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Fifteen reasons to love cats of

always lived In our family cats. We very much love these fluffy graceful creations. But recently I reflected and what, as a matter of fact, people so love cats for? At me such list of these reasons turned out here.

So, I love cats.

  1. For their purring. If the cat often purrs at your presence - means, your love is mutual. When to you it is for some reason sad, rhythmical purring of a cat calms at once and lightens mood.
  2. For their wonderful warm suede curious noses which they put everywhere. There is no such corner in the house which the inquisitive cat`s nose would not visit.
  3. For their soft pads which they like to knead a blanket, and pink small pillows which it is so pleasant to tickle.
  4. For their “emery“ kisses a warm uvula.
  5. For their intolerable haughty independence which wonderfully is combined with constant need to be near you.
  6. For their impatient miaow when you keep them waiting for a favourite delicacy or walk.
  7. For their love to baskets, boxes, balls and slippers.
  8. For the fact that they always find the only solar spot in all house and right there occupy it by themselves.
  9. For the fact that when you want to read the book, they always go to bed on the open page. And when the father wants to read the newspaper after the working day instead of playing with children, from this newspaper right there are one scraps.
  10. For the fact that so gracefully they sleep, and then also gracefully stretch.
  11. For the fact that they very beautifully sit, just like antique figurines, having accurately wrapped up a tail around itself, and at the same time slowly blink.
  12. For the fact that they like to curl up on your breast, and sometimes in addition put a paw to you on a cheek.
  13. For the fact that they can continuously look for hours out of the window.
  14. that they always distinguish a call of mother who comes from the market from a father`s call to a door - the father comes from work without edible things.
  15. that always nearby.