any attempt of the authorities to bridle it is perceived as introduction of censorship and “infringement of democratic freedoms“ though actually it threatens only million profits of the advertizing and television companies and the people standing behind them which in the highest measure to spit on threat of corruption of our youth and loss of the future of the country. This permissiveness also creates the most serious problems for moral education of our children and not less significantly influences the level of school education.

If the television influences morality and wretchedness of the speech more and more now (and, respectively, thinking width), then development of the worldwide information network considerably negatively influences the general education. A striking example of it is the level of education of graduates of high schools of the USA. On the statistics given in the American press there are more than a half of the Americans who left secondary school, are not able to write and carry out elementary arithmetic calculations competently.

I it would be guilty to accuse U.S. authorities of bad attention to education of the children. No, for education they spend huge amounts of money - twice more, than for defense! They surpassed us in the level of the financing allocated for education in the USA (until recently) almost by 30 times (sic!) . And, despite it - such sad result. It is possible to claim with confidence (to what also many experts come to the USA) that it is directly connected with introduction of a computerization in life and at school, and a bigger decrease in level of education contacts general introduction of the Internet. As confirm the last statistical researches!

computers and the Internet how many methodologists of Department of Education of the USA which made the main rate on computer educational programs and on training in arithmetics by means of the calculator which allegedly can develop creative thinking of the child are not so much guilty

I. This wrong paradigm led to emergence of several generations of the poorly educated Americans who are not reading the books which are not able to consider as a column, making terrible mistakes in the handwritten words of the native language which are confused in the history of own country without speaking about history or geography of other countries. So reservations of the president J. Bush who called Africa the country and other his “sayings“ which made the small brochure just characterize education level of the average American.

gradually from homo sapiens passes

of People into the category homo consumptivus - the person consuming, including, consuming and any information. Why to know the diploma - the computer itself will place all punctuation marks and will correct errors in words why to be able to consider when near at hand there is always a calculator. And behind it there comes “brain laziness“ - to have a minimum of knowledge which is necessary for performance of the certain sort of work chosen by this individual and all the rest enough if it is required ever, it is possible to find in the Internet. And why to know something superfluous if it does not bring any material benefit.

Evil tongues claim that thus “free society“ of people - free from any interests which are beyond their house and, especially, their country, and absolutely indifferent to everything that does not mention their personal welfare is intentionally created. Subject of dreams of each master.

Unfortunately, our officials from education, actively introducing computers and the Internet at schools, do not consider instructive experience of the USA in this sense. whether

Can avoid it, or, at least, as - or to reduce this harmful influence on the level of school education? Needless to say that to forbid television or use of the computer or the Internet it is impossible, without looking on any appeals, decrees and instructions. Especially in the country which fits into universal information system more and more. Now preservation in some measure of our national wealth of the Russian culture and education is promoted by some private schools, orthodox educational institutions and cadet cases. But it is only small islands of hope in the ocean of the Russian schools.

And still, in my opinion, the real and quite answering to a current state of the Russian economy and conditions of the market relations way of revival of former quality of our school is. This way consists in cardinal raising of prestige of a profession of the teacher. As it was in pre-revolutionary Russia and as it still remained in Soviet period to 60 - x years of the last century.

It can make

ruble that quite answers realities of today`s world. And it is necessary to begin with teachers of future teachers - to make so that teacher training educational colleges (universities) and schools would turn from second-rate institutions into new elite institutes where the best of the best would begin to seek to arrive. And for this purpose it is necessary to finance so them that these institutes could select to themselves the best teaching structure (attracting it, perhaps, even from all countries of the world), providing them a worthy salary and conditions of teaching.

the Best professorial shots, besides their direct sense, can become necessary easily soiled prestigiousness, and besides free training, a good grant for students and, we will put, obligatory semi-annual or year business trip in one of the closed elite schools of “Old World“ very quickly will change the relation of society to a profession of the teacher of school.

I, in - the second, should guarantee against the state to future teachers of school a good salary, decent living conditions and emphasized attention. So that each teacher began not only to value the work at school, but also to be proud of the rank of the Teacher. Teachers not by profession, and on calling. Teachers from capital letter. By the way, it can resolve one more sore problem - to refuse present almost obligatory and humiliating requisitions from parents.

It is respect for the teacher in society it will inevitably be transferred to school students, so, words of their teachers will be much more powerful than all peel of TV programs and the Internet. And to develop methodical and training programs taking into account today`s realities, including, and taking into account a training computerization (and to return to the former, checked by centuries methods of humanitarian education of children) for the good teachers (who received, especially, excellent preparation at institute) will not make big problems.

Of course, it is not so populist effective, and of course, not so fast way as a general computerization of schools, but seems to me that this way, in the end result, will not demand from the state of very unreasonable expenses of the budget. Most likely, annual costs of it will not be significantly higher than the sums allocated now on acquisition of computers, full program (legal! = expensive!) providing, creation of information networks and operational costs on the Internet.

Ya I do not know conditions on which the Ministry acquires the equipment and programs, but if to take established prices of the free market, then the cost of a computer class on 20 - 30 places, including obligatory group licenses for OS (operating system) and DB (database), makes about 200 - 250 thousand dollars, the cost of the group license (on the same 20 - 30 users) one professionally made training course fluctuates within the limits from 0,5 to 2 - 3 million dollars. The inquisitive reader able to consider by a column (or the calculator), can put and multiply these sums taking into account that not one such class can be required by each school and the number of training programs has to correspond to number of the main subjects and, having multiplied all this on number of high schools in the Russian Federation (which at us about one million...) moreover having shifted all this to rubles, it will be able to be convinced that it will be figure with the subsequent 10 - 11 zero.

It does not mean at all that it is not necessary to carry out this national program of a computerization of schools which already gained steam, absolutely not. It is just necessary to judge that without good teachers this really necessary program will not bring those results on which officials of the Ministry of Education count rather soberly.


It is clear that the offered way of increase of prestigiousness and quality of life of the teacher of school will demand longer time and, perhaps, more considerable, than the financing of schools and teacher training colleges accepted now. But from the point of view of national wealth, high growth of economy and, finally, finding of pride of the power, for the advanced role of the great country, - these big costs of the state of teachers will pay off repeatedly.

Let not at once - years through five or ten, but, that they will pay off for the benefit of Russia at me are not present the slightest doubts.