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Griboyedov` time of

Champignons and oyster mushrooms - too business good. But unless they will be compared to the real boletus or forest honey agarics? Even it is pleasant to touch them - where the leaflet will stick where a hvoinka. And a zapa - and - ah!.

Still some scientists doubt - flora it or fauna. Mushrooms contain a glycogen - animal starch which is not in one plant. Content of proteins in dried mushrooms sets thinking too - to 30%. It is more, than in meat.

what we love them for

Total of mineral substances in mushrooms allows to equate them to fruit - 7 - 8%. This iron, zinc, manganese, copper, nickel, cobalt, chrome, iodine, molybdenum, phosphorus, sodium and calcium. It is almost impossible to grow fat from such “fruit“, the power value of 100 g of fresh mushrooms makes 9 - 32 kcal, dried - 130 - 240 kcal. And what at the same time tastiness!

of Vitamin C in cepes and chanterelles - almost like in a citrus. Honey agarics, russulas, birch mushrooms and aspen mushrooms are rich with RR vitamin. The majority of mushrooms also contains:

of Cellulose in dried mushrooms to 20%, carbohydrates - about 15%. It turns out, it is easy and healthy food?

the Mushroom channel

to All a hindrance - the high content of an ifungin who is difficult acquired and complicates work of a liver. At many zheludochno - intestinal diseases, problems with kidneys and especially mushrooms it is possible for cookies unless to try. Care is demanded also by eczema, psoriasis and an allergy.

Even to healthy people doctors do not recommend to eat at one go more than 200 g of fresh, 100 g of salty or 20 g of dried any mushrooms.

However, ifungin - the innocent child in comparison with modern misfortunes. Every year there are mass poisonings. Someone accuses dry hot weather, someone a swift-flowing mutation... As if there is a certain channel on which poisonous souls flow in quite edible russulas, honey agarics and champignons. What to do?

the Instruction to application
  1. not to take

    old, worm-eaten and doubtful mushrooms. The boletus of the size of a saucer on a thick strong leg should be photographed and to throw out courageously - he managed to save up many toxic substances.

  2. hastily prepared mushroom shish kebabs and “zharenka“ are not. It is necessary to boil thoroughly any mushrooms 10 - 15 minutes in the beginning, to merge broth and only then to fry - to cook further. Total period of their stay on a plate - not less than 40 minutes.
  3. of the Coral milky cap, milk mushrooms and other “mlechnik“ before salting needs to be soaked, and sometimes and to boil that the bitterness left. It is impossible to store them in galvanized, aluminum and clay glazed ware. The salted crude saffron milk caps can be eaten in 5 - 6 days, milk mushrooms - through 30 - 35, and coral milky caps - in 40 days.
  4. it is safe to li to prepare mushrooms for the future it is possible drying or freezing. In the corked banks, in low-acidic environment the causative agents of botulism which got from the soil remains easily develop. If all - you decided “to roll up“, both the hat, and a leg should be cleaned and washed and added well to canned food the concentrated acetic acid (5 - 6 ml on 1 l).

What to prepare from 0,5 kg of mushrooms

Chicken fillet with chanterelles

of 6 halves of chicken breast to beat off on both sides, to salt and pepper. To boil thoroughly mushrooms 15 minutes in a frying pan under a cover with two spoons of water. To merge water, small to cut mushrooms. Two bulbs to crush, fry in vegetable oil, to mix with mushrooms and grated cheese (about 100 g). We spread this forcemeat on pieces of fillet and we do rolls.

Option low-calorie. To cover rolls from above with sour cream, to sprinkle with cheese and to bake in an oven.

Option classical. To ship each roll in the egg which is shaken up with 1 spoon of water, and then in breadcrumbs, to repeat it twice. To fry in vegetable oil as cutlets on - Kiev.

Jellied of honey agarics with seafood

2 tablespoons of gelatin to fill in

for an hour ½ glass of cold water. Mushrooms to boil, merge the first broth, to add 3 glasses of water, to add some salt and cook half an hour more. The cleared shrimps and mussels quickly to fry in the warmed olive oil. To connect broth to gelatin, to heat to full dissolution, but not to boil. It is beautiful to lay seafood, small honey agarics on thick legs on a bottom of a deep bowl, cherry tomatoes and greens. To fill in with a thin layer of broth and to clean in the refrigerator. When jelly stiffens, lay out from above small cut mushrooms, fill in with the remained broth, having added to it a spoon of fat sour cream, and - again to cold. Before giving to a table it is necessary to heat a bowl bottom in hot water and to turn it over a plate - so all beauty will appear above.