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Experience almost of breastfeeding of

Ya I want to talk about feeding. But it is necessary to begin, probably, with my extremely unsuccessful (in many respects through my fault) experience of GV with the first daughter. Then everything developed one to one: and extremely unsuccessful maternity hospital where delivery of children only on feedings with their dokarmlivaniye in children`s mix practices; and absence in maternity hospital of some support of GV; absence at least someone who is able to give adequate advice on this matter; absence of the Internet at me in principle and, respectively, enough information on GV and, the main, understanding of number of this information; plainly - the pulled-in nipples, a hard breast and a large amount of milk etc. Generally, it is possible to explain long why so it turned out that my senior child received breast milk only in scanty doses within the first one and a half months, and then finally began to eat mix. If only the facts, then was here that: in maternity hospital the child tried to suck all the time that we were together, and these are about 40 minutes each three hours.

If to consider that nipples flat and very sensitive (always such were) as it is correct to give a breast, nobody showed, milk came not at once, - that will become obvious that by the time of milk arrival I was with at all otgryzenny nipples. Milk came much. No, not so - there is a lot of. His daughter did not learn to exhaust and not especially wanted, fed by mix the “careful“ children`s sister. Nipples resembled terrible wounds. How to be decanted, nobody showed. As a result I was written out with capital stagnation, with the temperature under 39 and the child who got used to a small bottle and mix. To adjust nothing houses any more it turned out - I rastsezhivatsya nearly a week. Itself since the daughter did it extremely inefficiently, and nipples just did not allow to hold the child at a breast continuously (one still remained irregular shape - so his Ulka of a poobgryzl).

the child ceased to take

A in a week in general a breast, and at the same time milk was gone. Almost absolutely. The next month was some greased in my consciousness - for days on end I tried to decant hands these unfortunate drops, during a day of almost continuous (I even forgot to eat often, the benefit, with the child was to whom to help) torments of a breast ran gram 50 - 80. It was also fed to the daughter. Gradually milk became less, and by one and a half months we stopped this parody to GV.

I want to tell

as lyrical digression that, despite such doubtful food, senior grew normally, is ill quite seldom and in general rather quiet, sociable and cheerful girl turned out.

Expecting the second daughter, I tried to collect more information. Overlays for nipples, milk pump, healing creams, there is less drink before milk arrival, searches of the person in maternity hospital which could show how to put the child and how to decant is a part of to what I attended. Since I gave birth, in accordance with the circumstances, in the same maternity hospital (and orders did not change there), I saw the child only during feedings. All five days of stay in postnatal, the child honestly sucked (when did not sleep, of course, - because children, probably, nevertheless finished feeding, though swore the return), however three control weighings after arrival of milk showed that it exhausts 0 grams. To tell that I was upset - it is nothing to tell. Nipples suffered again, but to a lesser extent - in time the bought cream, probably, helped and I put the daughter, probably, correctly (or it is just more correct, than in last calling). In maternity hospital after feedings when the baby slept or on feelings almost did not exhaust milk, I was decanted by hands.

of the House I tried to adjust GV, using the popular recommendation “only to put the child on demand and not to decant - it will be adjusted“. For the second day of such disgrace the breast became hotter also similar to football balls, the hungry child shouted, but refused to take a firm breast with a flat nipple flatly. At me temperature jumped up.

me in memory memories of last experience when after a prolonged laktostaz milk was gone so in this calling I did not want to experiment in this way were still too fresh

U. It was necessary to resort to the help of a milk pump. I still tried to put the child, however the child in general was not going to support me in such undertaking in any way - to take a breast “in pure form“, through slips she did not want. As a result I gave up and began to give to drink to her the decanted milk from a small bottle. It unexpectedly made success - the daughter perfectly ate milk (and I - that already began to think that it is not pleasant to her at all), and I managed to decant and so many that there is a lot of milk. I each feeding began a few weeks more with the fact that tried to give to the daughter a breast, but, eventually, this butting bothered both of us, and there were we at a small bottle.

Today to the daughter of 3,5 months. She was lucky more, than to elder sister - the baby so far only eats milk, and, I hope to keep it on such “diet“ a few months more but only then to enter a feeding up. Yes, full-fledged GV at us did not leave, however all useful that is in milk, the child receives, and I began to find some pluses in a similar way of life. In - the first, I am not attached to the child, and the child to me physically. I.e. I, of course, at each opportunity carry the daughter on hands, but since. is available also senior, an opportunity to leave at any time to other room and to make something, or even to charge feeding to another - the father, the grandfather - very much facilitates life. Both I, and someone can walk with the baby as much as long another - if necessary it is possible to feed at any time, and the secluded place and mother for this purpose is not necessary. Then, I always precisely know how many the child ate - it is for “nervous“ mothers very opportunely.

I Want to make a reservation - I do not consider that such option is better than normal GV and I urge to follow nobody my example. But if suddenly someone is forced to be absent long at home or is ready to translate the child on WILLOWS from - for refusal of a breast - perhaps, such option also will be useful.

the decanted milk needs to be decanted by

For preservation of amount of milk and control of a breast when feeding regularly. I had such schedule: I decant five times a day both breasts, including one night decantation. In the beginning this process borrowed till an o`clock of time, in a month somewhere it began to turn out to make the same in 15 minutes. As a result of milk it is much, more, than the baby is able to eat now. It allows to hope that to feed her still quite long time will turn out.