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As I separated from a breast of

I already wrote About the positive experience of breastfeeding in the small story “Be the Feeding Mother - Happiness“. Now, for those to whom it is interesting I would like to tell about how I separated the daughter from a breast.

it when year and four was it Occurred. Early so, because porridges, soups were eaten by her badly. There was an underweight. Thought - we thought and decided that she is deceived by breast milk, and the organism of necessary quantity of food does not receive. Now, when this stage of life is passed, I can describe the actions and thoughts. It is optional to you to agree with them. Perhaps some of them are also wrong.

  1. For me important it was p that the loved one, and within nearly three days was near. For someone it can be the husband, the sister, and I was helped by mother. For what? It turns out when rebyatyonochek embraces mother, milk arrives. Therefore the grandmother embraced the daughter these days (whenever possible). As soon as I felt that the daughter has a special inflow of love, shouted something like: “Mummy, Ale wants to embrace!“ And mother as - nibud distracted her. Of course, did not manage also without obnimalok - a tselovalok with me. Especially these days the child very sharply feels everything, he wants maternal caress even more. But if the daughter was distracted by the grandmother, I was glad. Each touch to the bulked-up breast brought pain. Still I am a person of this kind, myself sorry and loving. If something hurts, it is necessary to lie down, ponyt. Therefore it is very convenient when mother nearby - she and on the house of business makes, and the rebyatyonka will feed - will wash. And I have a full breast, hurts, I also lie, I feel sorry for myself. Mother does not work for me therefore time for us can give. And if someone was so not lucky, it is possible, likely, to begin to separate closer to days off that the husband or mother were at home, but not at work.
  2. Still, it appears if planned to separate from a breast, it is necessary to begin at least in a day less to eat and limit itself in drink. Otherwise milk will arrive and arrive.
  3. the Breast more tightly tied up
  4. a scarf or a towel. Though, of course, milk all the same arrives, but the advantage is. Then, when it began to decrease, drew still a touch.
  5. Food and drink these days tried to consume
  6. on a minimum.
  7. When the breast began to hurt
  8. , was decanted. But it is a little, only until pain is not gone. When it was decanted, did also small massage.
  9. I tried to Mass
  10. just like that without decantation. But it seemed to me that so milk arrives even quicker.
  11. the Child at me already understands that it is “sick“ (in any case, I so think). And I just explained to her that the breast very strongly hurts. She very much felt sorry for me, kissed. And most it was very heavy to me to look at it, she very much wanted. And here my friend smeared a nipple with brilliant green, and told the daughter that “titya bo - bo“. Her child too perfectly understood all and did not try to suck any more. I had not to resort to such measures. It appeared, there is enough explanation that the breast hurts.
  12. for the third day I lightened. Milk began to decrease somewhere. What immensely surprised me. The breast decreased in sizes in the eyes. I have one good girlfriend, the elderly woman who very much suffers from - for consolidations in a breast. She claims that not resolved milk led to it. That is lumps there should not be. I did not have them. But I think if they remain, it is necessary somehow by means of massage to get rid of them. And still such fact. Do not think that through small term if you allow the kid to suck a breast, milk will not arrive. At other my friend it arrived in a month. It safely went to other city on session. Arrived - the child dropped to a breast, and milk came!

Now when to my child year and seven, I can tell that after an excommunication from a breast there is it became better, but for some reason hemoglobin went down. I do not know whether it is connected with an excommunication from a breast or with something another. Our pediatrician in general said that it is desirable to feed till three years. At me it did not turn out. It is a pity.