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Indecent problem

Few what problem causes so much panic and so much shame. Well, from where our well-groomed children have a pediculosis? However he is, and there is nothing to be ashamed here - especially as it is simple to cure it now.

of the Louse - at all not necessarily the satellite of wars and ruin. They can be picked up also in expensive shop, and on the international flight, and in hotel, and even in foreign children`s camp.

the school nurse found a pediculosis In the eldest son of the girlfriend. Noise on all gymnasium! “From where? Unless few weeks ago we measured caps in shop. Really through them caught?“ - mother is lost. Quite perhaps.

Other girlfriend brought children from language camp, began them to wash the heads, - and even understood not at once that she happened. The first the grandmother guessed and though mother was difficult to believe that from prestigious camp it is possible to bring such surprise, it was necessary to recognize obvious.


These parasites continue to live near us, to be exact - on us, despite all tricks of modern sanitation. Very brisk whitish small insects hide in hair, suck blood, cause a severe itch. If to comb places of stings, it is possible to bring a secondary infection - after that cervical, occipital, ear lymph nodes often increase, the child quickly is tired, sleeps badly...

As to parents often does not come to

to mind to suspect a pediculosis, they start walking on doctors, assuming the most different diseases. So far does not come to somebody to mind properly to consider the child`s hair.

By the way, splashes in a pediculosis fall on years of solar activity.

As usual, it is easier not to allow a problem, than then to solve it.



I all is simple to Recover

- nobody is insured from this misfortune. If you found in hair of the child of parasites, do not panic: to bring them, now it is not necessary neither to shave the head, nor to smear it with kerosene, nor to wash with vinegar and chemerichny water.

Modern preparations will cope with parasites for one procedure.